Top 7 News Apps for Android and iOS

Top 7 News Apps for Android and iOS
Top 7 News Apps for Android and iOS

Accessing the news you care about is of the essence in your life and with the advent of the smartphone, there are several ways to stay updated with the most obscure of news sources.

Let’s have a look at the best news apps that are available on both iOS and Android both the platforms.

Top 7 News Apps for Android and iOS


GOOGLE NEWS- Top 7 News Apps for Android and iOS

Google News is the improved version of Google Play Newsstand, which is much better and improved smooth. From various news sources, Google collects the news so you will be able to find some amazing sites and media houses. You can set up a daily briefing to get the most important stories of the day, or you can get full coverage. You may also save some stories for later read.


APPLE NEWS- Top 7 News Apps for Android and iOS

Apple News is an inbuilt app on every iOS device, which is not available on Android platforms. This news app focuses on fast-loading videos and images, along with the publications like The New York Times, which have joined hands with the company as a content distribution channel. Using apple news, you can follow trends or individual topics that range from niche categories to politics.


Top 7 News Apps for Android and iOS
AP MOBILE- Top 7 News Apps for Android and iOS

Associated Press is also a news app covering the news all around the world. It has a large team of dedicated reporters that focus on all types of trends and topics to attract readers. It is not that glamorous as other news services but it is great for people who are looking for facts and figures instead of exciting news.


MICROSOFT NEWS- Top 7 News Apps for Android and iOS

Microsoft news is the advanced version of MSN News, offering a lightweight and easy-to-use way to get the news fast. You can search your topics to read the news and can change the topics anytime. You can see the related news you are interested in in the main windows, but you may scroll between topics at the top of the screen and can switch to local news also. You can even customize your theme as per your need i.e. light and dark. It’s a great and easily accessible news app that works well.


THE NEW YORK TIMES- Top 7 News Apps for Android and iOS

The New York Times’ app is one of the world’s most popular news sources that contains everything you expect from a news app, which includes breaking news alerts, social media sharing, offline reading etc. You will get audio and video options with augmented reality, enabling you to gaze into David Bowie’s wardrobe, or you can also meet face-to-face world-class Olympic athletes. But the fact is, getting full access isn’t free, and you will have to shell out $15 for basic unlimited access to all articles, or $130 for a full year.


BBC NEWS- Top 7 News Apps for Android and iOS

The BBC news is a well-known worldwide news company offering you up to date on the most updated news and stories. BBC news keep experimenting with a bit more fun with its articles, and it also offers a live-streaming news channel that is offered directly into the app. On opting, you’ll be notified any time the app offers breaking news to get your attention, making it a great way to keep up-to-date.


BBC NEWS- Top 7 News Apps for Android and iOS

This is the first 24-hour cable news channel with its own official app which works as a condensed version of the website. Offering a wide range of articles, with a big focus on the US audiences, it offers a range of original CNN content that you cannot get elsewhere. This news app also has videos that make a great part of this news coverage so if you are a fan of video news, this is the best news channel for you.


Above-listed is some of the most popular and widely relied upon worldwide news apps that you can use and enjoy all 24 hours.

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