Who has the Best Coverage in Canada Fido or Koodo?

fido or koodo
Coverage in Canada

Fido or Koodo, which one of the two is the better mobile network in Canada? They both are sister concerns of parent companies Rogers and Telus. Both these networks are MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators). You will get a similar cellular reception and network as one would get on Roger’s network (Fido’s parent company). The same is the case with Koodo as well. 


Fido is a subsidiary of Rogers’s communication. Rogers is one of the top three telecommunication companies across Canada in terms of network coverage, signal quality, and the latest phone availability.

With that said, should you switch to Fido? Will it provide the same network coverage as Rogers? What benefits do you get by switching to Fido; from the big three telecom companies – Bell, Rogers, and Telus?

Benefits of Fido

Fido is an MVNO network of Rogers. MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. In simple terms, Fido does not own any of the network towers but will share the signal quality and strength from Rogers towers. In this way, you will almost get the same network quality and internet speeds but for a much lesser price plan compared to Rogers.

So, why not directly subscribe to Rogers? The fact is Rogers will usually charge a premium fee as it usually has a better brand name and the latest premium phones available as soon launched.

Fido Plans and Benefits

Fido plans to charge less, offering more value for the buck, yet enjoy the same network coverage as Rogers.

1. Fido Loyalty Program

Fido Loyalty Program
Fido Loyalty Program

If you are looking for a brand-new phone or probably a hardware upgrade, Fido offers a great loyalty program.

You can expect discounts on the device down payment costs and a better monthly plan than what Rogers will offer for a similar device and LTE data. 

If the device you are looking for doesn’t have a down payment, you can contact the Fido customer team and get a much better price plan as a new or loyal customer. In fact, even without the call, you’ll end up getting a good price plan at the Fido store. 

To avail of the best of the loyalty offers, you have to use Fido for 6 plus months as a postpaid customer. 

You can also get good deals at shopping malls and elsewhere. Do look out for that.

2. Fido Internet 

Fido Internet
Fido Internet

If you are a first-time user, signing up for a new account with Fido, they have some amazing offers right now.

You will get $32.50 for an unlimited 75 Mbps home internet with Fido. If you are looking for better and a faster internet package, Fido charges $5 more at $37.50 for the 150 Mbps speed. That’s double the speed for $5 more.

You can also avail of Fido Internet without cellular connectivity. It is suggested to get associated with one brand at the end of the day. It’s easy to maintain one bill for a cell phone connection and the Internet. Lesser monthly bills are easier to maintain. 

There’s no downtime and not even a single call to the Fido customer care of any outages or network/modem issues required. 

3. Fido Pulse Plans

Fido Pulse Plans
Fido Pulse Plans

Fido’s Pulse Plans offer premium benefits like 5 hours of internet surfing hours, unlimited talk time minutes across Canada, and Data Overage protection every month.

The 5-hour browsing experience will reset every billing cycle for your account whether you use it or not.


Now it’s Koodo. First things first, Koodo is a discounted brand from Telus. It is amongst the top three big telecom companies in Canada. The other two are Bell Canada and Rogers.

Now, Telus is also a premium brand like Rogers and offers amazing discounts on its own. But, it can’t match its own discounted brand Koodo.

Koodo Monthly Plans

Koodo Monthly Plans
Koodo Monthly Plans

Koodo and Fido usually are similar in terms of monthly price plans.

Even if one of them launches a cheaper price plan for improved data or unlimited nationwide minutes, the other immediately matches the price. So there’s not a lot of difference here. 

The interesting thing to notice here is that even though you end up going for either of the two Fido or Koodo you’ll end up saving $100’s dollars at the end of the year.

Koodo Loyalty Plans

Koodo offers some amazing features and benefits associated with it.

Who Has The Best Coverage Fido Or Koodo?

Each carrier has its own unique way of cellular coverage with both weaknesses and strengths. In some places, s single carrier will work well but in some areas, the same can work as non-receptive or disturbed. Fido and Koodo both are “Mobile Virtual Network Operators” (MVNOs).

These carriers do not own or operate their own cellular network.  But they gain access to a network either through a parent company or by ‘leasing’ access at wholesale prices. That is why they have a cheaper plan with some restrictions like a lack of subsidized phones on plans.

How to Look Who is Best – Fido or Koodo?

If you compare every single Fido and Koodo plan across every province, they’re all but identical. The only notable differences are in Quebec (QC), where Fido’s 5GB plan is hugely cheaper, and in Yukon (YT), in which Fido does not offer any plans.

The difference is between Koodo’s and Fido’s products and plans.

Koodo Mobile Plans
Koodo Mobile Plans

Neither carrier sells plans online in the Northwest Territories or Nunavut apart from any limited-time promotions for this comparison.

The best way is to determine what network a carrier operates over, checking their coverage map to see if the places you frequent do receive adequate support or not. Also, it is better to review and get feedback from the people who are on the same network as what their experiences have been like with the particular carrier.

Remember that a person with an old phone will probably have worse reception than those who own a new phone.

Network Tech and Coverage Comparison: Fido vs. Koodo

All of you might be worried and getting a question i.e. Should I go with Fido or Koodo?

Then, you do not need to worry read the article thoroughly and you will get to know which one is better Fido or Koodo.


  • Fido’s primary network technology is LTE, which delivers fast data speeds and good coverage across Canada.
  • In select cities, Fido offers 5G services that provide even faster data speeds and lower latency for an improved browsing experience.
  • Fido supports VoLTE, which enables users to make voice calls over the LTE network, resulting in better call quality and faster call setup times.
  • Independent studies consistently rate Fido’s network coverage and performance as high, making it a reliable choice for customers seeking a strong network connection.


  • Koodo also uses LTE as the primary network technology, which provides fast data speeds and good coverage across Canada.
  • Similar to Fido, Koodo offers 5G services in select cities across Canada, which provides faster data speeds and lower latency.
  • Koodo also supports VoLTE for improved call quality, faster call setup times, and the ability to use data services during a call.
  • Independent studies have shown that Koodo’s network coverage and performance are high, making it a reliable choice for customers who value network reliability and quality.

However, in terms of technology and network coverage, both Fido and Koodo offer similar options and performance. This is the reason it is hard to say which one is better and which one is not.

What about Fido and Koodo?

Fido plans
Fido Mobile Plans

Fido is owned by Rogers Communications, which is the parent company of Canada’s largest carrier and network operator: Rogers Wireless. Therefore Fido operates over the Rogers Wireless network. This network is vast, with plenty of 4G LTE coverage in heavily populated areas and even more 3G and HSPA+ in less-travelled areas. The Rogers Wireless network is GSM-based for calls and texts when outside a 3G area.

Koodo is owned by Telus; Canada’s second-largest carrier. Koodo has access to Telus’ impressive 4G and 3G networks. The Telus network is CDMA-based for calls and texts when outside a 3G area.


Q. Does Kodoo provides good coverage?

Ans – Koodo is a subsidiary of Telus, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies, and operates on the same network infrastructure as Telus and Bell, which covers a vast majority of the country. As a result, Koodo offers reliable coverage, speed, and performance, especially in urban areas.

Q. Is Fido and Koodo the same company?

Ans – No, Fido and Koodo are not the same company, but they are both owned by Telus Corporation, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Canada. Fido was established in 1996 and was acquired by Rogers Communications in 2004, while Koodo was established in 2008 as a subsidiary of Telus.

Q. What is the best cell phone provider in Canada?

Ans – There is nothing like “Best Cell Phone Provider” as it ultimately depends upon individual preferences and needs. Some of the major cell phone providers in Canada include Telus, Rogers, Bell, Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Mobile, among others.

Q. How do I choose between Fido and Koodo?

Ans – Compare the plans, prices, and features provided by both carriers while taking into account your unique needs and preferences before deciding between Fido and Koodo.

Q. Are there any differences in plans or features offered by Fido and Koodo?

Ans – Yes, Fido and Koodo have various features and plans. For instance, Koodo offers configurable data plans, extras like international roaming, and the opportunity to accumulate reward points through their Koodo Tab programme, whereas Fido offers a variety of data, voice, and text options as well as features like device financing.


In summary, choosing between Fido or Koodo for the best mobile network coverage in Canada depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the specific plans and features you require. Both providers operate on the same Telus-owned infrastructure, resulting in similar coverage, speed, and reliability. However, Fido and Koodo differentiate themselves with unique plans and features, such as unlimited data or international calling. Ultimately, it’s recommended to compare the plans and prices of both providers before making a decision. By doing so, you can ensure you get the best value for your money and access a reliable mobile network that meets your needs.

Hence, you can decide for yourself, which one has better coverage, Fido or Koodo.