6 Most Popular Online Slots for Canadian Players

6 Most Popular Online Slots for Canadian Players
6 Most Popular Online Slots for Canadian Players

Online slots are available in all shapes and sizes, from simple classic slots to highly complex 3D slots, featuring several bonuses and other features. This says that irrespective of the type of player you are, there will be a slot that fits your requirements accurately. There are some slots with the biggest prizes, lucrative bonuses and most engaging gameplay.

If you’re new to slots and are looking for the right place to start, check out below mentioned top 6 list!

1. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah
Mega Moolah- Online slots

Mega Moolah is one of the online slots loved by most players. This slot game is the product of Microgaming Company which does have it all, from a fun theme through to an exciting game, but it’s the prizes that set it apart from the crowd. Mega Moolah is known to deliver the biggest online slot prize of all time, which was as massive as £13.2m (C$22.5m). A Canadian player won C$7.5m when spinning the reels.

How did the jackpots become so large at Mega Moolah? Because it is the most popular progressive slot in the world and its jackpots keep on rising when more and more people play.

2. Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck- Online slots

Thunderstruck is a landmark in the world of online slots. It was initially released way back in 2004 by Microgaming. Even after twelve years, it has continued to be extremely popular with players all over the world. It is just amazing without any frills. It is packed with fantastic wild multipliers and free spins. You can even hit the jackpot, which can be worth an impressive amount of cash.

The theme of this slot has made it so popular. There are several slots after Thunderstruck that have used the similar theme of Norse mythology. Few got lucky and some could not become so successfully – however Thunderstruck was one of the first.

3. South Park

South Park
South Park- Online Slots

South Park is a game created by developers of NetEnt. This slot will make you laugh, it is full of humour which has made it so popular. After all, who doesn’t want to have fun in life? In this slot,s you can see Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman spinning around on the reels at this slot, along with several of their friends, and you’ll also find a number of great features, which keep the fun flowing all over. It is optimized for smartphone play as well.

This slot is not about just jokes though, it is also equipped with some amazing and impressive prizes, including a huge jackpot, which is up to 1,250,000 coins.

4. Major Millions

Major Millions
Major Millions- Online Slots

Major Millions is yet another slot from Microgaming, and it is also another online slot that offers a fantastic progressive jackpot – although it isn’t as massive as Mega Moolah. It also has an amazing and fantastic theme. It is also available in three different forms – MegaSpin, 3-Reel, and 5-Reel. The most loved version is 3-reel and it is also a classic and exciting slot machine.

The surprising fact about this slot is even after being a simple classic slot – which is without the bonuses and massive numbers of paylines – it is so enjoyable! Maybe because they hark back to how slot machines used to be. It takes you to the days when the internet had yet to be invented. In this slot, you simply have to sit back, spin the reels, and wait to see how much you won!

5. Starburst


This slot is relatively a younger slot that hasn’t been around for ages, still, it built up a loyal following among players. It is developed by NetEnt, it has ten paylines and a jackpot of 50,000 coins. It is majorly popular for the graphics though, as the bright and perfectly developed symbols offer a mesmeric quality, shimmering on the screen.

It is found at a whole host of different online casinos, as every casino know that players really enjoy playing Starburst game. It features respins and wild symbols to entertain the players endlessly and the wins come pretty regularly.

6. Iron Man

Iron Man is a slot based on the Marvel comic of sharing the same name, which has also been the story of a number of incredibly successful movies. Created by Playtech, this slot offers absolutely everything a player could want from a slot, which includes loads of bonus features, a really exciting theme, and an opportunity to win some absolutely huge amounts of money. Playtech has also developed Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 slots, both of which are equally as impressive as the original. It’s packed with a progressive jackpot which is the real attraction of this slot.


These are the six most famous online slots for Canadian players.