Jackpot Dreams Slots Android Casino

Jackpot Dreams
Jackpot dreams casino app

Jackpot Dreams slot or casino is an Android casino offering great casino slot games that you can play with your Android phones and tablets. To play this casino you need to have a Facebook account as this is a social casino or game app offering social slot games that you can play all free with your friends and earn virtual wins as well in the form of free coins.

Jackpot Dreams Slots Games

Jackpot Dreams Slots
Jackpot dreams casino game

Jackpot Dreams Casino lets you play the most beautiful real Vegas slots even before they hit the casinos. You can gain up to 72 plus free spins and win 1000x your total bet with exclusive features. You can start winning free credits with the unique Dream Spin Wheel and download it today to receive special rewards! The revolutionary games feature Max Stacks, Mega Symbols, and many other unique bonus games you will have to see to believe! Discover your new favourite slot machines before they make their appearances in casinos all over the world.

Features of Jackpot Dreams Slot

  • Diamond drop mini-game can be triggered from any of the slots you play at Jackpot dream
  • Spin and win huge prizes! This is a limited-time event and will be gone soon so start spinning!
  • With the new dream wheel, you can Spin on any game to trigger the new wheel for big prizes and free Dream Spins!
  • Participate in contests for a chance at a free $100 Credit Coin Package!
Jackpot Dreams games
Jackpot dreams casino game

You can enjoy the best of slot games like Frost Queen, and Golden South Sea. Sky Rider, White Wizard, Temple of the Tiger, Red Moon, Moon Maidens, Pearl Warriors, Magic Flower and many more are here. Note that all games within Jackpot Dream play from left to right. The winning consecutive lines or matching icons must start and carry on from the left side of the screen

Each game within Jackpot Dreams has its own unique payouts and features. These can be found by loading into the desired game and clicking on the ‘Game Rules’ button.

As your overall player level increases so do your chances of unlocking new games with the use of your Dream Spins. So the higher your player level the more games you will get access to.

Getting free coins and gifts to play

Jackpot Dreams Casino
Jackpot dreams casino game free gifts

Although you get free coins to play the games in Jackpot Dreams there are some great ways to earn free coins in Jackpot Dreams! You can send and receive them from your friends, get them from dream spins and also check out the fan page for lots of freebies and events that reward coins.

To send and receive gifts all you have to do is click on the gift box icon on the bottom left of your game window. This will bring up the gifting window where you can select all the friends you would like to send gifts to.

This will open the gifting window where you can collect the gifts that have been sent to you and send out gifts to your friends as well. You can only send out one gift to each friend every day, yet the more friends you have, the more gifts you can send and receive daily.

Jackpot dreams fan page
Jackpot dreams casino fan page

Also, dream spins are awarded every few hours or when you advance to the next level. These spins can be used by clicking on the icon in the middle of the game window which will turn the game lobby into a giant wheel with coin prizes and game unlocks.

The Jackpot Dreams fan page hosts a ton of free bonuses and live events where you can compete to win tons of coin prizes. You can access the fan page through Facebook directly or click on the Fan Page button right below the game window.

The Dream Spins in Jackpot Dreams Slot

Dream spins
Jackpot dreams casino dream spins

The free spins earned every 4 hours of active play are your Dream Spins. You can redeem these on the carousel in the lobby.  It is where the games are located. If you click on the red heart in the middle of the screen, it will open the bonus credits on the carousel and spin. This is where you can redeem your Dream Spins for bonus credits or unlock new games.  After all available Dream Spins are used a count-down timer will appear in the main lobby.

How to play Jackpot Dreams

How to play
Jackpot dreams casino dream how to play

It is quite simple and easy to play. All you need is your Facebook account to log in to their Facebook page to play the games and win free coins. Then grab your free coins when you enter to play and spin the reels of your favourite game. As you win so you unlock more free games as well as new games. If you like or share a post you also get free coins and rewards. Invite your Facebook friends also to your gaming session, chat and show your slot gaming skills on the leaderboard. Now enjoy this fantastic social game app with your Android.


This is everything there is to know about Jackpot dreams.