8 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Blackjack

The blackjack game is a popular online casino option for several players. The objective of this game, which is also known as twenty-one, is to challenge the dealer by securing a hand higher than the dealer’s own cards, without crossing the score of 21. Although luck plays its part, you need to have skill, knowledge, and experience too.

Here are some common errors beginner blackjack players make in playing these games, which you should avoid if you want to increase your winning chances.

8 Mistakes to avoid playing Blackjack

1. Inability to Understand the Layout of the Cards

Many players consider blackjack as a time pass during a memorable evening and thus pay little attention to the cards already laid upon the table. Unless you understand the ration of high or low cards already drawn, which alter with every shuffle, you cannot place strategic bets leading to your real chances of winning. Like the early appearance of aces and faces is a sign that the odds are then stacked against higher bets succeeding as the game progresses.

2. Selecting Tables using CMS

A continuous shuffle machine (CSM) usually have four or so card decks to supply a newly shuffled deck of cards for the next round. But this is not the same routine with traditional shufflers. A CSM will assemble the discarded cards from one or more previous rounds and collate them randomly. It is an efficient way to maintain the house edge throughout successive rounds. However, it also catapults the number of hands dealt and played every hour. With the increasing speed of the session reduces the time you have to observe the card layouts, which benefits the house by increasing your chances of losing. So, it is wise to find a table using automatic shuffling instead of continuous shuffling to increase the odds in your favor.

3. Not Cross Checking the Rules

Rules are set by the casino operators, but you should also check them out carefully and note how they restrict plays. Like, do you have a surrender option; when are you allowed to double after a split; and will the dealer hit until 17, or higher? It is always great to take time to analyze what’s really going on.

4. Getting Distracted by Side Bets

When you play online blackjack, side bets are multiple and cheap, which is why novices find them so attractive. After a few initial wins it becomes irresistible. The house edge is always high and small losses may not bother much compared to what’s at stake in a game. But when all losses accumulate and casinos find side bets a great profitable option.

5. Hoping there’s a Team Play Waiting

Most of the time, someone at the table suggests all players work as a team to outplay the dealer. It’s mostly done when everyone has been dealt a stiff hand that same suggests, will have to take a hit. Do not pay attention to this and keep sticking to your strategy – such false camaraderie may divert your attention.

6. High or Low Aces?

Blackjack’s dual value aces (worth one or 11) could ideally be perplexing you have to adjust your thinking accordingly. So an ace-6 hand can be 17, or 7. Getting another ace makes it 18, or 8 and further getting another 3 gives you 21 – or just 11!

If you are not sure, just check with your dealer. A ‘hard’ ace scores as one: ace-6-10 = 17. But with a ‘soft’ ace, an ace-6 = 17. You must hit with a soft 17 or less.

7. Not Understanding Sign Language

Players use hand signals to show their intentions. It becomes an evidence which avoids misunderstandings and disputes. Like scratching your index finger on the table surface for a hit; to signal a stay, wave your hand above your cards; precisely match your original bet and indicate a V sign using your first two fingers if you want to split a pair or flash a No.1 sign behind your cards to put out extra money. Make sure you know these and also that the signs changes according to the type of game you are playing.

8. Showboating

Often players get intoxicated by the environment and buoyed by an initial win and they start betting money they can’t afford to lose, or start making impossibly optimistic assumptions about various game situations.


Keep in mind, online blackjack can be a fun enjoyable and rewarding game, but when you keep your expectations in control. So for a pleasant online blackjack experience do not forget to avoid the above mistakes and let your luck and your strategy do the magic.

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