5 Popular Disney Apps to Enjoy on your Android

5 Popular Disney Apps to Enjoy on your Android
5 Popular Disney Apps to Enjoy on your Android

When it comes to Disney, it is quite a big name in media property these days. They have movies, TV shows, and music across plenty of genres. Similarly, with its growing popularity and genres, it also has a plenty of Disney apps what are Canada’s major streaming video platform Apps? also for your Android phone.

5 Popular Disney Apps to Enjoy on your Android

1. Disney Anywhere

Price: Free / Movie prices vary

Disney Anywhere
Disney Anywhere

Movies Anywhere are one of the best apps for movies on Google Play. It does not have its own streaming service. It’s a collection of other movie streaming services. On signing in to your Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, or Google Play, all of the movies you buy on those services are now available in one terminal. Disney Anywhere features over 7,500 movies including plenty of Disney movies along with basically every Marvel and Star Wars movie as well. This app is a little buggy, but otherwise, it’s quite good and also supports Chromecast.


2. DisneyNow

Price: Free with a TV subscriber login

5 Popular Disney Apps
Disney Now- 5 Popular Disney Apps to Enjoy on your Android

DisneyNow is the current streaming service of Disney. You just have to log into the service with your TV cable provider info and you can access to a bunch of Disney TV content. This content includes kids’ shows, cartoons and live-action stuff, classic and new Disney characters, and even Radio Disney. In fact, it is just a slot holder until the Disney+ comes out sometime in 2019. This app itself is free.


3. Reddit

Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $29.99 per year

Reddit- 5 Popular Disney Apps to Enjoy on your Android

Reddit is also a good option for a lot of fan bases including Disney fans. The site features many subreddits for Marvel properties, Star Wars movies, and, classic Disney properties also. You may have a tough time handling the Reddit app for the first time, but it is a great way to read up on news about Star Wars, Marvel, or other Disney properties and put your thoughts across before other like-minded fans. You can opt for the premium version to enjoy an ad-free service that includes some additional features as well.


4. Official Disney Apps

Price: Free

Official Disney Apps
Official Disney Apps- 5 Popular Disney Apps to Enjoy on your Android

As Disney is a huge entity, there are variety of official Disney apps for most of those properties. These include official Star Wars app, the official Marvel app, the ESPN app, ABC’s official app, etc. There are the best ways to interact with Disney’s massive list of media companies. You can enjoy ABC’s programming on the ABC app or read about the latest Star Wars news in the Star Wars app. If you are a comic lover you can read old Marvel comics in the Marvel app.


5. YouTube

Price: Free / $12.99 per month

YouTube- 5 Popular Disney Apps to Enjoy on your Android

YouTube is also a great option when it comes to a great Disney app. You can find any Disney song ever made there along with a plethora of memes and clips from various movies and TV shows. Be it trailers for upcoming movies or shows, reviews of various toys or games, and in fact anything else you can think of. On YouTube, Disney has an official VEVO channel with over 11 million subscribers. YouTube is among the best apps for Disney fans. You can pay $12.99 per month to watch ads free videos or can download them for offline use, including few other features also.



If you are a big fan of Disney videos or movies, there are plethora of apps that can come to your entertainment offering your plenty of Disney operations all day and night.