Top 6 Horror Games to Watch in 2022

Below are mentioned the top 6 horror games to watch in 2020. The best part about horror is the adrenaline rush that you get during a jumpscare or the spooky vibe be it a game, a movie, or even a cartoon. The aggravating feeling of uneasiness that keeps you on your edge that someone will end your life untimely is generally the feelings and emotions one has while playing a horror game. It gives you the tantalizing Halloween vibe because technology is more frightening than any other game. It is time we put the best horror games of the era in limelight. Below are the fan favourites that will gush the adrenaline in your veins.

Top 6 Horror Games to Watch in 2022

1. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

The Walking Dead Saints-  Top 6 Horror Games to Watch in 2020 and Sinners
The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners

Via traditional video games, Virtual Reality offers you a feeling of dedication and determination and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners pass the quota with flying colours for this. This first-person VR deeply focuses on the results of the choices made by the players and features a range of both melee and ranged weapons in combat. The game takes place in a spooky setting in New Orleans and has a mountain of side quests for those who live for the feel of the game rather than completing it by speedrunning.

In almost every zombie game, the human survivors are always as cold and savage as the zombies and that case certainly fits with the Saints and Sinners. With fickle characters in the game, no one can be trusted and thus comes the surge of survival of the fittest and players have to decide how to make the best out of a worst-case scenario.


2. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2

The revamped version of the famous classic Resident Evil, this year the world got to witness another classic from the Resident Evil franchise i.e., Resident Evil 2 and become one of the most beloved horror games of the year and left a lasting impact on the fans. With blood-curdling audio and jaw-dropping graphics of the game, this game was considered otherworldly by many game reviewers which is similar to Resident Evil 4. Mr. X can use plenty of amazing weapons that need to be discovered and use against zombies. The game has by far one of the most chilling stories in the horror genre of the gaming era.

The story is a change from the mansion to the infected streets and buildings of Raccoon City. The plot of the story revolves around Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield who are left stranded in the middle of a terrible disaster. The journey they go through is full of conspiracies and the humans that they meet in the game are just as perilous as the infected. A surge of betrayal and treachery from the humans no once can be trusted makes the game even more epic.


3. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

One of the most chilling and goose-bumping depictions of the post-apocalyptic dystopia the Metro is a series that balances itself well between “survival” and “horror”. The plot revolves around the protagonist Artyom who just lost everything in a nuclear war. Following the events of beguiling encounters from humans Artyom and his friends leave on a journey to find a home away from all the violence and bloodshed which is exactly what awaits them the most on their journey. However, with character introductions such as cannibals, mutants, and settings like the radiated areas that can kill men in seconds the third game, Metro Exodus is even more terrifying than the usual generic horror games.

As the ammunition in the game is limited, the real fear from the game comes from all of the runnings it involves while dealing with monsters. Even the gas masks are in a limited amount and the enemies await you in the farthest subway systems of the city.  However, the only thing in the game that keeps the players moving on is hope. I hope to find the home they all have been seeking so far. The characters are never short of an impeccable yet tragic backstory also the characters are very beautifully designed so when he/she gets hurt, you know it feels very real.


4. Bloodborne


Firmly rooted in horror, Bloodborne has received massive popularity these past few months. An action role-playing game created by From Software, Bloodborne is highly inspired by gothic and Victorian architecture and casts Lovecraftian enemies to face against players. The story takes place in the city of Yharnam which cannot be described by a lesser word than “grotesque”. The creepy and gritty setting of the world comprises creatures like enormous spiders to electrified behemoths that have skull faces. Makes you shiver just by imagining it, isn’t it? The game induces certain hormones in your body and a state of nightmare can be created while sleeping from which you cannot wake.

The witty enemy placement in the game designed by the developers only makes the game scarier than ever. Filled with vintage jumpscares from enemies in intervals ranging not more than an hour, the game gives you real anxiety while you are conscientiously clearing the level and avoiding as many enemies as you can to reach the checkpoints in the game. There however will be times when you will not be able to do so and find yourself lost in the search of the Blood Echoes and eradicate hordes of enemies which make the game even more frightening.


5. Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear
Layers of Fear

Created by the Bloober Team, Layers of Fear can be considered as a dark horse in this list as it was a surprise hit in 2016 where players are put in a role of an ambitious painter at work on his magnum opus. The plot of the game is that a man in his luxuriously lavish Victorian mansion is painting and with the completion of every level adds a new layer to the painting. However, the man’s psychological state is the one to be looked out for rather than the painting.

During the whole painting sequence, many disturbing and atrocious scenes of the man’s past are exposed to the player while the man is hallucinating about it. The main source of fear from this game is usually the ever-changing environment that mirrors the style of P.T. one of the surprises that this game includes is when you turn back to a previously empty wall that is now creaking a door through which light can be observed.

However simulating the experience might be in this game, the players often find themselves interacting with objects in the desire of solving puzzles to shift rooms. The game has a fair share of spooky portraits ranging from melting walls to ever-changing portraits, to eerie hauntings.


6. Outlast 2

Outlast 2
Outlast 2

The world-renowned Outlast 2 is a tough choice to not put this game on the list. This game has already surpassed its predecessor and has one of the eeriest settings of a horror game. The gruesome and horrendous encounters you interact with within this game make even those who enjoy the genre turn off their PCs.

The plot revolves around the Journalist Blake Langermann and his wife. One night they decide to doze off to a remote location in Arizona where they find the body of a pregnant lady lying on the side of the road anonymously. The setting is very strange to find a pregnant woman’s body on the side of the road that quickly escalates to a state of survival.

Garnering the attention of a sex-driven local cult and a horrific backwoods group, Blake and Lynn find themselves hard to defend against them. The mechanics are basically like Outlast’s where you can’t defend yourself. Due to the quick-timed events taking place you need to find a place to run and hide under a certain time limit. If you don’t, then witness the brutal castration of Blake through all kinds of sadistic means. Not digging deeper into details let’s just say that you will have a blast playing outlast 2 during nighttime.



These are some of the most-watched and the best horror games of all time that you must try in 2020 if you are strong-hearted and wish to try some of the eeriest games.

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