6 Best Free Apps for iPhone

Smartphones are quite expensive these days, especially when it comes to Apple’s devices. Even if you buy the lowest version iPhone XR, you still have to spend $749 — less expensive than the $999 iPhone XS of course, but still a big chunk of money. But if you want to save on your mobile budget, let’s start with free apps! The iTunes is packed with free options ready to fill up your new iPhone. Here are 6 best free iOS apps that I think should find a place on your mobile device.

  1. Scanbot

Scanbot transforms your iPhone into a powerful portable scanning device, enabling you to scan documents and QR codes and also you can save them in JPG or PDF files. Automatic edge detection and a great range of tools, filters, and settings can help you get the clearest scan possible from your iPhone’s camera. Although the app is free to use, on subscribing for premium version you get extra features like iCloud synchronization, optical character recognition, including support for file transfer protocols, editing, encryption, and passcode protection.

  1. Otter Voice Notes

This is an advanced transcription app that automatically transcribes your work almost in real-time, complete with punctuation, speaker ID, and searchable playback of your recordings, via the internal mic of your iPhone or a Bluetooth device. You can edit or fit any errors or export transcripts to text. You can also share transcripts with a group or through public, view-only links. It is a free app but at a $9.99-per-month subscription can buy you up to 6,000 minutes of transcription. It’s a great aid for classes, meetings, brainstorming sessions, and instant interviews.

  1. Clips

This is Apple’s new Clips video app, which is an all-in-one package using which you can quickly take video clips, edit them and share with friends, family, or over your social media networks. Simple video controls help you make short videos without using timelines, tracks, or more complex editing tools. Using Live Titles you can also add captions or subtitles to your videos using just your voice. You can also apply a variety of filters, effects, and extras like animated emoji and speech bubbles. Smart sharing features recommend people to share your creation with based on who’s in the video, or you can send the video directly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media services.

  1. Noted

Noted can make your iPhone into a powerful audio recording and note-taking device ideal to keep track of interview, meetings and many other instant note-taking needs. You can also sync the recordings and their accompanying notes using iCloud, organized into notebooks, and can also search through, with the help of time tags. On using the free noted app you can save five recordings and premium plans will offer you unlimited recording adding features like noise reduction and exporting notes to PDF.

  1. Google Trips

Google Trips is a great travel assistant, starting from travel itineraries and reservations from your notification to your automatically sorted trips. Google instantly collates your flight details, hotel and car reservations, and other travel details available in your emails. This app augments that with suggestions like suggested day plans, and related local sights based on your preferences, interests and local travel tips. You can save your trip details locally to your device, allowing you to use it offline also.

  1. Transit

Transit is yet another amazing aid to your urban travel, enabling you to plan out the fastest public transport ways to your destination. You can get several routes combining numerous transportation methods — like trains, buses, and bike sharing.  It offers real-time data on arrival times of your bus or train, navigation, compare routes, and notifications for service line disruptions. Using this app you can also book a taxi or cab.


Above-listed are some of the most popular and extremely useful Google apps that they offer to its iPhone owners! Although the list is too long but above listed are the most useful and essential to find a place in your mobile.

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