Best 10 Steps to Hack iMessage using Android device (and vice versa)

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Are you familiar with the iMessage effect? Most of your contacts will send a direct SMS in a blue word balloon. iPhone users know that iMessage provides a seamless and perfect synergy of SMS and instant Android messaging. It’s one of those reasons why long-time iPhone users won’t dump their iPhone for an Android smartphone.

One of the major differences between iPhone as well as Android is that Android messaging cannot use iMessage. This is a fact but with the right software and the right kind of PC and a tech savant, or someone with an interest in experimentation, you can quite possibly set up iMessage for your Android device.

Google recently launched the Google Pixel phone. We heard it’s a great phone which includes a plethora of enhancements. For Android messaging users, you can work it out with your iPhone user friends. A couple of tweaks and a few alternatives will enable you to touch base with your friends via iMessage as well.

However, you do need to keep in mind that these directions will work only if you have the access to a Mac device and your Android messaging phone is functioning Android 5.0 or newer. You’ll be utilizing software that hasn’t undergone the typical Apple approval process. Don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with that, you still, however, need to trust the developer of the software to not exploit your trust.

Hack iMessage using Android

Hack iMessage using Android
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The easiest alternative would be refraining from texting. The world is more connected now thanks to instant messaging apps. You can send a message to your contacts via Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp etc. It’s a decent alternative to texting, right? Wait, it seems your data usage is reaching its limit. It’s an alternative but not practical.

Why You Can’t Normally Use iMessage on Android

iMessage on Android- android messaging
iMessage on Android- android messaging

You generally can’t use iMessage on Android due to Apple’s use of a special end-to-end encryption system that is implemented in iMessage that safeguards the messages from the device on which they’re sent on, along with Apple servers, to the device which is receiving them. As the messages are completely encrypted, the iMessage network can only be used by devices that recognize how to decrypt the messages.

Try This If You are an iPhone User- android messaging

for iPhone users
for iPhone users- android messaging

Those online messaging apps can come in handy but it’s not practical. If you are an iPhone user, there’s a quick solution for instant messaging. Go to Settings, tap Messages, and then toggle “iMessage to off. You can also transfer current messages to an app called iSMSDroid if you want to organize your messages.

Apple has restricted iMessage and all of its known cool effects and features, containing iMessage apps, exclusive to devices functioning only on iOS and macOS as means to attract people to buy its products. this is the reason why there’s no iMessage for Android app available on the Google Play store. However, there is one simple way by which you can have Apple’s control over iMessage which is a program called weMessage.

How weMessage Lets You Use iMessage on Android

weMessage for Android
weMessage for Android- android messaging

Even though iMessage cannot work on Android devices, it can work on both iOS as well as macOS. Something that matters the most here is the Mac compatibility. weMessage is such a program for Mac that directs messages through the iMessage network. This implies that all of your texts are driven to weMessage, then passed along to iMessage for sending to and from Android devices, macOS and iOS while still utilizing Apple’s encryption.

What You Need to Use weMessage- Android Messaging


In order to use weMessage, you need the following:

  • An applicable iMessage account which can probably be your existing Apple ID.
  • A Mac functioning macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or greater than that. A program is necessary to run on your Mac if you are using weMessage.
  • Mac must have Java 7 or higher installed.
  • An Android phone with functioning Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) or greater than that.
  • The weMessage app is installed on your Android phone.

How to Set up weMessage to Use iMessage for Android

weMessage is quite a smart tactic for dealing with Apple’s security for iMessage, however, setting it up cant be done by some tech novice or someone with a weak heart. There are many steps here and it demands a much more complex configuration than the majority of the programs. However, if you’re quite dedicated to obtaining iMessage on Android, this is your only option. Below are a few steps by which you can configure weMessage on Mac.

Configure weMessage on Mac

  1. You need to install Java on your Mac to utilize weMessage. You need to have it by navigating to Applications > Utilities and after launching the Terminal app that is pre-installed on your Mac. Click on return after typing Java.
  2. After that, we download the weMessage program exclusively for your Mac.
  3. Double click the run.command file to launch weMessage in the weMessage folder. If your screen pops an error saying that the program can’t be run as it’s from an anonymous developer, click the Apple logo > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and after that click on Open Anyway.
  4. After that, you’ll need to allow access to some Accessibility features of your Mac. In the System Preferences > Security & Privacy screen click on the Privacy tab and then click on Accessibility.
  5. After that, click on the lock icon at the left bottom of your screen to unlock your settings. Enter the password that you utilized to log into your Mac if prompted by the software.
  6. Click on the + icon and then go through your hard drive to Applications > Utilities.
  7. Click on Terminal > Open.
  8. Double-click on run.command another time to launch the program. This will pop up in a Terminal window.
  9. After this, enter the email address you utilize with iMessage.
  10. Enter a password after that.

Try This If You are an Android User

Check out the app called Textra on the Google Play store. It’s one of the most customizable texting apps for Android. You can also install EvolveSMS or Chomp SMS but Textra is very iMessage compatible. The great thing about Textra is that you customize the messaging interface. You can change the font, the bubble’s colour, and the background. It also allows users to schedule messages and check unread messages for each conversation thread.


This is how you can hack iMessage in a few steps using Android.