The Moto X Play-Why would you like it?

Moto X Play

Last year Canadians were happy about the launch of Moto X Play the Android phone from Motorola. It was because this phone is a mid range phone suitable in budget as well as though not beautiful in looks is a strong built phone to survive in Canada.

There are reasons therefore as why would you like Moto X play.

This phone is rugged. The design of the phone may not be attractive but it has strength. You drop it you will find no scratch, you wet it in rain and snow phone will smile back at you. The Moto X Play has a water repellant nano coating that is well worth noting. So it is one of the most rugged phones in the market.

Moto X does not distract you much. You must have seen most of the phone even iPhones are distractive in nature. But Moto Display, a feature that allows you to read notifications and access functionality like the phone’s music player without fully waking it can be seen only in Moto X. This feature is quite adaptive and additional in Motorola phone.

Call quality is exceptional in Moto X. When it comes to call quality you will find Moto X the number one phone in Android. Though the ring tone by default is funny and amusing to hear but you can change that after all the call goes all clear and smooth.

Long Lasting Battery in Moto X. Moto X Play has massive 3630mAh battery hidden behind its rubberized exterior, therefore it possess near endless stores of energy. Obviously, you’ll need to plug in to charge eventually, but Moto X able can work up to two or three days when it comes to battery.

In addition, the Moto X Play supports both Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 spec as well as Motorola’s own Turbo Power standard, meaning it often takes less than two hours to fully charge the device’s battery from a near empty state.

Therefore these two factors mean you are having a powerful smartphone in your hand to do the things you like without interruption.

Moto X Play is an affordable phone with an outright price tag of about $420 depending the source, and about $50 on contract, perhaps the Moto X Play’s main selling point is that it represents an excellent entry into the Android ecosystem at a price that is affordable to most Canadians.

You cannot but obviously compare it with Samsung Galaxy S6 in terms of its camera, display and performance but what is important is its price and the android experience of Motorola phone.