How to Use Android Messaging to Send a Text via iMessage (and vice versa)

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Are you familiar with the iMessage effect? Most of your contacts will send a direct SMS in a blue word balloon. iPhone users know that iMessage provides a seamless and perfect synergy of SMS and instant messaging. It’s one of those reasons why long time iPhone users won’t dump their iPhone for an Android smartphone.

Google recently launched the Google Pixel phone. We heard it’s a great phone which includes a plethora of enhancements. For Android users, you can work it out with your iPhone user friends. A couple of tweaks and a few alternatives will enable you to touch base with your friends via iMessage as well.

Try an Online Messaging App?

The easiest alternative would be refraining from texting. The world is more connected now thanks to instant messaging apps. You can send a message to your contacts via Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp etc. It’s a decent alternative to texting, right? Wait, it seems your data usage is reaching its limit. It’s an alternative but not practical.

Try This If You are an iPhone User

Those online messaging apps can come in handy but it’s not practical. If you are an iPhone user, there’s a quick solution for instant messaging. Go to settings, tap Messages, and then toggle “iMessage to off. You can also transfer current messages to an app call iSMSDroid if you want to organize your messages.

Try This If You are an Android User

Check out the app called Textra on Google Play store. It’s one of the most customizable texting apps for Android. You can also install EvolveSMS or Chomp SMS but Textra is very iMessage compatible. The great thing about Textra is that you customise the messaging interface. You can change the font, the bubble’s colour, and the background. It also allows users to schedule messages and check unread messages for each conversation thread.

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