Why to Play Ignition Poker?

Ignition Poker is an online poker room that operates in the United States and Australia. It is part of the larger Ignition Casino, which also offers a variety of casino games. Ignition Poker has gained popularity for its anonymous tables, fast-paced games, and a range of poker tournaments.

So why should you play Ignition poker? Ignition, originally an online casino, launched its poker platform in July 2016. Soon after, the site took over the database of Bovada Poker which, had been the largest US-focused online poker site. Ignition Poker soon became the number one poker destination for US-based online poker players.

Ignition is the top site/app to play real money games in the US. It draws ten times more traffic than any other site and is branded under Bodog which has been in the industry for over 20 years running.

Games to Play- Should you Play Ignition Poker?

1. Cash Games

Play Ignition Poker
Games to Play

This site is designed to drive casual recreational players rather than professionals. So, while you won’t find some specialized variations of poker, you will get to play some basic cash games that most poker rooms have. It includes a fixed limit, pot limit, and no-limit hold ’em and Omaha and Omaha-Hi Lo.

2. Zone Poker

Zone Poker
Zone Poker

This is also a form of speed poker called Zone Poker, where every time you fold, you move to a different table. To make the game faster, you get only 15 seconds to act. Zone Poker is played strictly for very low stakes like 2 cents/ 5cents up to 50 cents/$1, but as the pace is much faster than regular poker, it becomes an exciting game.

3. Hold’em Poker


Hold ’em is by far the most popular ring game at Ignition Poker. While Omaha is tough to find outside of peak hours, hold ’em tables are in action round the clock. Players have a choice of heads-up, full ring, and six-max tables. Stakes start at 2 cents/ 5 cents, which can go up to $10/$20.

On getting a Royal Flush, you can win a bonus of 50x the big blind, up to $200. Or, if your hand qualifies for a Bad Beat (Aces Full of Kings or better losing to 4 of a Kind or better), you can win even more. At least three players should deal with the hand and the two hands involved must use both pocket cards and go to showdown. On meeting all these conditions, your opponent gets the pot, but you win 100x the big blind, up to a maximum of $1,000!

4. Anonymous Tables

Anonymous Tables
Anonymous Tables

Ignition Poker contains an important feature that characterized Bovada Poker, Anonymous Tables. Instead of having a screen name, you will get a seat number, which changes each time you play. Apart from this, third-party tracking tools are prohibited and multi-tabling in cash games is limited than on some poker sites. The goal of these policies is to make the games as fair as possible for players while keeping away the grinders and sharks. You can check your hand history, however, and if so inclined, use the information to improve your play.



If you love the adrenaline rush of tournament play, and what online poker player doesn’t get your ignition started as the tournament action on this poker site is fast. Here are the tournaments that offer guaranteed prize pools:

1. $2m Weekly Guaranteed Prize Pools

Every day of the week this poker site provides many guaranteed tournaments. Starting chips, Buy-ins, and prize pools vary, but the starting chip stack ranges from 5,000 or 10,000. Buy-ins range from $11 to $109.

2. 100k Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

This event is organized every Sunday at 4 p.m. ET and has a first-place payout of $20K. It is the biggest guaranteed weekly tournament. You can either buy in directly for $162 or try to win your way in cheaply through qualifiers.

How to play poker with ignition poker app?

To play poker on Ignition Poker using the app, you can follow these general steps.

  1. Download and Install the App:
    • Visit the Ignition Poker website on your mobile device.
    • Look for the download link or instructions for the mobile app (iOS or Android).
    • Follow the instructions to download and install the app on your device.
  2. Create an Account or Log In:
    • If you don’t already have an Ignition Poker account, you’ll need to create one. This typically involves providing some personal information and creating a username and password.
    • If you already have an account, simply log in using your existing credentials.
  3. Deposit Funds:
    • Before you can play real-money poker, you’ll need to deposit funds into your Ignition Poker account. Follow the deposit instructions provided in the app.
  4. Choose a Game:
    • Once your account is funded, navigate to the game lobby within the app.
    • Select the type of poker game you want to play (e.g., Texas Hold’em, Omaha) and the specific stakes or tournament you’re interested in.
  5. Take a Seat or Join a Tournament:
    • For cash games, choose a table with an available seat that matches your preferred stakes.
    • If you’re joining a tournament, register for the tournament of your choice.
  6. Play the Game:
    • Once you’re seated at a table or registered in a tournament, the app will guide you through the controls and actions.
    • Use the buttons on the screen to make decisions such as folding, calling, raising, etc.
  7. Enjoy Features and Options:
    • Explore the app’s features, such as the chat function, hand history, and any other options available during gameplay.

Always remember to play responsibly and be aware of the rules and terms of service of the specific poker platform you are using. Additionally, Ignition Poker may have updated their app or procedures, so it’s a good idea to check their official website or contact their support for the most accurate and current information.

Bonuses and Promos

1. Welcome Bonus


It offers a very generous Welcome Bonus of 100% of the money you deposit in the first 24 hours, up to $2,000. It has more than 200 slots along with video poker, various table games, and scratch cards and other casual games.

2. Tournaments

It offers $2M Weekly Guaranteed Prize Pools that include buy-ins, starting chips, and prize pools which vary with the starting chip stack of 5,000 or 10,000. You can play 100K Guaranteed Poker Tournaments on this platform. Mad Monday is yet another tournament. In addition, you also get to be a part of Sit and Go Tournaments. The buy-in of which ranges from $1.10 to $215, and many different formats are available.


You are limited to playing 1 table at a time on your phone. It could be a limitation for many, but it can also really help you focus on your play. On this platform the cashouts are pretty much instant via a bitcoin wallet, you will also have the check withdrawal option that takes 5 business days. Ignition Poker is basically the best. It has a wide list of games to choose from, is powered by one of the biggest names in online gambling, and has an amazing poker app.