Best 11 Android Casino Games to Play in 2021

Slot Games

Every one of you must be looking forward to the best Android casino games 2021 so as to enjoy them on your cell phone devices. Slots are prominent casino games as well as many table games that you can enjoy so here are the best ones. All the games are easy to navigate, simple to play, and download from the Google play store for your Androids. Remember that most of these casino games have in-app purchases which you can think of for purchasing some extra coins or moves. Also, these casino games are for fun and enjoyment and will not win you actual money.

11 Best Android Casino Games

1. 616Digital Casino Games

616 digital slot casino games

616 Digital offers you a lot of slots games. What makes this developer unique is that they have a selection of freemium slots games with in-app purchases and pay-once slots games with no in-app purchases.  You can enjoy Players Paradise Casino Slots; Ainsworth King Spin Slots, Mystic Genie Slots, Mystic Panda Slots, Kalahari Sun Slots, Aztec Invaders, Polar Pays, Totem Treasure, Dragon Dollars, and many more of such kind. Just download the casino games app from the Google Play store.

2. 6waves Casino Games

Slot Games from 6 Waves

6waves is another gaming developer that has not more than 13 slot games to enjoy on your Androids. They’re themed around specific premises, like magical wonders, epic characters, and more. They are freemium games, so you’ll have to deal with those mechanics as well. Otherwise, they’re fairly solid experiences. Each one has dozens of slot machines to choose from along with other features. Some of the games you can enjoy are Magic Wonderland Slots, Slots Epic, and more. All the games are listed at the Google Play store and you can have the games app of your choice on your Android cell phone and enjoy the casino games.

3. HUUUGE Casino Games

Huuuge slot games

HUUUGE offers a variety of casino-style games including slots games, of course. They are all freemium games also with in-app purchases Most of these require coins to play and you’ll get new coins to play with every so often. The better thing about this selection is that the mechanics vary by game. Some of the games you can enjoy are Mega Win slot games, 777 slot games, Thor slots casino, Cinderella slots, God of Sky, Cleopatra, Free Vegas Casino, Video Poker, Classic Slots, and many more. Just visit the Google Play store and have the games app on your Android.

4. Pharaoh’s Way Slots Games

Pharoah's Slot game

Pharaoh’s Way Slots is one of the most popular casino games out there free with in-app purchases. The developer boasts that over ten trillion games have been played. It features a variety of slots games, including five reels and three reels. You can also play ten, 25, and 50 lines also consecutive symbols, 243 win-ways, and many more – All in all, 20 slots are available now which are easy to play with multiple convenient features like Autoplay and fast reel stop. All you need is to download the casino games app from the Google Play store for your Android.

5. Pharaohs Interactive Casino Games

Pharoah's Interactive

Pharaohs Interactive is a game studio that offers some of the best casino games. They have over a dozen titles to choose from with a variety of themes available. Each game has a bunch of slot machines to choose from, various ways to earn bonus coins to play with, and various other features. You can enjoy slot games like Pandora Myth, Golden Era, Mystic Treasure, or the Wizard of Oz. There are total of 10 games all free to enjoy on your Android cell phones.

6. Rocket Speed Casino Games

Rocket Speed casino games

Rocket Speed has a variety of slots games available to try. The majority of them are classic, casino-themed style slots with a variety of machines and ways to play. You can also find games themed on cartoons, various characters, and other personalities. Most of the games don’t require an Internet connection to play. Additionally, several of them offer free play without the use of in-game currency which is nice. There are tons of options more than 50 games and you can enjoy slots like Vegas Jackpot, Triple Double, Multi reel, Super Party Vegas, Multi reel, Lucky panda, Casino City, and more. Just visit the Google play store online and download the games apps on your Android device.

7. Scientific Games Interactive Casino Games

Scientific games slots

Scientific Games Interactive has a couple of decent slots games available along with other casino-style games. Their two selections offer several different options to play with. You’ll have access to leader boards, various game modes, various daily bonuses, and more. Some of the games you can enjoy are Live Hold’ em poker, Dragon Play Poker, 777 Slots Casino, Wild Bingo, and many more. Grab your Android cell phone go to the google play store and download the casino games.

8. Super Lucky Casino Games

Super Lucky Casino games

Super Lucky Casino has a variety of casino-style games for you to play. They have more than half a dozen slots games that are themed in various ways. They even have a politically themed slot game. Each game has well over a dozen machines to choose from along with various daily prizes. A few of them even include tournament modes and leader boards to see how you stack up against the competition. You can enjoy slots like Bible slots; Video Poker, Bingo, Baccarat, and many more. Go ahead and download the game apps from Google Play.

9. Titan Slots Casino Games

Titan slot games

Titan Slots is a franchise of slots games by developer Game Mania Studios. Unlike most, Titan Slots III actually has an adventure mode where you navigate with a character through a storyline while you play slots. There are therefore three slot games here one Titan Slots, Titan Slots III, and one other. Just visit the Google Play store for Android apps and have this wonderful casino game right away.

10. Zynga Casino Games

Zynga slot game

Zynga has lots of casino games to be enjoyed with Android cell phone apps. With a variety of themes where you can win like in the Willy Wonka slots game, you win Wonka Bars. Or get $1,425,000 in free coins just for downloading Hit it Rich. Also enjoy slots like The princess bride slot game, Black diamond casino, Zynga Poker, and many others. All are Vegas-style slot machines with wonderful game design, graphics, and sounds. Visit Google Play Store and download the games app for your Android cell phone.

11. House of Fun Casino Games

House of Fun Slot

House of Fun is a slots app with a lot of excellent extras. More than five million people have downloaded this casino app for their Android, probably because you are given 1,000 free coins to start play with. You will quickly notice the other reason for this game’s popularity: the beautiful 3D graphics and the sheer number of different games available. The company behind House of Fun, Playtika, launches a new game for the app each week so there is little risk of getting bored.

In addition to your first 1,000 coins being on the house, you are automatically credited with more free coins every three hours. You can also win more free coins up to five times an hour. This makes House of Fun a perpetually free game for players who know their stuff. Get this app at Google Play all free.

All the above casino games are in the app form with many features offering you great play like free spins, daily bonuses, free coins, and bonus mini-games too. All you need is to just download and start the gameplay in action and have fun playing them on your Android cell phones. Stay tuned for more updates on the best casino games.

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