What is ‘Bring-it-Back’ Smartphone Trade-in Program by Telus Canada?

Bring it back trade in Program
Bring it back trade-in Program

A few months back Telus, a Vancouver-based telecom carrier launched its previously reported ‘Bring it Back’ trade-in program. The program allows subscribers to purchase higher-tier devices for lower upfront costs which means that it allows renewing Premium and Premium Plus users in Canada as well as Platinum subscribers in Quebec to purchase higher-tier devices for lower upfront costs so long as subscribers return the device in proper working order after 24 months or they pay a predetermined fee to own the device.

How the bring it back your smartphone program works?

Bring it back program by Telus Canada
Bring it back program by Telus Canada

All you need is to get the latest devices at Telus’s lowest upfront cost with the Telus Bring It Back program. If you want to keep your phone at the end of your 2-year term you need to repay the original Bring It Back Program Amount. When it’s time to renew, simply return your device to any Telus location and Telus will get you set up with your next phone.

According to Telus, the Bring It Back program fee varies from device to device, but the overall goal is to reduce the upfront costs subscribers must pay for new devices. Suppose your smartphone that costs $450 might be subsidized by $200, meaning that subscribers would only need to pay $250 upfront. That remaining $200 serves as the Bring-it-Back program fee. After 24 months, users have the option of paying off that $200 and keeping the phone, or returning the phone in proper working order and avoiding the $200 charge altogether.

Telus Canada Trade in program
Telus Canada Trade in program- Bring it back

Subscribers can also pay off their Bring-it-Back program fees at any time, and devices can be returned as early as six months after activation. The device must be able to power on and navigate to the home screen Any activation locks like Find My iPhone should be deactivated and the device’s display must function properly and the screen must be free of any dead spots or bruising.

The screen can’t be cracked or damaged and there should not be any missing parts or liquid damage The phone can’t have been reported lost or stolen also must be factory reset with all personal information deleted. Also, note that not all smartphones will eligible for purchase through the Bring-it-Back program.

If you do not want to continue the Bring-It-Back program, you can leave the program at any point during your contract by paying back the Bring-It-Back Program Amount. At any point after the first 6 months, you can also leave the program by bringing back your phone. Remember that you may still have a Device Subsidy balance remaining on your account by paying back the Bring-It-Back Program Amount or bringing back your phone.

Also to complete an upgrade you will need to first clear the Bring-It-Back Program Amount from your account. This can be done anytime by paying back the Bring-It-Back Program Amount or returning the device. Note that you may still have a device balance to pay off.

If you buy online, you have to return your phone in the store which means you must bring the phone back to a physical  Telus location at the end of your contract so that Telus can inspect your device’s condition and complete the return.

Bring it back smartphone program
Bring it back smartphone program

You cannot join the Bring-It-Back Program with your current contract. Bring-It-Back must be selected at the time of your contract start date. You cannot join partway through an already existing contract. If you would like to sign up for Bring-It-Back you will have to end your current contract and renew with Bring-It-Back.

Taxes are charged upfront at the point of sale on the amount before the Bring-It-Back Program Amount is removed. When you return your device or pay back the Bring-It-Back Program Amount you will not be charged any additional tax.

Applicable sales taxes are calculated at the time of purchase on the full purchase price. You will not be charged tax on the Bring-It-Back Program Amount if you chose to keep your device and pay back the Bring-It-Back Program Amount at, or before, the end of the 24-month term. The Bring-It-Back program is only available while you subscribe to mobility service. If mobility service is cancelled before the end of the term, the Bring-It-Back Program Amount will be charged to your Telus bill.

If your phone is damaged and no longer meets the Bring-It-Back eligibility criteria, you will be required to pay the Bring-It-Back Program Amount. Be sure to sign up for AppleCare+ or Telus Device Care so you can rest easy if something happens to your phone.

The Bring-it-Back program can be viewed as the spiritual successor to Telus’ now-defunct T-Up! early upgrade program that was discontinued in April 2016. The T-Up! program allowed subscribers to pay a $10 monthly fee, which allowed the trade-in of any device for a new product after 12 months.
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