Top 9 Galaxy Note 9 Features

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 at $999 may appear to be similar externally, especially when stacked up against last year’s Note 8. But it is packed with several new features — from an upgraded S Pen to an overhaul of the battery and cooling technique, for keeping the phone working harder for long period of time.

This new tool is on sale now, and many retailers are providing freebies with the purchase of a device. In case you are planning on upgrading, here are the nine head turner features Samsung’s range-topping handset has to offer.

  1. Bluetooth-powered S Pen

The S Pen of Note 9 is being powered with Bluetooth Low Energy so that it can wirelessly communicate with the phone. You can use the button on the S Pen as a remote shutter when you’re taking photos with an external mount. It also works as a clicker when you are using Samsung’s DeX interface to present a slideshow. You can also use it as a mouse of PC when viewing media in the built-in Gallery app and also videos on YouTube. It also features a tiny battery with stylus’ supercapacitor that charges in just 40 seconds inside the phone, enabling you to use it for 30 minutes before needing to top it off again.

  1. Water Carbon Cooling

This year’s Note 9 has found an ingenious way to keep it cool in stressful situations. It includes a technology called water carbon cooling, that reduces the overheating by as much as 21 percent during playing graphics-intensive games, like the Android port of Fortnite.

Although the Note 9’s Snapdragon 845 chipset is very powerful, liquid cooling technology expects to add to its better responsiveness for longer amounts of time than similar Android devices. However, hasn’t been found to be more effective or run faster than its predecessor or the Galaxy S9+ in similar situations, nevertheless, it’s good to know that a little extra consideration is taken toward preventing overheating.

  1. Double the Storage

Samsung has added 128GB storage by default on the $999 Note 9. It means it has double what the base model of the Note 8 offered. If you are looking for more built-in space for media and apps you can go for $1,249 512GB option. It also offers the facility of a micro SD slot for expandability, so you are free to expand the storage at your choice anytime if the standard storage is still insufficient.

  1. Scene-optimizing AI Cameras

Practically, the Note 9 offers the same multi-aperture, 12-megapixel, dual-lens cameras that capture amazing dim-light shots on the Galaxy S9+. It uses Samsung’s previous efforts with artificial intelligence that optimizes snaps depending on the scene. Although Samsung is not the first mobile company to use AI in such a way; Huawei and LG have done the same on their leading flagship phones, with varying results. It considers scenarios based on 20 categories, including sunsets, text and night scenes.

  1. Improved Battery Life Ever

This Note 9 has a massive, 4,000-mAh power pack which is a significant improvement in longevity when it comes to the battery life. The earlier Note 8 lasted 11 hours and 11 minutes in battery test, where you can browse websites endlessly on T-Mobile LTE until the phone runs out of juice. But this time Samsung is touting all-day battery life.

  1. Flaw Identification for Better Photos

This time Samsung has given the Note 9’s camera a Flaw Detection potential that can identify the issues with your shots right after you snap them. If the AI identifies anything not right in the frame, it’ll suggest you shot again. The flaw could be it detects when a person in your photo has blinked or a smudge on the camera lens has produced a blurry image. It will detect the shaky shots and recommend holding your device a little steadier.

  1. DeX without the Dock

This time Samsung has used a typical HDMI adapter. Using which it will give exactly the same desktop-class experience DeX users already enjoy. The Note 9’s touch screen works as a trackpad or drawing surface to power another screen that turns it into an excellent all-in-one solution in a touch.

  1. Bold New Colors

Samsung has been experimenting with some cool and vibrant color options on its choices on its latest phones. Following this pattern, the Note 9 is available in a darker Ocean Blue colorway and a yellow S Pen. You also get the option of a Lavender Purple with an identically colored stylus.  Metallic Copper and Midnight Black are also available but in certain markets at the moment.

  1. A Wireless Charging Hub

Samsung is introducing its own hub for the Note 9 in advance of the phablet’s release. It is known as the Wireless Charging Duo, Samsung’s dock can power phones like the Note 9 along with the earlier Galaxy handsets that support inductive charging and also gear smartwatches.