5 Effective PDF Reader Apps for Android

PDF files are mostly used for two cases. The first for business, where you can create forms in PDF format and the second is for reading e-books. PDF files are easy to access, which works well for reading. PDF reader apps only address any one of these two cased but here I have compiled a list of the best PDF reader apps on AndroidWhat is the new slots app for Android to play free slots in 2019? for both.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Price: Free / $12.99-$14.99 per month



Adobe Acrobat Reader is the first choice for most people. It works most of the time. This app also features the ability to annotate and take notes on PDFs, fill out forms, cloud storage support, and sign your signature. It is quite befitting for business or professional use than for reading PDF books. You can pay the subscription cost to access features along with Adobe’s Creative Cloud storage option.


2. EBookDroid

Price: Free


EBookDroid is one of the fee but old school PDF reader apps. It is good for ebook reading too. This app supports PDF, XPS, AWZ3, DjVU, FictionBOok, MOBI, EPUB, and some other file formats. This app features support for 18:9 devices, PDF layout customization options, text selection, highlighting, annotations, and some other useful stuff also. It is a great option for creative production.


3. DocuSign

Price: Free / $10-$40 per month (three plans)


DocuSign is yet another PDF reader, especially, for business use. This app feature functions like opening documents, allowing to fill them out, sign them, and send them where they need to go. Till this part, the app is free. You can opt for a few subscription plans paying $10 per month to access some additional features. The subscription varies depending on the features you use.


4. Foxit PDF Reader

Price: Free / $0.99

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit is an all-in-one solution for PDF use. This app offers an organization system to keep your PDF files inline. You get ConnectedPDF support, the ability to fill out PDFs, and support for PDF files with certificates, passwords, and Microsoft’s RMS. It is mostly for business use, but it works great for reading too. Foxit also provides an app dedicated for business use, which will cost $15.99. This version will cost you just $0.99.


5. Librera

Price: Free (with ads)


Librera is yet another interesting PDF reader app. Currently, it appears to be an all-in-one e-book reader. It supports almost a dozen formats, including PDF, EPUB3, MOBI, EPUB, DJVU, ZIP, TXT, etc. It is equipped with a modern design, night and day mode for easy reading at night. Using this app, you can also listen to books using Text-To-Speech if you want to. Although due to its features, the app is a bit buggier than most others on this list, it’s also completely free, i.e. without any advertising.



Having so many options to use, I am sure now you will not find any difficulty in finding the best and most effective PDF reader, especially when you have been dealing with PDF regularly.

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