What is Alberta Approved Farmers Markets App

Farmers Markets App

The people of Alberta love to explore the farmer’s market and for this reason, the government launched an app called the Approved Farmers Market App. Easy to navigate this app is available for Apple and Android devices and helps link users to the latest information about market locations, times and dates.

Farmers’ markets in Alberta

Farmers’ markets in Alberta are governed by the province’s Agricultural and Rural Development Act, which stipulates that all farmers’ markets must be approved by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF) to operate. Approval is necessary to ensure that the market is operating in a fair and orderly manner and that the vendors are selling agricultural or horticultural products that they themselves have grown, raised or processed.

According to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Minister Oneil Carlier, “Alberta’s agriculture and food processing industry thrives on using innovative technology to increase efficiency and find new ways to do business. With an increasing cultural shift towards fresh, local foods, this app will help connect Albertans with producers.”

Farmers Markets App – Finding the Best

  1. Local Market Apps:
    • Check if there are apps specific to the provinces or cities in Canada. Localized apps are more likely to have accurate information about nearby farmers’ markets.
  2. Popular Grocery Store Apps:
    • Some grocery store chains in Canada may have their apps that feature information about local produce and partnerships with farmers. Check apps from major grocery retailers.
  3. Agricultural Organizations:
    • Explore apps developed by agricultural organizations or government bodies. They may provide resources and information about local farmers’ markets.
  4. Community and Event Apps:
    • Look into community-based apps or event apps that highlight local events, including farmers’ markets. These apps may provide information about market schedules, vendors, and special events.
  5. Local Food Initiatives:
    • Check for apps associated with local food initiatives or sustainable agriculture programs. These apps often promote farmers’ markets and connect consumers with local producers.
  6. Social Media Platforms:
    • Explore social media platforms as many farmers’ markets use platforms like Facebook or Instagram to share information and updates. While not specific apps, these platforms can be valuable for staying informed.
  7. Online Platforms for Local Produce:
    • Investigate online platforms that focus on connecting consumers with local farmers. Some platforms may have mobile apps to facilitate the ordering and delivery of locally sourced products.
  8. Farmers’ Market Websites:
    • Visit the websites of specific farmers’ markets. Some markets may have their own apps or provide information on where to find local, fresh produce.
  9. Regional Agricultural Apps:
    • Explore apps that are specific to regional agriculture or food systems. These apps may include features related to farmers’ markets and local produce.

To find the most accurate and up-to-date information, consider reaching out to local agriculture or farmers’ market organizations, as they may be aware of any specific apps or initiatives in your area. Additionally, checking app stores on your mobile device and searching for relevant keywords can help you discover any new apps that have been developed

What does this App do?

As farmer’s markets provide a tremendous opportunity for the agriculture community to showcase the hard work they do to ensure safe and delicious food gets delivered straight from the farm every day, this Alberta Farmers’ Market application guides you to your nearest Alberta-approved farmers’ market.

The application uses your present location to map all local Alberta-approved farmers’ markets with information on each market and links to websites and social media when available. The data is provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Alberta, Canada.

This app will be useful as farmers’ markets are the number one agri-tourism attraction in Alberta. From locally-grown fruits and vegetables to homemade jams and clothing, there’s no shortage of items for market-goers to peruse.

According to Alberta Minister of Culture and Tourism Ricardo Miranda,  “Alberta’s agriculture industry is an important part of rural tourism within the province. The Conference Board of Canada estimates the economic footprint of rural Alberta to be CA$ 77.4 billion annually. Farmers’ markets across Alberta are contributing to this success by helping to showcase local foods that highlight many culinary and ag-tourism opportunities,”

The province believes the cell phone app will improve the quality, timeliness and consistency of information for market-goers.

The app only has information about Alberta-approved farmer’s markets, not public markets. An Alberta-approved farmers market has been approved by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and meets the requirements of the program guidelines that have been approved by the minister.

Alberta Approved Farmers Markets App for Android

Alberta Market App For Android

If you have an Android device (T-Mobile – US Samsung GT-I9500) then you can have this app free from Google Play Store

For iPhone users, you need to have a compatible device iOS 9.2 or later iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can have this app free to download from iTunes Store Also you can have this app from a government site with full details and features to know about this app better.