Slots – Pharaoh’s Way

Slots Pharaoh's Way

There are plenty of different ways for slot enthusiasts in Canada to play their favorite games. The online casinos are readily available and there are also apps that can be downloaded that give people the chance to play some fun slot machines. Slots – Pharaohs Way by Cervo Media is one of the ways that people can play the slot machines. It is an app that can be downloaded from the app store to play with your cell phone. It is easy to get and easy to start playing.

The Game Play

Slots Pharoah's Way

There are more than 20 different slot machines on Pharaoh’s Way as of 2017. Like many other slot machine apps, a player unlocks more games the more they play. Players not only can accumulate points, they also are able to gain higher levels. The higher level they are able to attain, the more slot machines that they will have to choose from and beat the game odds.

Players will find 3 reel and 5 reel slot machines. The machines will have 30 and 50 pay lines. There are plenty of great features and graphics to enjoy. The theme of the games is ancient Egypt and many of the symbols will represent this theme.

The Features

The slots of Pharaoh’s Way have many of the features that players enjoy on the slots. Free spins, free coins, wild symbols, bonus games and consecutive symbols are found on the different games. These all combine with the outstanding graphics to make this a game that is fun to keep coming back to.

Pharoah's Way slot games

Players are able to play the games for free. When they first start playing they are giving coins that can be used. The players are able to earn more coins daily just by returning to the game and playing it. It is also possible to purchase additional coins if needed though players look out for hacks. The best way to build up coins to play the game is by winning big as you play.

There are other convenient features of this game to take advantage of:

  • A state of the art math game that was designed by professionals.
  • Ease of play to enjoy even with Facebook friends
  • Multiple convenient features that are easy to access and understand.
  • Fast reel stop
  • Individual reel stop
  • Auto play
  • Two thrilling new slots: Magpie’s Journey & Magic Tree!
  • Find free gifts at Level 590 & Level 610!

One of the most popular features of the game is the auto play feature. With this feature a player can set the amount they want to bet, the number of spins they want the game to take and that is it. The machine will do the rest and the player can watch their jackpot grow.

Players can get this game in several different ways. It can be downloaded to their cell phone device from the app store. Once the game is downloaded a player can start enjoying everything it has to offer. It can also be downloaded to a PC. It is best to check the requirements for the app to make sure the device that is going to be used is compatible with the game.

Not everyone wants to risk big money playing the slots at online casinos. Slots-Pharaoh’s Way offers an alternative that is worth looking at for people that want to play the slots for the fun of it.

If you have any questions or doubts of this app you can contact customer support for help by emailing them at

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