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You No doubt online casinos are a great way to entertain yourself from the comfort of your home. It is equally true that online casinos provide multiple types of bonuses rewarding both their new and regular players with great perks. Here are some Online Slot Games Bonuses you will find.

One of the most common and popular bonuses in both Canadian and worldwide online casinos are welcome bonuses. It gives the player a fixed amount of money to use on the casino’s online games or a certain number of free spins.

There are several other types of bonus the player can encounter on online casinos which include the in-game bonus, which is common in many games and is often found on online slot games.

So, let’s have a closer look at the different available bonuses! Here are some of the most common online slot in-game bonuses.

Types of Bonuses

Types of Bonuses
Types of Bonuses

Strong wagering requirements usually deter you from playing when it comes to slots. With a high house edge, the number of slots available on the market makes it tough for players to complete their betting demands.

Moreover, creating a strategy is hard, as slots are usually a game of chance. Bonuses come as a neutralized factor washing away the impacts of a house edge offering players a better chance. Some bonuses do not require high wagering requirements.

1. Sticky Bonuses

Sticky Bonuses
Sticky Bonuses

This type of bonus also usually has a betting requirement. The ones with low betting demands can also offer profits. Some casinos give you the chance to get sticky bonuses that are not related to any wagering requirement. The latter provided by RTG often have a maximum cash-out.

A sticky bonus can be used when making bets, but that cannot be withdrawn. It can also be divided into several types like the most commonly-implemented “phantom” sticky bonus, which is used by larger software groups, and the less common types.

2. “Phantom” Sticky Bonuses

“Phantom” Sticky Bonuses
“Phantom” Sticky Bonuses

These types of bonuses are the most common variation of sticky bonuses. It is used by some of the largest developers of casino and gaming software in the world, like Playtech, RTG, and Microgaming.

This bonus is instantly added to your deposit, and you are free to use it when playing.

It is often regarded as totally useless, but this is not true. When there are some bankroll limitations and you use a bonus, the truth is that you can keep your winnings by wagering the bonus. This means that players do not have to pay for the loss if any.

3. Cashable Bonuses

Cashable Bonuses
Cashable Bonuses

This type of bonuses are normally bound with a wagering requirement, which may be lower when it comes to slots in comparison to the ones for table games, but still, there is a certain demand. The so-called pre-wager slot bonuses that usually come with a sensible betting requirement, can turn out to be profitable.

Cashable bonuses are the most common and known casino bonuses. Such bonuses are available for withdrawal after you have completed a certain wagering requirement.

Other Variations

Some smaller casinos and gaming software providers use different types of sticky bonuses. These variations usually involve some conditions. There are two common rule differences you will find separately or together.

The first one is the bonus is not removed from the player’s account after a withdrawal is done. You can cash in the winnings after you complete the betting demand. You can still use the bonus for wagering.

The second rule is that if your bonus balance is reduced because of losses, any winnings on your remaining balance are regarded as immediately cashable. You cannot exceed your initial balance to make a cash-out.

  1. Clear play Bonuses and Free Play Bonuses

Clear play bonuses and free play bonuses
Clear play bonuses and free play bonuses

Such bonuses are introduced by Microgaming. They provide players with the opportunity to withdraw their winnings any time they like, but only the betting demands on the bonus have been met. This makes the Clearplay bonus a lot like the sticky one. On meeting the wagering requirement, the bonus is converted to cash.

There are some free play sign-up bonuses offered by some Microgaming casinos. Normally, the casino offers a large balance in a special version of the casino software. You get your winnings as a bonus along with your first deposit after you cash out.

2. Cashback Bonuses

Cashback Bonuses
Cashback Bonuses

These types of bonuses are known for refunding a certain percentage of the player’s net losses over a specific time period. It means the bonus pays only in the event that the player has a net loss over the specific time period. Normally, cashback bonuses do not have any wagering requirements, which makes them highly preferable when it comes to slots machines. This type of bonus is very much like the sticky and Clearplay bonus.

3. Wild Symbols

The Wild Symbols are an integral part of a slot machine feature from the beginning. This special feature acts as a joker would in a deck of cards. Wild symbol can replace any other symbol on the reel, at the exception of other special symbols. It may or may not have a value of its own based on the types of the online slot game. Irrespective of this fact, it is always great and exciting to hit a wild symbol as it increases the winnings acting as a bonus.

How do Wild Symbols Work?

Wild Symbols appear randomly on the reels due to the Random Number Generator (RNG) mechanism. There are different slots with additional rules, like wild symbols only appearing on certain reels or specialties. The special wilds vary from game to game but the common ones include:

Expanding Wild Symbols: It covers the whole reel and every position becomes wild.

Shifting Wild Symbols: It shifts horizontally from reel to reel through multiple spins.

Sticky Wild Symbols (or frozen): It stays at the same place all through multiple spins.

Stacked Wild Symbols: This type of wild symbol piles up on itself, often covering the entire reel.

Multiplier Wild Symbol: This type of wild symbols multiply winnings.

Amongst all these, wild and scatter symbols are the most common bonuses in online slots.

What are the Scatter Symbols?


This symbol is also quite a common feature on video slots and most 5-reel slot machines. This bonus feature is found on many online slots games with 7-reel, slots with bonus games or with progressive jackpots.

It varies from game to game and often gives a direct payout, other times may offer free spins, additional bonuses or mini-games. Hence, it is always wise to hit the Paytable icon and verify the game’s rules.

How do Scatter Symbols Work?




To unlock the specialty of scatter symbols, you need to obtain a predefined number of scatter symbols in one spin. If it happens to appear on your online slot machine, no matter where it appears on the reel, it multiplies your shots at winning.

4. Free Spins

The Free Spin Bonus is available in two different forms. The first type is called no-deposit free spins which promotes either an online casino or a specific online slot machine. Some casinos often offer impressive new bonuses and free spins to both newcomers and regular players. It is a great way to test a slot game or casino without risk. Often it may require you to make an initial deposit that must be wagered or played through before cashing out.

The other type of free spins is available in the game. You win it in a form of a prize and it appears as a bonus round. Most of the time, you can unlock through the appearance of various bonus symbols, like scatter symbols. Additional features like multipliers, special wilds or other bonuses often are associated with them.

5. Bonus Games

You will find it in 5-reel video slots, which vary from game to game and brand to brand. Although it is mostly available as a bonus to the theme of the slot machine, it may often provide similar bonus games to their players.

On getting this bonus you break the routine of online slot games and keep you more engaged. There are various kinds of bonus games also.

6. Special Features

Autoplay: Using the autoplay button, the machine will play on its own, only showing you the result after every spin.

Progressive Jackpot: Some slots are featured with a progressive jackpot facility where a percentage of the player’s bet is used to add on the amount of the jackpot.

Multiplier Symbols: This symbol multiplies your winnings by a pre-defined specific amount.

Ways to Win: The latest video slots have been able to add to the traditional paylines and thus offering a lot more ways to win at each spin. The most common of these games will offer you 243 Ways to Win.


These are the different types of bonuses found in different slots and casinos that can actually add value to your winning and overall experience. So, are you ready to try all these online slot game bonuses for an improved experience?

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