Can Free Casino Slot Games Have Bonus Rounds?

Free Casino Slot Games
Immortal Romance- Free casino slot games

This question is asked by most of the players as they doubt free casino slot games. But the truth is that free casino slot games and real money casino slot games have only one difference and that is that free casino slot games do not require any real CAD to play and can be played all for free just for enjoyment and fun. Whereas real money slot games need real cash to play because that is real gambling or putting real bets in the hope to win some.

Otherwise, whether it’s free casino slot games or real money games, all have the same features as well as bonus rounds to play. When it comes to playing slot games, nothing can get slot game players more hyped than a slot game with bonus rounds attached. This is something that many slot gamers go for when playing slot games; anything with a bonus round will net them more winnings than they bet for typically.

The new players won’t know much of it but the pro players know exactly what bonus rounds can do for them. They may not be able to get the best on the initial bets but once they have access to the bonus rounds, they’re in for a pool of winnings.

Free slot games

Free Slot Games
Free casino slot games

Free slot games are online slots available to play at online casinos and you can play them out like any slot game, whether they’re 3D, movie-themed, progressive or whatever but they have some special bonus rounds attached to them. Now depending on how you play the games, you can unlock them if you perform certain actions or rather, meet specific requirements. Like if you align symbols for some slot games they’ll give you bonus rounds which will really last you for as long as you can keep going.

Types of bonus rounds

Bonus rounds differ from slot game to slot game. Ordinary slot games have bonus rounds which give the typical bonuses: multipliers, free spins and the usual bonus. Online slot games like 3D slot games offer bonus rounds which advance the story of story-centric 3D slot games if you were viewing the story from the start to the middle, you can view the ending when you activate the bonus round.

There are really unique bonus rounds like the Jaws-themed slot game where you have to go “find” Jaws in a pre-arranged set of blocks he’s hiding under. There are many styles of bonus rounds to be found in slot games.

There are always new bonus rounds being developed for online slot games.  The standard methods are always basically the same, there are the free spins, the click and pick, the wild reel, scattered wilds, and random wilds, then there are the multipliers up to 10x in most cases.  So, while you see a lot of different versions, inherently they are always the same kind of bonus round.

Free spins on free casino slot games

Free Spins on slot games
Free casino slot games- Free spins slot games

You must have seen free spins on slot games being offered by many online Canadian-friendly casinos. The free spin promotions offered by online casinos are one of the most popular with players. There are a few types of these promotions and they are used to attract players into playing. The casino wants to retain a new player and offers such promos so that the new player opens his/her casino account.

Also, many virtual free slot games offer free spins too as a bonus option or in between some wins to keep the players hooked to the games. Also, incremental free spins are those spins that are given to players as rewards.

How to activate bonus rounds?

How to activate bonus rounds
free casino slot games- How to activate the bonus round

Whether it’s playing a virtual or social free slot game or free slot game at an online casino you need to have a bankroll to play games. Bankroll goes on increasing in case you win or you load your account with more credits to play. With more credits, you have o activate the bonus round.  Also when you’re building a bankroll, set aside portions of it for going after the special rounds and use that fund to build a better position. You can’t bet it all but at the same time, you can’t keep it all. You’ll need to bet some and then lose some to access the bonus round.

Also, go through the payline symbol lineup requirement to unlock the bonus round. Before you go to play these slot games, have a clear idea of how to get the bonus rounds. Sometimes, bonus rounds are tricky to unlock. Some are easy to get and some are hard to get. The hard-to-get ones will need you to work harder a bit. Also, you may bet on maximum as sometimes the bonus round activation might have been what’ve been doing for the last hour.

You should understand and hold on to the bonus round and learn to master it. You’ll only have a limited time to this bonus round so take your cue. Some will be hard to get and some will be a cinch.

At casinos find out if the slot game actually has a bonus round.  You shouldn’t waste your time playing a slot game that has no bonus round attached to it. It’ll just waste your bankroll and energy. Take the time to know that and you’ll do just fine. You don’t want to play for hours on end and find out you’ve been playing for nothing.

Free slots games with Bonus Rounds

Though there are many slot games with bonus rounds, here are a few of the popular ones to enjoy.

1. Jaws

jaws- free casino slot games

Jaws game from Aristocrat has one of the better-known bonus rounds which is a game of seek and find the shark.

 2. Shangri-la

Shangrila- free casino slot games

Shangri la from Nextgen is loaded with bonus rounds where you are fishing for fish in the river. Now if you manage to get the Koi Fish, the rarest of them all, you’ll get the bonus round.

3. Jurassic Park

Jurassic park
Jurassic park- free casino slot games

One of the easiest ways to build up winnings on the Jurassic Park game from Microgaming is by activating one of the bonus rounds. The Jurassic Park free slots feature five different bonus rounds that can come into play. When the Jurassic Park logo wild symbol appears on three lines, one of the bonus rounds is activated. Each bonus round represents a different dinosaur and its features.

4. Enchanted Woods

Enchanted woods
Enchanted woods

This slot from Microgaming has a wild symbol, the beautiful purple fairy. When she appears she can take the place of any symbol except the Toad. She is elusive though; look for her on the 2 and 4 reels only. Free spins can be won when the Toad appears at least three times on the payline. The bonus round opens in a new window where the toads with their funny mushroom cap hats are perched throughout the branches of an ancient tree. Depending on the number of bonus symbols that appeared on the payline players may choose 3, 4, or 5 random tree toads in the bonus game.

There are many other slots that you can play and enjoy for free with bonus rounds. Some machine games such as “Immortal Romance” and “Game of Thrones” feature extravagant bonus rounds with fully orchestrated, imaginative soundtracks that are quite entertaining.  They may also require you to win a certain number of bonus rounds before you can get into some of the features.

Benefits to playing free slots games with bonus rounds

Benefits of bonus rounds
Bonus round wins

There are different types of bonus rounds in slot games but all of them share the same objective of rewarding the player with an extra benefit.

Among the benefits of bonus rounds are free spins and multipliers as said above which range from doubling wins to tripling them. Free spin games are triggered by scatter symbols on specific pay lines, reels or just randomly on the screen.

You can also benefit from bonuses in the form of free credits. This particularly comes in handy when playing online slots. Free credits can also bring some real winnings and thereby increase the winning chances of the player. It’s especially useful when playing progressive slots and offers a great opportunity to increase your chances of winning an incredible jackpot.

Bonus rounds also can go with the multipliers which award the player with extra cash as they multiply their winning. There are two types of multipliers that are straight multipliers and bonus multipliers. Straight multipliers don’t require inserting a lot of coins as it is enough to insert one coin at a time. Bonus multipliers give the player a chance to win some bonuses for certain combinations.

Bonus rounds add some interaction to the slot’s gameplay. This really adds to the atmosphere of the game and gives a better visual feel of the video slots. Good bonus rounds have nice designs with state-of-the-art graphics. Slots bonus rounds allow the players to increase their bankroll and some of them can even offer a guaranteed prize option – this means that if the bonus has been triggered, the player is guaranteed to end up as a winner.

Slots also offer an additional chance to win big by hitting the right combination. In addition to cash, the player can also win a certain number of free games when the right symbols line up. Although slots with progressive jackpots are usually the number one choice of players, you should also look for the machines with the maximum number of good bonuses.

When playing free slots at online casinos with bonus rounds there are specific types of bonuses such as cash-back bonuses which mainly refund a percentage of the net losses within a specified period. This type of bonus only pays if the player has a net loss during the period of bonus rounds. Cash-back bonuses often do not have a wagering requirement so they can work well with slots.

There are also sticky bonuses which in most cases have wagering requirements, which can still be profitable. A few of the casinos offer sticky bonuses with no wagering stipulations. That’s why it is important to read the wagering and withdrawal requirements before you start to play with real money at online casinos.


This is everything there is to know about free casino slot games.