Samsung Releases Top Three Galaxy Note 9 Features

Intending to resolve the issues of battery life and to improve the speed of processor and storage space of Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has introduced primary three Galaxy Note 9 features a little early before its official release which is scheduled on 9th August 2018.

On Thursday, July 26, Samsung released three 30-second previews, avoiding its usual target, Apple’s iPhones, Samsung featured top three very common scenarios that the users usually face using one of its own Galaxy devices.

Never Have Enough Storage?

The first clip displays a phone battery that is about to exhaust and a person desperately tries to keep it alive by lowering the brightness, switching off Wi-Fi, disabling GPS, closing other apps — all the tips that can save battery life.

Every video concludes with a message: “A lot can change in a day.”

Phone Too Slow?

In the second clip, a woman tries to download an important file sent from her workplace for review which was urgent to be reviewed and replied but it takes long to download and every few seconds it stuck. In a panic, she turns off automatic updates, Wi-Fi, then turns cellular back on and then reboot her mobile.

Never have Enough Storage?

The third Note 9 teaser displays the awful “Storage Full” notification we all get almost frequently due to the high volume of data that keeps entering our mobiles. The clip displays a person quickly deleting apps, videos, photos, — anything to free up space for an important work presentation. But in vain!

At the end of every clip the date of Samsung’s next Unpacked event, August 9, is displayed on the screen. This is the date when we expect to see the Galaxy Note 9, and this is why Samsung is setting the stage for an improved Galaxy Note with a bigger battery, faster processor, and more internal storage. More user-friendly removing all the flaws!

We can expect the Galaxy Note 9 to be available in two storage variations: 64GB and 512GB. Though is it not clear what Samsung will do to improve the already mighty performance that flagship Android phones have using Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 processor. Let’s find it all out on August 9. Wait and watch!

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