Can I Install Online Casino App on my Samsung Galaxy?

Royal Vegas Tablet casino- Samsung Galaxy
Royal Vegas Tablet casino- Samsung Galaxy

Yes you can install a tablet casino on your Samsung Galaxy.  Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets are considered to be the most popular Android devices in the world as they are compatible with most of the online casinos that are optimized for cell phones or mobile play.

These days most casinos offer instant HTML5 games so you do not need anything to download but can easily play real money casino games on the go via your phone browser. But many casinos still offer a download option where you can just click on the download link from your Samsung Galaxy and have the casino on your tablet. Also, many casinos offer their native apps that you can have and play most of the games for free also.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet is the best for slots games

All Slots Tablet Casino
All Slots Tablet casino

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is popular as a great multipurpose tablet. You can do anything from productivity and file management to music and movies. Of the thousands of possible uses for the tablet, is to play casino games, especially slots as the Galaxy Tab includes the latest technology and is useful in its portability. The Samsung Galaxy tablet is a type of small computer which you can carry anywhere with ease. Also, make use of a large touch screen without the use of any keyboard. You hold it in your hands and the casino is right in front of you.

Having the ability to use a touchscreen also makes casino games on the Samsung Galaxy Tab more fun to use than traditional computer setups. The touchscreen lets you interact directly with the games you’re playing. If you’re in a game of roulette, you can “touch” your chips and move them to the spaces on the table where you’d like to bet. If you’re playing a game of craps, you can actually “roll” the dice. It’s much more engaging than just clicking a button on a mouse and makes the experience of using the Samsung Galaxy Tab that much better than using a traditional computer setup.

One of the best reasons that Samsung Galaxy Tablet casinos are great for casino gaming is that they can access the internet over 3G, effectively making it possible to game from anywhere and get access to the casino games even to play with your friends.

How to install Online Casino App on Samsung Galaxy

 Online Casino App
888 casino tablets

It is very easy to install tablet casino on your Samsung Galaxy

Just visit the online casino of your choice with your Samsung tablet browser and tap on the download option to download the casino for tablet play or download the games of your choice from the casino. You can either download the web app or native app created for you, install the web app yourself, or simply access the catalogue via your mobile browser. Like Royal Vegas Canadian online casino which runs independent of any phone browser, but will take up storage space on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

But as said above many online casinos can be accessed through your phone browser and you can play this way or install a web app yourself by clicking your browser’s settings and then on the link ‘Add to Home Screen to create an icon for instant and direct access to the casino site.

If you have storage space on your Samsung Galaxy, it is best to download the native apps – but the web apps are just as good and can sometimes be better in terms of loading times.

If you want to access the titles via your phone browser this works well too – ultimately, the choice comes down to what works best with you and your Samsung device.

Irrespective of how you access the tablet casinos though, you can play in CAD currency, while Android OS – each Android OS release is based on something sweet with the latest called Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android Android 7.0 Nougat or Android Oreo supporting smooth gameplay. If you do have any issues, you may need to update your Galaxy’s operating system.

Slots for Tablet casinos
Slots for Tablet casinos

There are a huge number of smartphones and tablets under the Samsung Galaxy name which are all compatible with the tablet casinos and their corresponding native or web applications. You can install tablet casino with Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy A7 2016, Samsung Galaxy tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7-inch), Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8-inch), Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung Galaxy is known for its slick design and incredible screen size which are both integral features of gaming on smartphones and tablets.

Making a deposit on a Samsung Galaxy tablet casino

Slots on Tablet
Slots on Tablet

One basic thing to understand is if you can make a casino deposit with your PC or smartphone the same way you can do it with your tablet.

  • Just register yourself at the online casino of your choice
  • Then tap to the cashier and choose your preferred payment method, tap in the details and your funds will appear immediately. Additionally, all information and transactions are protected at the reputed android casinos.
  • You can then get playing real money casino games including slots, roulette variants, blackjack titles, poker games, and other casino games in CAD$ on your Samsung Galaxy device.

Note that Samsung Galaxy comes in an array of models, including the entry-level model Samsung Galaxy Tab E, the higher-end Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and the ultra, high-end Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. The higher you go in terms of models the faster the processor, the richer the display and sound, and the greater the capacity. The Tab S2 offers a larger screen and is the thinnest tablet in the world. Those who go with a high-end model find that casino tablet games play cleanly and quickly, as animations offer rich resolution and contrast, the sound is full and navigation quick and easy.

Some of the slots games that you can enjoy with Samsung Galaxy are Zeus Slots, Hit it Rich, Samurai Casino, Monopoly slots and others. Just visit Android casinos and install the tablet casino on your Samsung Galaxy and enjoy a wide range of casino games including live casinos.


We hope now you know if you can install a tablet casino on your Samsung Galaxy or not.