What is Babylon Health App in Canada and How Does it Work?

Babylon Health App
Babylon Health App

Babylon Health App in Canada is designed by TELUS Health, the telecom that has developed this free healthcare mobile app that allows you to check symptoms, consult with doctors and access your health records.

Babylon Health is a first-health service provider that is a digital as well as value-based care company that integrates an artificial intelligence-powered platform with many virtual clinical operations for patients and customers. Patients are able to connect with doctors as well as health care professionals via its web and mobile application.

Launched in the UK in 2013, their subscription business model designed for private healthcare services has since exceeded international boundaries ranging to Canada, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia as well as the United States. They also offer services in Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

This company has more than 20 million people around the world and offers more than 5,000 consultations every day.

With this health app you can do the following:

How does the babylon health app work
How does the Babylon health app work
  • Video Consultations with a doctor: Book an appointment and have a video consultation with one of our licensed in-province doctors from the comfort of your home or wherever works best for you. If needed, prescriptions and referrals for diagnostic tests/specialists can be completed directly through the app.
  • Symptom Checker: Get more peace of mind 24/7 with our chat-style Symptom Checker, powered by Artificial Intelligence, which asks you questions about your symptoms to suggest possible courses of action.
  • Clinical records: Easily access your Babylon by TELUS Health doctor consultation notes and recordings plus prescription history whenever you need it.

How does Babylon Health App in Canada work?

How does Babylon Health App work
How does the Babylon Health App work
  • All you need is to first download this app from the Google Play store on your Android smartphone
  • If you own an iOS device then you can download the free app from the iTunes store
  • Once downloaded now Register for your free account.
  • Next Book an appointment time that suits you.
  • Start having a video consultation with a locally-licensed doctor.

Doctor consultations are available in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Residents in these provinces who are covered under MSP, AHCIP, or OHIP can access virtual appointments at no direct cost. Alternatively, patients without provincial health insurance in these provinces can access virtual appointments for $65 per Physician appointment.
The Babylon health app accepts payments in  Visa (debit/credit), MasterCard (debit/credit) and American Express.

Like any doctor you’ve seen in the past, here doctors can help treat a wide variety of non-emergency health conditions. Note, in-person consultations are recommended for emergencies, and issues concerning restricted medication.

Doctors and Support Team are available:

  • Monday-Friday: 8am-9pm (PST)
  • Saturday: 8am-6pm (PST)
  • Sunday: 8am-4pm (PST)
Babylon Health App in Canada
How does Babylon Health App work in Canada

All of Babylon by TELUS Health’s clinical procedures meet industry and legal standards. The app retains patient records in accordance with national best practice guidelines and all patient data is securely transmitted using industry-recognized encryption methods.

The doctors are able to issue prescriptions when medically appropriate. Babylon by TELUS Health doctors may be unable to prescribe some medications which are often best prescribed after an in-person assessment by a physician who has an established relationship with a patient. This includes, but is not limited to, opiates, benzodiazepines, and some stimulant medications.

Also soon this app is going for integration with your health apps and wearables, including HealthKit.

This app requires 5.0 and up Android mobile to work smoothly. Click here for more details about this app and for help support.


The Babylon health app has a lot of benefits besides being reliable and credible. All these benefits and perks have helped a lot of people in the country and are continuing to do so. We hope you found the basic information you required to access this app on your mobile device.