Hack and Cheats to Get Free Coins in Pop Slots

pop slots
pop slots

Pop Slots is the new social casino game app by Play Studios, available free to enjoy Vegas slot machines on your cell phone. With a 4.1 rating out of 5 at app stores, this game app is quite popular among punters and gamers. Remember this casino app comes from the makers of myVEGAS Slots and my KONAMI Slots where you enjoy the Vegas experience with you wherever you go. The unique thing about it is its rewards which you can redeem in real at any of the Las Vegas casinos for real cash.

To get the reward points you need to play the games and level up earning coins. The hack to get more free chips and coins is what you will come to know below. So keep on playing and know how to get free coins and free chips in Pop Slots.


This slot game is perfectly suitable for iOS as well as Android mobile devices and you will be offered to experience your favourite slot machines regardless of where you are. This app doesn’t allow you to play with real money or award any real money or prizes. Although, you can definitely experience your virtual winnings to your heart’s fill. The game also provides dining experiences, tickets to specific events as well as other esoteric rewards. There will be no need for you to spend real money with the Pop Slots chips generator tool, so do check that out!

As this is a free-to-play game, make sure to install it as soon as you can and experience some of the best gambling machines ever made.

Getting Started

To get started with Pop Slots casino game app all you need is a good internet connection or WiFi as this app works online.

Pick your cell phone be it iOS or Android mobile

Next download the game app

Click here to download Pop Slots for iPhone

Click here to download Pop Slots for Android

Once the game is downloaded on your mobile, you can play as a guest or connect with your Facebook account.

Your first stop in the game will be MGM Grand. Hit enter the casino and you will need to choose your game character or avatar as a male or female. Next, choose the look or skin of your character. Now start playing at this casino.

Tap on the games menu and the first slot machine to play is MGM grand megastars. There are other various slot machines to unlock as you move up the game level. Enjoy slots like Frontier Fortune, Emerald 7, Fire Vs Lightning, Race to Oz and others.

There are other Vegas casinos to play at Pop Slots Canada that are locked and are available to play when you level up the game. Enjoy slots at Mirage Casino, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Bellagio, New York, Circus Circus, and others.


There are quite some strategies that this game allows you to perform in order to win big. There are three different kinds of machines in the game: regular slot, coolest machine, and hottest machine. The first machine is highlighted with a blue arrow as well as a snowflake and this slot offers the most rewards. The second one is stained with a red fiery arrow which allows you fewer opportunities to win than the other two slots. Regular slots however are marked with a purple arrow and it offers many players with an average or general win rate. To experience all of these smoothly, you need to be present in at least one of these three slots.

Hack to Get Free Coins in Pop Slots

Get Free Coins in Pop Slots
  • At the start of the game, you are offered free coins to play slot machines.
  • You are offered 7500-time bonus- every 2 hours
  • Subscribe to POP slots email and get daily free chips via email
  • Get free chips from the free chips links provided on the POP Slots fan page on Facebook
  • Different Events & Quests Every Day also offers free coins
  • Get Chip Bonuses every Two Hours
  • Daily bonus fetches you free coins
  • Spin the wheel for a daily bonus in the form of free coins
pop slots social casino
pop slots social casino

Get Free Chips, game announcements, and all the latest news from the POP! Slots team when you follow them on social media like Twitter or FB or Instagram.

A communal bonus balloon or ‘bubble’ can have XP, Chips or Loyalty points as a reward, so make sure to pick a game with three other players to max out this benefit.

Tournament Participation can be a great way to earn extra chips while earning those Loyalty Points, even if you don’t win the tournament, you will receive something at the end of each one. Take one part slot tournament. One part game show. Add an interactive host and an arena full of other players and you’ve got Win Zone, a thrilling new take on POP! Slots’ most popular group play features.

pop slots rewards
hidden pop slots free coins

Connecting to FB gets you more free coins and loyalty points. The reward partners in this awesome slot game are Resorts World Genting, Borgata Casino, Royal Caribbean International, Las Vegas Monorail, Starlight Casino, and almost all the top brand casinos of Vegas.

You can use these reward points as cash at the Las Vegas casinos. You can grab a one-day unlimited pass at Las Vegas Monorail if you have 6000 coins. With 10,000 coins you can get 20% off at Bar and Grill MGM Grand.

Or with 78000 coins you can get 3 comp room nights free at the Mirage casino.

Reward points can be redeemed thus at restaurants, rooms, shows, attractions, nightlife, retail, travel and other such places in Las Vegas.

The more coins the more reward points you can collect. Note you need to be connected with your FB account to get these rewards and offers.

It’s the only social casino game that lets you visit virtual versions of real casinos to SPIN AND WIN with your friends and join our social slot tournaments at WinZone.

POP! Slots lets players have fun achieving VIP status through entertaining and exciting play on slot machines. With POP! Slots app, you can work your way to VIP status and get chips simply for playing online slot machines and other social casino games.

There are many third-party sites that offer free coin codes for this game or advise you on a certain hack or cheat to get more free chips or coins. But it’s your choice to visit such sites as we don’t recommend them and it will be your own risk to use such hacks.

pop slots- slots for android
pop slots- slots for android

Pop slots game app is regularly updated with new games lately introduced New game Guardian of Olympus- Circus Circus or give your luck a try at amazing slot machines, including fun new IP games like “Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World” and more! Play Real social Slot Tournaments at WinZone or Mega progressive jackpots you get all the branded slots from MGM, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, New York-New York, and more! Free Pop Slots Chips make it possible for you to achieve VIP status and win big jackpots while you enjoy a truly fun social casino experience online. Earn instant bonuses, huge progressive jackpots, and so many more exciting 777 Vegas casino games!

Finally, note that this social casino app has in-app purchases where you can buy more free coins if you need them. The lowest coin pack costs $13.99 and the highest coin pack costs $139.99 CAD. You need to be 18 years of age to play at this casino. You use free virtual chips to play slots and win virtual chips to play more.

For any issues or queries, you have for this game app you can contact customer support by clicking here.

Some Regular Methods to Earn Free Coins with Pop Slots

Pop Slots is an exciting game and hence can be played with great fun and amazement. Here are some of the regular methods which can be used to earn free coins interestingly with Pop Slots in Canada.

  • To get free coins in Pop Slot Canada, make sure to collect the daily free chips, hourly bonuses, and level-up rewards regularly. Check the game’s notifications and bonus section frequently to get maximum benefits.
  • To stay updated about chip giveaways and contests, follow the official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for Canada. You can also exchange chips with other players by joining Facebook groups specific to Canada.
  • Earn loyalty points by playing Pop Slots regularly and completing daily and hourly challenges. Redeem these loyalty points for coins to play the game.
  • Pop Slots free chips game offers various promotions and events, such as tournaments and special offers, to help you earn free coins. Check the promotions section regularly to participate in these events and maximize your earnings.

This is the reason for the claim that there are numerous ways to obtain free Pop Slots chips, including earning regular bonuses, joining social media pages and groups, accruing loyalty points, and taking part in promotions and events.


1. How do I play Pop Slots?

Ans – To experience Pop Slots, you need to first install the app on your mobile device. Once you’ve done that, you can register or create an account. From there, you can pick a slot machine to play the game and begin to spin the reels. You can also make use of virtual coins that you collect in the game to experience various slot machines.

2. How do I earn virtual coins in Pop Slots?

Ans – Canadians can collect virtual coins in Pop Slots by spinning the reels of the various slot machines, looking at the ad videos, completing finishing specific tasks and levelling up. In addition to that, you can also buy virtual coins for real money in the app.

3. Is Pop Slots a real money gambling app?

Ans – No, Pop Slots free chips game is not considered a real money gambling app. Players cannot actually win real money or rewards in the app. It is considered a social casino game hence players enjoy it with virtual coins and not with actual money.

4. Are there different slot machine games to play in Pop Slots?

Ans – Yes, there are multiple slot machine games at your expense to play in Pop Slots and every single one of them is its own unique themes as well as features.

5. Are there any other features in Pop Slots Freebies?

Ans – Yes, there are myriads of features in the game like the ability for Canadians to join clubs, take part in tournaments, and collect rewards for finishing specific tasks.

6. How can I contact Pop Slots customer support?

Ans – You can easily contact Pop Slots customer support via the game setting support option or you can also take a look at their website for more information.

7. How do I level up in Pop Slots?

Ans – Canadians can level up by earning experience points (XP) by spinning the reels and completing various in-game tasks. As you level up, you will unlock new slot machines and other rewards.


In conclusion, Pop Slots is an exciting and engaging mobile game that offers Canadians the chance to win big rewards and bonuses. By following the hacks and cheats outlined in this article, players can increase their chances of earning free coins and other valuable in-game items. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out, taking advantage of the various free coin opportunities available in Pop Slots free chips Android can make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. So why wait? Start playing Pop Slots today and see how many free coins you can earn!