6 Great Job Search Apps for Android

Searching work could be easy and hard both than it earlier was. Due to the availability of the internet you can find many resources to find a job easily as it allows you to browse through large databases. On the other hand, browsing those things can not be easy for some people as it is not that straightforward. There are plenty of places to search, a lot of overlap, and a list of accounts to make. Let’s have a closer look at the most popular and easily available job search apps for Android to make your task of job search simpler and faster!

  1. Craigslist Pro

Price: Free

Craigslist is a great place for job searching. You may not find high-paying jobs in this platform that requires a decent experience. It is great for entry-level jobs like entry-level stuff, simpler jobs, freelance stuff, etc. But it is an amazing resource for self-employed people. If you want entry-level and fast work, this is the best platform. Craigslist Pro is one of several Craigslist apps, but it works well.

  1. Hire by Google (beta)

Price: Free

Hire is a great and new Google app. It’s a business faced interface. Actually, it doesn’t help you find jobs, rather it helps businesses hire people. Using this app you can manage applications, remind yourself to follow up with applicants, and view complete histories of candidate interactions. You get the support of Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs for easy switching between things. To find a job you can try Google Search where you will find a built-in job search that covers a variety of job outlets.

  1. Indeed Job Search

Price: Free

Indeed is yet another popular job search app. It has 100 million people as customers. In addition, it also covers jobs in 50 countries in 28 languages. Its interface is a little old but all the functions work well. Through this app, you can upload your resume, search for jobs in various categories, and save jobs to apply for later.

  1. Glassdoor Job Search

Price: Free

Glassdoor is also one of the most popular and effective job board for people searching for jobs. It is equipped with many features than most other apps in the category. For example, you can also search out the expected earnings of many career streams. You can find different company review from employees of the company. Although it might not be always correct, it can give you a good idea of what to expect. It has a very simple job search tool with a decent design and you will also find some additional tools to find you a job.

  1. Resume Builder Pro

Price: $3.99

Resume Builder Pro is not a free app and it does what the name suggests. You can create a basic resume by adding your usual things like skills, objective, experience, education, and references. Entering the info is quite easy. The generated resumes, after entering your details, look highly professional. It’s a great app if you are really in search of a job.

  1. Linkedin Job Search

Price: Free

LinkedIn, as it is a social network for professionals, this job search is an extension of that network for job hunters. It is equipped with a pool of jobs, direct integration with your LinkedIn profile, and a cluster of basic features. In this app, you can save jobs, search for jobs, and also receive notifications when new jobs in your category come up. You can also track the status of your applications.


These are some of the popular, effective and useful job search applications for Android phone if you are searching for a new job!

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