12 Popular Email Apps For Android To Organize Your Mailbox

12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox
12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

Below mentioned are the 12 popular email apps for Android to organize your mailbox. Email is the most important and necessary form of online interaction. We all use this platform every day. There are thousands of email services and email apps that you can use. Some may have a single account like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo.

Many people might also have email apps from multiple providers and want something that can aggregate it all into one spot.

Here are the best email apps for Android you’ll not miss out on using to assort your email perfectly!

1. Blue Mail

Price: Free

Blue Mail
Blue Mail- 12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

Blue Mail is one of the most widely used email apps out there. It supports many services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office 365, and virtually any other POP3, IMAP, or Exchange clients. It offers various notification settings for each one of your email accounts and also comes with some fun stuff like Android Wear support, a dark theme, and configurable menus. It’s completely free and powerful with some privacy issues since Blue Mail uses its own servers, but most likely you won’t mind.


2. Gmail

Price: Free

Gmail- 12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

Gmail is a bit cheaper email app. It’s already installed on most Android devices. This app supports various inbox settings, multiple accounts, and more. It supports most email services like Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, and others making it a great option for most people.


3. K-9 Mail

Price: Free

K-9 Mail
K-9 Mail- 12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

K-9 Mail is somewhat the oldest email app. It has a minimal interface, no BS experience, and a unified inbox. It supports most Exchange 2003/2007 accounts and IMAP and POP3. It does not have any quirky features, and being old school it’s reliable. It is open-source hence you can build it yourself or contribute to the community via GitHub. It’s also completely free.


4. Nine

Price: Free / $9.99-$14.99

Nine- 12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

Nine is an advanced email app with no server or cloud features whatsoever. It connects you to email services and it supports Exchange ActiveSync which is to be expected for any app that boasts Exchange support. You can select which folders you want to sync, Wear OS support, and more. It’s quite expensive as far as email clients are concerned and there are a few bugs here and there. It’s geared more toward business users.


5. Cleanfox

Price: Free

Cleanfox- 12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

Cleanfox is also a useful app for email users. It lets you unsubscribe from the large number of things you somehow ended up subscribed to. On integrating your email accounts to the app, it runs through and finds all of your subscriptions and then unsubscribes you from them if you want it to. You may also delete old emails from those subscriptions. It’s free for use and easy to use.


6. Spark Email

Price: Free

Spark Email
Spark Email- 12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

Spark Email is the newbie. Released in early 2019, it has a lot of the basics, including email snoozing, reminders, sending emails later, pinned emails, and you can also undo sent mail. It has a clean UI and you can view each email address separately or together in a universal inbox. Being new, there are some bugs to work out. But just expect to get it better over time.


7. Aqua Mail

Price: Free

Aqua Mail
Aqua Mail- 12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

If you’re the sort of person who loves to play around with technology, Aqua Mail is one of the best Android email apps at your expense. This app is quite easily customizable and is a proponent of all major email supporters, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Apple, AOL, Yahoo, FastMail, and GMX and it also combines with a complete host of third-party services to offer features and amenities that even Gmail users cannot enjoy.

You can easily link Aqua Mail with your own cloud storage service and seamlessly back up and restore your emails to the designated cloud. There is a whole other option of creating emails with upgraded formatting right by your smartphone or even setting up a completely unique email signature for every email account you have. Make sure that the free package is restricted to just 2 accounts and that Aqua Mail is only operable on Android devices. However, you can tackle these two hurdles, as it is one of the best email apps you can have in your arsenal.

8. Microsoft Outlook 

Price: Free

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook- 12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

When Microsoft bought an email app called Acompli for around $200 million in the year 2014, it was quite reasonably understandable that the software pioneer will go toe with toe against Gmail. The leading mobile app, Microsoft Outlook, had instantly bolstered itself to be one of the best email apps for Windows 10 Mobile devices. Its eminence continues to shed light upon both Android as well as iOS.

What Microsoft Outlook offers to the user is something that the organization calls a Focused inbox. As per the name, the intention behind Focused inbox is to store the significant messages on top by instantly screening superfluous marketing emails, spam, and subscriptions. Microsoft Outlook also collaborates with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, and Gmail, and it is also made available for free.

9. ProtonMail

Price: Free

ProtonMail- 12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

Google has had its own share of privacy scandals lately, and there are a few users that have been searching for a separate email service they could transition to. A service that genuinely respects their privacy and keeps matters privy and also doesn’t scrutinize the material of their emails for certain advertising purposes. Originating in 2014 at the CERN research facility created by Andy Yen, Wei Sun, and Jason Stockman, ProtonMail has become the best destination for fidelity-oriented email users, providing a trustworthy end-to-end encrypted email service with multiple servers situated in Switzerland.

Unlike multiple other secured email services, ProtonMail is astoundingly easy and convenient to use, as well as its Android and iOS apps are quite available for free, making it way more possible for all mobile users to derive their personal encrypted email following just a few simple clicks.

10. Triage 

Price: Free

Triage- 12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

Triage is a completely different email app as it doesn’t advertise a myriad of glitzy features as well as combinations with relentless third-party services. Besides, it provides a more convenient email experience that simplifies the matter to get through newer emails in the least amount of time possible.

When you activate Triage, it will showcase all of the unread emails like a pack of cards, and you can easily click a card to either archive it or flick it down to store it. Tap the email if you want to forward it or even send a small reply. Triage is a partner with Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and the majority of the IMAP email services, and it’s quite an advantage to the ones who have toiled to keep their inboxes ergonomic and oriented, hence, it certainly earned the title of one of the best email apps.

11. Edison Mail 

Price: Free

Edison Mail
Edison Mail- 12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

Edison Mail is another creative email app that aids you in keeping all of your email accounts manageable from one place. When you receive an email, the app’s assistant instantly picks the right category for it to make it more convenient to find in the near future and to negate your inbox from becoming too crowded.

Unnecessary emails can easily be prevented with the help of a single click, and Edison Mail allows you to seamlessly unsubscribe from spam emails that don’t feature an unsubscribe link. The vital messages that you cannot make time for at the moment to deal with can be deferred according to your schedule.

The most recent version of Edison Mail offers Dark Mode, which aids your eyes by offering lesser strain while reading as well as writing email messages quite late at night. Edison Mail isn’t generally monetized in most of the traditional way, however, it does accumulate user data and shares it too with different third parties.

12. Spike 

Price: Free

Spike- 12 Popular Email Apps for Android to Organize your Mailbox

Relative to the most latest instant messaging apps such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or even WhatsApp, most of the best email apps don’t make it certainly easier for people to follow interactions and instantly respond to messages. Generally, email signatures as well as quoted messages generate the most clutter, leaving way less room for the message you do care about.

Spike exterminates this problem with its interactional approach to email. All of the clutter is eliminated, and only the essential part of email messages is kept, transforming the app into a lot more similar condition like an automatic messaging client and way less like a general email client. You can also begin with a phone or a video call if texting is unable to do the job to convey what you need to say. You can also drag and drop any kind of file you need to drop with the person on the other side of the screen.


So, if you want to organize your multiple emails, the above listed are the options you must not miss out on checking.