Google Pixel Watch| FAQs and Insights

All About The Google Pixel Watch
All About The Google Pixel Watch

Google has ventured into the consumer hardware industry of late. While the start was a little rocky — ahem, Google Glass — it quickly learned the lessons and start offering with its line of smartphones, Google Home Products and Pixelbooks. The latest addition to its offering is a Pixel 3 smartphone. Google may re-enter the market of wearables with its first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch. Let’s know everything about this watch!

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Better Apps

All About The Google Pixel Watch
All About The Google Pixel Watch

Google has revamped of policy about the Wear OS apps that are used on the devices like the Google Pixel Watch, in order to improve the overall quality. This is a clear indication that the company is preparing for some sort of launch in the wearable space. As per the policy, unveiled on August 15, Google will review all apps and they will not be voluntarily submitted by the app developers for the approval process. It is also mandatory for the developers to include at least one screenshot of the app in action.

By objective of defining this new policy is to address two common issues that Google witnesses in Wear OS apps – Not proper support for different shapes and a lack of right screenshots displaying the app’s feel and look. This leads to some OS watches that are weird in shape. Here’s how Google puts it:

This policy will come into force on October 1, 2018. It is quite possible that it also be the date of the Pixel Watch launch!

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Google Pixel Watch Specifications

All About The Google Pixel Watch
Specifications- All About The Google Pixel Watch

Although we are several months away from the expected Pixel Watch announcement, details on the rumoured smartwatch are vague and scanty. Still, there are some expectations we can make from the Pixel Watch!

Similar to several premium smartwatches, we can expect both LTE and Wi-Fi versions of the Pixel Watch. German website WinFuture claims that the Pixel Watch may come in three different models, code-named “Triton,” “Ling,” and “Sardine.” If it is true, it is also possible that it will come in size variants as well. It is also reported from the same source that Pixel Watch might come with a minimum of 1GB of RAM, but not sure if this applies to every model.

It’s expected that Pixel Watch may come with the latest new wearables chip the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100. Maybe the new processor could ideally be smaller, more effective and perform better than its predecessor, the Snapdragon 2100.

Its operating system is the most attractive aspect of the rumoured Pixel Watch. The Pixel Watch might come with a stock version of Wear OS, or a version having special features similar to Google’s brand of Android for the Pixel phones. As it is Google’s hardware, it might receive frequent updates and support for at least a few years.


All About The Google Pixel Watch
Features- All About The Google Pixel Watch

While the predictions of Pixel Watch’s features aren’t widespread yet, expecting Google Assistant cannot be ignored. Last year Google invested and worked on Assistant intensively, improving it immensely and placing it into more products. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Google’s voice assistant will be a big attraction of the Pixel Watch.

Release Date and Availability

All About The Google Pixel Watch
Release Data and Availability- All About The Google Pixel Watch

It may be a wait of a few months until we actually see the Pixel Watch. As Google will certainly wait for Qualcomm to release its latest chipset for wearables before it announces Pixel Watch, so the watch may not arrive before the end of this year. This watch could pose a serious competition for the Apple Watch. As Google announced the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL in late October 2017, we can expect a similar announcement date for this year also.

Google might make it available on its own website and also in major retail outlets. The design and feel of the Pixel Watch are still speculations. Fortunately or unfortunately, there have been no leaked images of the device as yet, so whatever we talk about is purely conjecture.

We expect that the Pixel Watch would be smaller than many other smartwatches on the market. As Google would be likely to use a smaller process, it would save off a few millimetres of the case width.

In addition, Google is consistently looking to equip more features to the watch. As per a report from WinFuture, the Google watch may feature a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth support, and some other premium features.

The Name is Not Out

Name is Not Out
Name is Not Out

Google has not yet confirmed the name or even developed a smartwatch, so its name is yet to confirm. Popular leaker Evan Blass and other tipsters have speculated and referred to the upcoming device as the Pixel Watch. So, for now, this name appears to be good enough for us.

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