Top 7 Budget Friendly Fitness Trackers Under $50

Nonetheless Fitbits and Apple Watches are the most popular smart watches when it comes to fitness trackers but you may also get some cheaper yet effective alternatives if you do not want to make a huge dent on your wallet. These fitness trackers are quite beneficial for several reasons, they help monitor steps, heart rate, calories, sleep, and more helping you progress in your health resolutions.


This is a simple and lightweight Amazfit Equator with a simple rubber wristband which you can also wear as a necklace. Using this wearable you can track your required health metrics like steps taken, distance traveled, sleep quality, calories burned, when worn at night and much more. It works well with both iOS and Android devices, for uploading data to the related app and can also receive call and alarm notifications to your wrist via vibration.

You can get this Amazfit Equator for $34 from Amazon, which is one of the lightest and smallest Fitbit alternatives available on the market.


This fitness tracker band is waterproof and also compatible with both Android and iOS. This is ideal for regular use as it’ll provide you the text and social media alerts along with the crucial steps and activity count that you must maintain to achieve your health goals, which you can get only for $29 from Amazon.


Toobur is a slim waterproof fitness tracker which you can wear as a smartwatch that is quite inexpensive. This band also tracks your activities also with sleep and can integrate wirelessly to your phone also so you can upload your data and get alerts of incoming calls, messages, and social media updates. This activity tracker can be yours for only $23 on Amazon right now.


This activity tracker tracks your activity, sleep, steps, etc. and will even alert you when you’re sitting ideal without any activity. You can connect this tracker with your phone to receive phone notifications from call and message. It is quite a pocket-friendly tracker with all the functions of a smartwatch and it is available in a good metallic band design.


Garmin is a well-known brand when it comes to the world of fitness tech. In addition, they are relatively less expensive than the competition. This band-pattern activity tracker connects to the Garmin companion app where you can upload all of your health data. The most impressive feature is its impressive one-year battery life. The great perks of this band make it a great smart wearable. You can get this band at just for $47 on Amazon making it a great alternative for the leading Fitbit band.


This activity tracker coupled with the VeryFitPro App will track your heart rate, sleep etc. and you can have it from Amazon for just $30. This price makes it very pocket-friendly for a smartwatch with all the required features.


This smartwatch is water-resistant with a touchscreen and it works with Apple iOS 7.1 and higher version and Android 4.3 and newer. This tracker monitors your sleep, steps, activity, takes incoming calls, plays music, etc. right from your wrist. You can get this smartwatch with all the required features from Amazon for just $40.


These are some of the pocket friendly and effective fitness tracking smartwatches that you should pay attention to if you are planning to buy a fitness tracker in a limited budget.

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