How to Verify your Online Casino Account in Canada?

How to verify your online casino account in Canada
How to verify your online casino account in Canada

When you play real money slots at any Canadian online casino you need to first register yourself as a player and open your casino account with real money to play games. To open your real money casino account obviously, you need to fund the casino with real Canadian dollars. You can choose so many Canadian-friendly deposit methods at the online casino banking page. You can make a deposit with PayPal, Credit or Debit Cards, Instadebit, IDebit, Ewallets like Neteller and various other prepaid cards or instant money vouchers. The minimum deposit at the Canadian online casino varies from casino to casino but generally, it is between $10- $25.

Once you make a deposit of the cash by any of the payment modes you are ready to play real money slots at online casinos.

Before that at the time of registration online casinos in Canada verify your details. This means the online casino wants you to prove:

  • That you are a genuine player
  • Your banking details are true
  • Your ID proof shows your place of residence
  • Your age is above 18 years old
Play Now Live Casino Canada
Play Now Live Casino Canada- online casino account

To prove all the above you need to send certain documents to the online casino so that they can check your identity.

Note that in case you don’t send the documents to verify your casino account at the time of registration and start playing the casino games, the online casinos will not object to your playing but won’t let you withdraw your wins.

So to make a withdrawal of your wins through your online casino account, the online casinos want to verify your account. At the time of withdrawal thus you need to send your details to the casino to verify yourself and prove that you are a real player at the casino.

What documents are required to verify your online casino account in Canada?

Document verification at online casinos
Document verification at the online casino account

There are certain documents to be sent to the online casino to verify your online casino account. It is purely safe to send in documents to an online casino account. Sending your documents makes withdrawal of your wins at an online casino account is an easy process.

What you need to do is to take a photo of the documents required

Upload the documents at the online casino site and wait for their message that your documents have been verified.

Once you get the confirmation that your account has been verified you are ready to withdraw your money from the online casino account.

Sometimes they might ask you to resend a certain document if they can’t see it properly in the picture or if the document is missing some information needed.

Even though the process of verifying your documents might feel unsafe it exists to protect you. This way the casino can be sure that you are who you say you are so no one can use your name to commit fraud or similar crimes. The process is called Know Your Customer or KYC for short. It is used all over the world by genuine banks, insurances, investment platforms and casinos to protect your identity.

It is one of the many requirements to get a gambling license.

Required Documents for KYC Verification

How to Verify documents at online casino
How to Verify documents at online casino account

As mentioned, the process of verifying your account is so that the casino can see that it really is you that is playing.

Therefore they ask you for documents only you would have such as:

Your ID Proof

Any utility bill like an electricity bill that shows your name and address

Your Driving license or Passport number

Any document for Proof of address

Proof of Payment Method

Sometimes that needs you to show proof that you are the owner of the payment method you used. What type of document they will ask for depends on the payment provider.

If you play at a genuine casino you will always get the request to verify your identity with documents in the KYC process

Usually, you get asked when you make your first withdrawal so it is a good idea to have an ID and a proof of address ready when you make your first withdrawal to not postpone your money.

Many online casinos also ask you to send your documents for verification by email to their customer support team for verification. But be extra careful with sending your documents by e-mail. There are scammers out there as well that might ask you for private documents through mail.

The easiest way to check that it is a genuine request is by contacting the casino customer service and double-checking that everything is in order.

Make sure to contact them through a new form and not answer the e-mail where the documents were requested.

Once you send in your documents a special legal and payments team will go through your documents and store them safely.

As an example at the time of registration at Play Now Casino Canada, the verification process usually takes less than 5 minutes. Once complete, you will receive a registration confirmation email. By selecting the link within this email, you will have completed your registration and can proceed to log in to your account.

In some instances, you may receive a message indicating that the process could take up to two business days to complete. In this case, if the casino is able to complete your registration you will receive a registration confirmation email. By selecting the link within this email, you will have completed your registration and can proceed to log in to your account.

Your documents can not be seen by everyone in the company, only the payments team that are professionals.

Furthermore, your documents are protected by both firewalls and top-quality SSL encryption.

Sometimes you need to verify that the payment method you used is yours as well. Let’s take a look at how to do that:

Payment MethodHow to verifyRequirements
Credit or Debit CardA photo of the cardThe 4 first digits and last 6 of the card number, the expiry date and your name
E-WalletPhoto or screenshot of your account when logged inYour name, payment method account ID
Bank AccountRecent bank statementYour name and the bank logo

Prepare any necessary documents before you get a request to verify (Valid ID, recent utility bill, etc). Always read the instructions properly when asked to verify your account. Make sure that it is easy to see the required data in your photos. Also, Double-check that the information in your account is correct (If you moved update your address)

Finally, note that never use a payment method in someone else’s name or let someone else use the payment method in your name. Also never send documents to anyone who asks by email, make sure that it is actually from the casino to verify your online casino account.


These are a few processes albeit in which you can verify your online casino account in Canada.