Get the Perfect Screen Protector for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Being a Samsung Galaxy fan, its protection and safety would be your priority when you buy your new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Be it its cover or screen protector chances are you would be looking to have the best of it to guard your most precious Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Let’s find out here what options are available online as the most effective and best screen protectors and which one is the best for your new buy!

iAnder Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector

This screen protector has all the necessary features that you would want from a screen protector, and it’s inexpensive for a two-pack. The most amazing fact is it can save your phone also if it drops. You do not have to spend a lot of money to have it as it is available for just $11 at Amazon for a pack of 2. It isn’t available for a single piece. It can protect your phone’s screen from scratches.

Features it offers

It is made of tempered glass giving you a smooth feeling of the glass on your phone. It’s slim enough to fit under cases, protecting the rest of your phone parts as well. It is armed with an oleophobic layer to avoid smudges and fingerprints away, and iAnder guarantees 99% light transmission, which means the display will look as wonderful as it would without the screen protector. Just be informed that this screen protector will not cover 100% of the glass due to the curved design Samsung uses.

Why should you buy this Screen Protector?

This piece of the screen protector is a good choice as it comes with two-pack for a low price. It is equipped with Oleophobic coating to keep any scratch mark and smudges at bay and it is case friendly as well. It offers a feeling of smooth glass that looks glossy and there is no reason to buy it.  The only thing that you cannot get is this case is it will not cover the front glass of your phone completely.

In addition, it becomes more tempting as it comes in a two-pack, so you have an extra piece in case you misapply the first one, a screen protector for your partner, or just a second one if the first one cracks or damages in any way. As it is tempered glass, it will give you a feeling of as nice as the actual display glass on the phone.

You get every feature you could wish to have a screen protector of your choice in this product, that too at an affordable price.

But if you’re reading sensitive material on your phone or want to have a complete protection for your phone to get an amazing bond between protector and screen, it’s worth considering some other options, as well as there, are few more that can come to your rescue.

MOZEEDA Privacy Glass Screen Protector

Keep your sensitive information and documents safe away from the wandering eyes. MOZEEDA screen protector can work as the perfect fit for the protection of your smartphone. This has everything you want in a screen protector, with a privacy jackpot on top.

The Note models of Samsung is known as productivity powerhouse as the large screen is great for reading through literature and documents, and the S-Pen is the best tool for annotating PDFs. But at the same time, it also means there is a lot of chance of people to see what you’re working on and browsing. This is where this screen protector will come to play as it has all the standard features — its tempered glass has an oleophobic coating, anti-scratch, and anti-shatter. The most prominent one is it has a coating that makes it almost impossible to see the screen at off angles. You can get it at $12 at Amazon.

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector

Yet another great screen protector is Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector in case you are looking for a 100% protection, it is a perfect fit, this screen protector is for you — but it won’t come cheap.

This piece of screen protector will cover 100% of the front glass, and it leaves no gap between it and the glass on your phone.

We all know Note 9 is an amazing and delicate phone. It is natural for you to look for a screen protector that perfectly matches all of the phone’s curves offering it 100% protection. Although this screen protection is not cheap, it will look and feel significantly better than other screen protectors. This screen protector is available at Amazon at $60.


The best one is the iAnder Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector for your note 9 if you are open to just partial shielding. It will keep the display screen completely scratch free, repel fingerprints, and that too without digging a hole into your pocket.