Top Casino Slot Machine Terms You Should Know

Feature image- Casino
Feature image- Casino

Online slots create special casino magic. The slot machine activates with the insertion of a coin by players. Once the coin is inserted into the one-armed bandit, the reels start spinning. The splendid sound of the jackpot being hit is a major cause that attracts many Canadian and other professional gamers alike.

The slot machines generate random combinations of symbols on each dial. The sound of cascading coins emanating from the slot machines is the major attraction of the most popular casino game in Canada.

Casino Slot Machine Terms

Casino Slot Machine Terms
Primary Terminology at Casino Online Canada

3-Reel: 3 -reel slot is the game having three vertical spinning columns where symbols appear to create winning combinations. This type of slot is the primary or most traditional form of slots and is best for the newbies to give a spin to make their way around the slot casino game.

5-Reel: These types of slots casino games are a little more complex, and provide much more opportunities to help you develop a winning sequence. You will be able to make out the icons spinning across five vertical running rollers.

Bet: This is the quantity of money as a player you place on a slot machine every spin.

Bars: Bars are the most common symbol that is found in most slot games. These are rectangular in shape with the term ”BAR” written on them. You can find these symbols in Single, Double, or Triple forms.

Bonus Game: These are secondary events that offer more chances to win extra money. With the completion of the bonus round, is a player you are taken back to the base game. Bonus Games are also termed Bonus Rounds.

Bet Max: Bet Max is a button that you can use when you want to bet the maximum amount on a payline.

Classic Slots
Classic Slots

Classic Slots: These slots are considered conventional slots which consist of only a handful quantity of images.

Carousal: Carousal is the united term for a group of slot machines.

Coin Size: Coin Size talks about the value of the coin that you want to place.

Coins per Line: This is the number of coins a player wages on each payline.

Denomination: This is the value of each coin played on a specific slot.

Expanding Wild: This Wild Symbol is equipped with the ability to expand and fill a complete reel.

Fixed Jackpot
Fixed Jackpot

Fixed Jackpot: This denominates a jackpot that is pre-defined for a fixed amount. It cannot be changed and is paid out when a specific sequence of symbols appears on the reels.

Jackpot: This jackpot is the biggest amount a winner can get by playing the top online slots. It is mostly awarded for landing five wild logos.

Free Spin: Free Spins are offered as a bonus benefit and are usually offered when you land either Wilds or Scatter logos.

Payline: This is the line where the players have to place icons to create a winning combination. Paylines can be multiple for different slot games and need to be active to offer a reward to the players with money.

Multiplier: This is the bonus feature that is mostly associated with wilds. It is awarded to multiple bets by the specified amount. For instance, if you are awarded a 6x multiplier, then your winnings will be multiplied by 6.


Payout: This is the number of coins you, being a player, receive for every profitable formation you could land.

Pay Table: A paytable manifests the related payout for the winning combinations applied to the chosen slot.

Progressive Jackpot: Progressive Jackpots are not pre-defined jackpots, but such types of jackpots increase every time a player bets on them.

Reels: Reels are the disks that spin and display the symbols randomly every time the wheel spins and is located inside the slot machine.

Scatter Symbols: These symbols can enable you to create a winning sequence irrespective of where they appear in the game.

Slot Tournament: These are online tournaments that most casinos offer to deliver their players an opportunity to compete against other slot enthusiasts.

Stacked Wilds: These are Wild icons that are placed on top of each other on a particular reel.

Symbols: These are the icons on the reels that participants need to match up in order to form a profitable pattern.

Video Slots: Video Slots are slot games that are displayed on a digital screen running on the computer. These are mostly found at online casinos.

Wild Symbol: This is a joker-type symbol that will replace the majority of other symbols to help form winning combinations.

Winning Combination: This is the number of possibilities showcased by a paytable. The paytable shows what symbols need to line up to create a winning sequence and receive the respective amount.


These are some of the best casino terminologies you need to learn before going to a brick-and-mortar casino.