How To Play Instant Scratch Cards At Casinos with CAD?

How to play instant scratchies at with CAD
How to play instant games at with CAD

Canadian punters love instant scratchers and the most popular scratch card games are available at the Canadian official online casino called Play Now Casino Canada. Instant scratch cards are a fun and exciting play experience for those aged over 18 years of age. There are a variety of iscratch-offs win games available in-store and online.

Some games offer a quick thrill and some offer a longer play experience, but all of them offer you the chance to win in instantly. Besides Instant scratch-offs at Canadian lotto sites, there are various other online scratch-offs that are available to play at Canadian online casinos with real CAD.

How To Play Instant Scratch Cards

Play Instant Scratch Cards
How to play Scratch cards with real money

You need to join any Canadian-friendly online casino to play online instant win games or scratch cards. You can even play with your Android smartphone. Once you open your casino account and make a friendly deposit you are ready to play online scratch cards. Online scratch cards require players to choose their stake level first. This is different from standard scratch cards, in which the price for each card remains the same. The stake on an online scratch card is set and is applied to every win created, so it’s different from how Video pokies work out wins across pay lines.

Once the stake has been chosen, players need to swipe across the screen in order to scratch the panels. This can be done with either the mouse or the finger depending on the platform the game is being played on. This will reveal what’s under the panels and will show the player if a win has been created. Depending on the rules of the game, there could be different methods in place for wins to be paid. As such, you should look over the rules before playing to make sure that you’re aware of how the game works.

There might also be some extra features included in the scratch card. Again, this can vary between games, so it’s important to check whether there are any bonus features and what they are (if available). One example is that some scratch cards offer players the chance to earn a free scratch at the same stake level they’re playing.

One of the easiest ways to get to grips with a new game is to look through the help menu. Here, players can find out what rules are used for that specific scratch card. This extends to how the game plays, what bonus features might be included, and even the payout levels. This is a good way to see which game appeals to you most and which you’re likely to prefer to play.

The payout levels for instant scratchers or online scratch cards are different depending on the game you’re playing. While the way in which players can achieve wins is usually quite similar between different titles, the amount that the games payout can have a big disparity. Some games will have lower variance and, as such, a lower maximum payout. You could see between 500 and 1,000 times your stake on offer in these titles. Others could go to 50,000 times your stake or more.

Best Instant Scratch Cards With CAD

Canadian players have access to every kind of instant games they could imagine, giving Canadians a level of choice beyond their wildest dreams.

Casinos online are the perfect venues to play instant win games or play with real CAD or BTC.

1. Merlin’s Millions Scratch

merlin's Millions scratch
Merlin’s Millions scratch

Collect 3 matching symbols on Merlin’s Millions and you could walk away with up to 1,000 times your stake at this instant game.

Merlin’s Millions Scratch is an instant scratchie that is based on Merlin’s Millions slot game from NextGen Gaming. It’s as fun to play as the slot game and gives you the same kind of cash payout that you’ve come to expect.

Merlin’s Millions is based on the wizard of yore and offers you all the wealth that you could expect him to conjure up. You can start playing the game by clicking the Play button. You can then use the arrow buttons to increase or decrease your wager. Once you have selected a wager amount, you can then try to see what the symbols on the scratch cards are by either swiping them on the screen or by using the Reveal All button.

To win, all you need to do is to get three matching symbols. You can win payouts as you can see them mentioned on the paytable. Your wins are multiplied by the amount that you have wagered on each scratch card. The multiplier starts with 1x for the wizard’s staff symbol and increases to 1000x for the symbol of Merlin himself. You can win as high as 1000x your wagered amount when you bet on this scratch game.

2. Foxin Wins Scratch

Foxin wins scratch
Foxin wins Scratchie

Foxin Wins gives players a 9-panel grid to play on. Here, if they scratch away 3 identical icons, a prize will be coming their way. Foxin’ Wins scratch Card is a match-and-win game. During play, the goal is to match 3 symbols to win a prize.

The game rules play match three symbols to win a prize. Match three POT symbols to win five scratch-offs where all prizes are doubled. More than one prize can be won per scratch card, payouts are made according to the Paytable. Wins are multiplied by the amount staked per scratch card.

3. Gorilla Go Wild Scratch

Gorilla Go Wild
Gorilla Go Wild Scratch Card

Gorilla Go Wild instant scratch-offs have a huge simian as the main character, along with huge prizes available on the 3×3 grid. Gorilla Go Wild instant game is a match-and-win game. During play, the goal is to match 3 symbols to win a prize. To play the game choose your bet and select play. Swipe the Scratchable panels to reveal a hidden symbol. Select reveal all to reveal all hidden symbols. Malfunction voids all pays and plays and return to player is 95.4%

4. Dragons Story Scratch

Dragon story scratch
Dragon Story Scratchie

Dragons Story have great visuals and a high maximum bet. If you like to play big, this could be the game to try. Join him in scaring off knights and commoners alike who are dead set on stealing his gold and you may just uncover a way to sneak some off for yourself. A Dragon’s Story scratch card is a light-hearted affair with bouncy oompah music playing in your ears as you scratch to win your share of Ruff the Dragon’s treasures.

The symbols on the 3×3 instant scratchers are befitting the theme of a gold-hungry dragon defending his riches. You get to play with a Burnt Shield, and a Burnt Boot as the low-value symbols. The mid-level symbols include Dragon’s Egg, Brave Sir William and a moody Dragonling. The high-value symbols include a pile of Treasure and of course the vain Ruff himself.

The rich Jewel symbol holds the key to unlocking free games for you to take advantage of in your attempts to lift Ruff’s wealth and make it your own.

The instant scratchers here is a standard 9 symbol card divided into 3 rows and 3 columns. The column to the right of the symbols showcases the paytable of the game, which is greyed out unless a game is active.

Each symbol on the paytable has a corresponding win multiplier next to it. Revealing 3 matching symbols of that type will boost your win by the associated multiplier. Land 3 Boots on the card and you’ll break even with an x1 multiplier, but uncover 3 Ruff symbols, and you’ve snagged yourself a fantastic x1000 your bet!

Playing at max bet should you hit the x1000 stake mega win, if so, you’ll be celebrating a $100,000 windfall!

5. Luxor Scratch

Luxor scratch
Luxor Scratchie

With 12 panels, Luxor offer players a lot of choices. It’s fast-paced and looks great, while the jackpot, 50,000 times your stake, is fantastic too.

Journey to ancient Egypt and hunt for treasure in Luxor Scratch by Pariplay.  Raid tombs in this expeditionary slot as you play for the huge rewards in this exciting game. This game is your ticket to revealing great treasures while exploring the ancient city of Luxor in the Valley of the Kings. Luxor Scratch is a 4×3 layout scratch card containing 10 symbols that will keep you hooked on it. So get ready to reveal the secret treasures hidden in this scratch card by clicking the place bet button.

Whenever you load Luxor instant scratch card you will interact with different characters which makes the game exciting and fun to play. you will find characters such as a scarab, a headdress, a ring, a crook and a flail. These symbols represent the standard paying icons in the scratch card and will award different payouts depending on the icon matched.

Matching these symbols will award a maximum payout of up 5000X your bet and a minimum of 50X your bet. The second set of characters in this scratch card includes generic card icons A, K, Q, J, and 10. These symbols represent the low-paying icons in the scratch card and will award a maximum payout of up to 25X and a minimum of 1X your total bet.

6. Call of the Colosseum Scratch

Call of the collaseum scratch
Call of the colosseum scratch

Travel to ancient Rome to try your hand at walking away with a big prize, in this 3×3 grid scratch card game. With an aesthetic undoubtedly meant to mirror the Ancient Romans: Call of the Colosseum presents an easy-to-play scratch card game in which you are a gladiator in the great Colosseum – with the emperor deciding your fate.

NextGen Gaming has created a simple, easy-to-follow game that is highly accessible for all the low rollers among us. With a minimum bet of only a penny, you are not discouraged to play it safe for a while. With a max bet of 5.00 per card, however, there is the potential to win big in this new game.

With a satisfying scratch sound, as well as the cheer of onlookers when you win, this scratch card game is best played for low amounts, on a relaxing weekend afternoon. The prizes you win are not exceptionally big… until they are. If you get three emperors anywhere on the card, you are awarded one thousand times your original bet, as a reward for besting all the colosseum has to offer!

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These are some of the most exciting instant scratch card that you can enjoy online.