Stay Fit with the Best 5 Android Fitness Apps

Stay Fit with the Best 5 Android Fitness Apps

With the start of 2019, it is time to make new inspirational resolutions especially if you are a fitness freak. Irrespective of what happened in 2018, this year is the time to take action and make a strategy for sticking with your New Year’s resolutions.

If your resolution revolves around living a healthier life and getting into shape, there are some amazing apps for android that can help you stay fit year long. Although staying fit isn’t easy for everyone with the help of these apps, you can have the best chance to stick with your resolutions!

The Best 5 Android Fitness Apps

1. Google Fit

Google Fit
Google Fit- Android Fitness Apps

This app is widely used as a throwaway app that wasn’t that popular and worth using, but in 2018 a new update changed the history of this app and brought it back into the limelight.

As per this new update, Google Fit is now focused on achieving two goals each day — Heart Points and Move Minutes. It is quite rewarding and encouraging to keep you pushing forward with a workout.

This app tracks a variety of workouts including flossing and has great integration with Wear OS, personalized coaching tips, and 30-day challenges to push you towards your goal rapidly. The best part – this is completely free to use.

Download: Google Fit (free)

2. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club- Android Fitness Apps

Nike Training Club too is completely free to use and is coupled with all types of workouts. There are collections designed around goals you want to reach, like working on your tummy or stepping up your running regime. You can select the workouts that are recommended based on your past performance, or can also pick any of the available ones on-demand that are sorted by many workout types.

Download: Nike Training Club (free)

3. Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach
Fitbit Coach- Android Fitness Apps

Just like Nike Training Club, Fitbit Coach is also packed with all types of workout videos. Whether you want to tone those abs or go with a quick 8-minute workout, Fitbit Coach has it all.

The app is already a big hit but the real pleasure of using is it ties in with the rest of the Fitbit ecosystem. It can seamlessly sync with the main Fitbit app, and if you have a smartwatch like the Fitbit Versa or Ionic, you can even see Fitbit Coach Workouts directly on your wrist.

It is a paid coach service, but at $39.99/year you can consider it an affordable investment and you cannot expect more than this.

4. Lifesum

Lifesum- Android Fitness Apps

Lifesum is majorly based on diet plans. If you are looking for an all-in-one app for tracking calories, tracking meal plans, controlling your weight, and finding healthy recipes, Lifesum is the best bet.

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This app has diet plans ready for keto, vegan, 5:2, and other lifestyles. This is a user-friendly calorie calculator, a barcode scanner for incorporating food into the app without manually typing everything in, and more.

The app work as the best food planner for those people who feel overwhelmed with trying to figure out what’s okay to eat while on a diet. If you have a Wear OS watch, Lifesum’s app allows you to watch your food and fluid intake, exercise routine, and almost everything right on your wrist.

Although Lifesum is a free download, you’ll have to pay a $45 yearly subscription fee to use it.

Download: Lifesum ($45/year)

5. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal- Android Fitness Apps

Keeping a tab on what you eat is the core of leading a healthy lifestyle, and MyFitnessPal does exactly that.

This app makes it simple to track what you eat, displaying the details of your various meals throughout the day, all the macros included in your meal and a barcode scanner that automatically adds all of the nutritional data from food into the app.

This app also connects with several other fitness apps, like if you go jogging with your favourite running app, MyFitnessPal will keep track of calories you burned during that run and add them to the calories you’ve ingested so you can have a correct view of how you’re doing with your regular plan and goal.

This app is free to use or you can upgrade to the Premium version that will cut down the ads and add a bunch of added features for $49.99/year.

Download: MyFitnessPal (free + optional $49.99/year upgrade)


The above listed are some of the most amazing Android Fitness apps that you can use to achieve your New Year resolution of staying fit in 2019.