How to Find a Lost Android Phone in Canada

How to Find a Lost Android Phone
How to Find a Lost Android Phone

Have you lost your phone?  We’ll have been there. Misplacing or losing a phone is something we all have been through! Fortunately, you can find it right away using plenty of ways to get it back. If it’s a smartphone or a tab running Android, it already has the software to track it down. There’s an app you can install to find your phone.

If you’ve lost your Android phone, there are a few things you can try to help you find it:

  1. Look around your home or office for any place you might have left it.
  2. Ask anyone who was with you at the time you last remember having your phone if they’ve seen it.
  3. Check to see if you left it in a public place like a library or coffee shop.
  4. Use the “Find My Device” feature on the Android Device Manager website ( to help locate your missing phone. This feature is available to all Android devices running Android 2.3 or later. To use it, you’ll need to be signed in to your Google account on a computer or another device.

Android Smartphones


If your lost phone happens to be a smartphone, Apple and Google will have phone retrieval technology in them. These apps work through the account associated with your device. For Android devices, it would be your Google account, and for iPhones, this is your iCloud account. Through this account, you can remotely lock and wipe your phone, make it ring, and set up special messages to notify whoever finds it.

But of course, these features will only work so long your phone has a battery. If your smartphone dies, finding your phone is just like finding your wallet or anything else you might misplace.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone

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How to Find a Lost Android Phone

Android offers Google’s proprietary service along with third-party apps for finding and handling your device remotely. The best app to use is Find My Device, which is inbuilt into your Android smartphone through Google Play Services. You can also use it in a browser or download it from the Google Play Store. This works well with devices running Android 2.3 or later.

Equally easy is the feature “Where is my droid” on Google, which will help you start looking for your smartphone. Using this app you can set up a new password, make your phone ring from afar and many other functions useful for notification purposes. You can configure Find My Device on your device ahead of time, it can also be done once you lose or misplace your phone. Using Wi-Fi or GPS will help you find your device.

To check if your smartphone already has the Find My Device feature turned on, go to Settings > Google (or Google services) > Security and make sure Remotely locate this device is turned on in the Find My Device tab.

In case you are not able to find your smartphone once lost, you always have the option to wipe out the sensitive data of your smartphone from falling into the wrong hands. For this, your device should have an internet connection and enough battery to communicate with you. It’s made to prevent would-be thieves from being able to steal your phone, wipe it, and then use it or sell it. If you factory reset a phone with FRP enabled and if you want to set it up as a new tool, you will have to enter the username and password for the last Google account that was registered on the device. If you do not know it, the phone will remain locked.

Third-Party Apps


In addition, there are third-party apps also which you can configure to find your phone. Cerberus Anti-theft is an amazing app that offers remote access and control on your phone, enabling you to recover more information about the whereabouts of your phone. With a range of additional features, like screenshots of what your device is doing, granular control on how you track your device, photos from the camera to possibly catch the thief etc. it offers more detailed notifications that Find My Device doesn’t offer. In case you have a rooted device, there are even more features offered to ward off anyone setting or turning off your device until you can recover it.

There is one more option for Using this service, you can locate your lost phone, lock it down, or wipe it all together. For this, you’ll need a Samsung account and the Remote Controls options enabled on your phone. To check out if this option is available on your Samsung cell phone, go to Settings > Lock screen & Security. In case you find Find My Mobile on the menu, you can use the service. Now you can enable the Remote Controls options via Settings > Security > Find My Mobile > Remote controls. You are done now!


Did you see how easy it is to track down your lost smartphone if you have Android phones? It is time to discover your phone to understand if these apps are installed on your smartphone or now! Do it now!