Simple Hacks to Increase Your Comp Points at Casinos

Hack for Comp points to incerase- hacks to increase your comp points
Hack for Comp points to increase

Are you tired of spending all your hard-earned cash at the casino without getting any rewards? Well, fear not, fellow gambler, for we have some simple hacks to help you increase your comp points while playing blackjack. These hacks will not only help you enjoy the game more but also earn you rewards like free meals, hotel stays, and even show tickets. So put on your lucky hat and get ready to learn some nifty tricks to maximize your casino experience.

Every land or real casino or online casino promises you to get comp points on your gameplay. Whether you play slot machines, table games or any other such casino game you are offered certain points to play them regularly at any casino. VIP and loyal players are offered comp points for their loyalty towards the casino and games.

What actually are comp points?

Complimentary (comp) points are a traditional way for casinos to reward their players. You get comp points for your wagers on casino games. Those points can later be converted into cash! At an online casino, you begin earning comp points automatically. You don’t have to sign up for a special loyalty program as land-based casinos require you to do; only then to receive a reward card that you must present at every table or slot you visit. At online casinos, the comps are generated as you play from day one.

How to redeem comp points?

Comp points are essential for you to get more play time and bigger chances of winning at casino games. At online casinos open the “My Account” tab. Click on “Comp Points” to see how many comps you have. The number of points you earn depends on the amount you stake and the games you play for every 100 comps you can get $1. You are welcome to redeem as many points as you’d like every time.

When you decide to convert your Comp Points to real money, just click the ‘Convert to Money’ button. The cash will then be deposited into your casino account immediately. The conversion rate will also be displayed, which will depend on your VIP level.

Simple hacks to increase your comp points when playing at the Blackjack table

Blackjack Table Game
Blackjack Table Game

If you love playing Blackjack then the casino loves offering you comps are free perks be it at land casinos or at online casinos.

  • Remember comps earned at land casinos can be used during your stay at the casino resorts, and restaurants for free dining and buffet or even get free airfare or do shopping at the casino mall.
  • At online casinos, you can redeem comp points to play more at casino slots or table games. Few online casinos also offer you the full money back on these comp points as they convert them into real cash.

Do some maths on your games to earn comps

As the casino needs to determine your action’s worth, to figure out your theoretical loss. At that point, a casino will comp 30-50 per cent of that loss. So do some maths and note that your time spends on real money games or Casino Advantage equals the Player’s, Theoretical Loss. Let’s say you pay $10 per hand. You sat at the table for 4 hours and there was a total of 50 hands. Multiply all that together and you have your action: $2000. A casino normally calculates its advantage at 2%. This means $2000 times 2%, giving your theoretical loss $40. A casino will then comp you with anything from $12-$20.

Try to play Blackjack at a crowded table

Playing at a crowded table will really slow the game down. This means that you will be playing far less than the 75 hands per hour that the casino is banking on. Maybe you’re only playing 50 hands per hour because of how slow the game is moving, but you’ll be earning comps at the 75 hands per hour level!

Take frequent breaks

Maybe you want to take a break for 15 minutes or so. So don’t pick up your chips and get clocked out of the game, leave your chips at the table. This tactic keeps you clocked in as if you’re still playing. They’ll be comping you for time spent having a drink at the bar! And don’t worry about your chips, let the dealer know you will be right back and they will usually cover your chips for you.

Adjust your bet size at the right time

You may have noticed that the Pit Boss will come by from time to time and write down what he perceives to be your average bet size. That’s a perfect time to throw a little extra out there. Of course, you only want to bet within what you can afford and you don’t want to get carried away with this strategy, but adding a second chip to your bet won’t cost you much. An appearance of having twice your real bet size will get you twice the comp value. As soon as the Pit Boss notes your bet size and walks away, drop your bet right back down.

Tip the Dealer and Pit Boss

A great way to improve your ratings is by tipping the dealer and the pit boss. Put it this way, you’re getting into their social graces. Tipping ensures you’re spending minimal money, but definitely shows you’re still playing “large”.

Exaggerate your losses

When you leave a table you may want to pocket some chips and appear you lost more than you really did. This won’t change the formula they use to evaluate your comp level, but it could certainly sway a decision on whether or not you’re getting your room covered for the weekend.

Know the game you are playing

Each game has a different house advantage and is played at a different speed.  Like you’re not going to earn nearly as much theoretically for blackjack, as you will with double-0 roulette. The casino uses and compares the actual loss and yields. Say, you choose to play blackjack, the game with the lowest advantage in the house.  The actual theoretical loss on a 6-deck game with the best rules for one hour of play at $100 per hand is $20.

However, the casino uses its standard multiplier which takes into account many different rule variations and different types of players, which happens to be $51 for one hour of play at $100 per hand.  That’s a 155% bonus, which is a great value. At the same time, it’s important to note that craps have one single multiplier even though the actual game has different bets that vary in house advantage from 1.36% up to almost 17% for some of the middle bets.  So the more you play the poor house advantage bets like the field, hard ways and everything else in the middle, the more you are risking without getting anything extra in return.

Note that at online casinos you can increase your comp points by becoming a VIP member.

Now try your luck with these simple hacks and increase your comp points at the casinos of your choice.

Advanced Hacks to earn comp points while playing Blackjack

Advanced Hacks to earn comp points while playing Blackjack
Advanced Hacks to earn comp points while playing Blackjack
  1. Play at peak times: Casinos are often busiest on weekends and holidays, which means there will be more players competing for rewards. By playing during off-peak times, such as early mornings or weekdays, players can increase their chances of earning more comp points as there will be fewer players to compete with.
  2. Use multiple player cards: Most casinos offer player cards that can be used to track a player’s gameplay and reward them with comp points. Using multiple-player cards can increase the number of rewards a player receives. For example, a player can use a player card for themselves and another for a friend or family member who is not using theirs. This way, the player can earn points for two or more people and increase their chances of earning rewards.
  3. Play at different casinos: Playing at different casinos can also help players maximize their comp points. By playing at multiple casinos, players can earn more rewards as each casino has its own loyalty program. This way, players can earn rewards from different casinos without having to spend all their time and money at one location.
  4. Play longer sessions: The longer a player plays, the more comp points they can earn. Players can increase their session time by using betting strategies that allow them to play longer without spending more money. For example, a player can use a betting system that gradually increases their bet after every win or decreases their bet after every loss. This way, they can play longer without risking too much money.
  5. Choose the right table: The table a player chooses can also affect their comp points. Casinos often offer different rewards for different games or tables. For example, a player may earn more comp points playing at a table with a higher minimum bet. By choosing the right table, players can increase their chances of earning more rewards.

In conclusion, by using these advanced strategies, players can maximize their comp points while playing blackjack. These strategies can help players earn more rewards, enjoy the game more, and stay within their budget.


1. What are the comp points at casinos?

Comp points are rewards that casinos offer to their players for playing games. The points can be redeemed for various benefits such as free meals, hotel stays, show tickets, or even cashback.

2. Can I increase my comp points while playing blackjack?

Yes, you can increase your comp points while playing blackjack by following some simple hacks such as choosing the right table, being strategic with your betting, and joining the casino’s loyalty program.

3. How can choosing the right table increase my comp points?

Choosing the right table can help you increase your comp points by playing at tables with better rules and a lower house edge. This can help you win more and therefore earn more comp points.

4. Is strategic betting important for earning comp points?

Yes, strategic betting is crucial for earning more comp points. By betting more when the count is high and less when the count is low, you can increase your chances of winning and, therefore, earn more comp points.

5. Why is joining the casino’s loyalty program important for earning comp points?

Joining the casino’s loyalty program is essential for earning comp points as it allows you to earn points for playing games and redeem them for various benefits. Moreover, loyalty program members often receive additional perks such as free play, exclusive promotions, and personalized rewards.

6. Are there any risks involved in using these hacks to increase comp points?

While using these hacks can increase your chances of earning more comp points, there are no guarantees that you will always win. Therefore, it’s essential to gamble responsibly and within your means, as the ultimate goal is to have fun and enjoy the gaming experience.


In conclusion, it is essential to remember that comp points are a fantastic way to maximize your winnings when playing blackjack at casinos. By implementing these simple hacks, such as choosing the right table, being strategic with your betting, and joining the casino’s loyalty program, you can increase your chances of earning more comp points and receiving valuable rewards. However, always remember to gamble responsibly and within your means, as the ultimate goal is to have fun and enjoy the gaming experience. So why not try out these hacks during your next trip to the casino and see how much you can enhance your blackjack gameplay while earning some fantastic rewards?