How to Deposit With Android Pay at Online Casinos

How to deposit with Android Pay at online casinos
Deposit with Android Pay

So you are curious about how to deposit with Android Pay? We had posted about Android Pay when it was launched in 2017. Recently Android Pay was launched in Canada for Visa and Mastercard. For those punters who don’t know what is Android Pay note that it is a digital wallet platform developed by Google to facilitate purchases on mobile devices, enabling you to make payments with all types of Android devices. So this means you can now use it to pay your casino to play slots in real-time with real CAD.

Android Pay also allows peer-to-peer payments between friends and family and the ability to store movie and flight tickets. This official Android mobile wallet which is designed and backed by Google has launched support for Mastercard and Visa in Canada as well as Interac and American Express support.

Android Pay in Canada is supported by the following banks:

  • Canadian Tire
  • Banque Nationale
  • PC Financial
  • Scotiabank
  • CIBC
  • Desjardins
  • ATB Financial
  • BMO
  • Tangerine

It will work at any merchant terminal that supports tap for payments.

Android Pay App
Android Pay App- Deposit with Android Pay

How to set up Android Pay in Canada?- Deposit with Android Pay

  • To set up Android Pay in Canada you need to have a cell phone capable of running Android KitKat 4.4 OS.
  • Now download and install Android Pay from Google Play.
  • Next, you have to add your card from a participating bank that is mentioned above and you are good to go digital with Android Pay.
  • Just tap ‘Add a new card and place it in front of the camera so that it lines up with the provided frame on the screen. Your device will analyze the image and automatically add the card in a matter of seconds.
  • All that’s left is adding the CVC code that’s on the other side of your card. Or you can just fill out all the details by hand if the scan option doesn’t suit you. Once done, you’ll get an SMS with a code to verify the bank card, so nobody else will be able to use your card unless they also have your phone to pass the verification step.

How to make a deposit at a Canadian online casino with Android pay?

Spin Casino Android Canadian casino
Spin Casino Android Canadian casino- Deposit with Android Pay

How to deposit at a Canadian online casino with Android pay?

Now that you’ve known and added your bank cards and have linked to your Android Pay app, you’re ready to use them at any Android casino which accepts this deposit/withdrawal method.

  • All you need is to visit the Android casino of your choice with your cell phone.
  • Register yourself by Joining Now or Signing Up to open your casino account.
  • To play real money slots you need to deposit in CAD so go to the deposit or banking section of your mobile casino and select Android Pay as the depositing option
  • Type in the amount to deposit. Generally, it is CAD$10-CAD$25
  • Select the bank card you’re going to withdraw from (if you’ve added more than one)
  • Type in your password to verify the operation and you’re all set to play slots of your choice in real-time

Advantages of using Android Pay- Deposit with Android Pay

Advantages-of-using-Android-Pay- Deposit with Android Pay

Depositing with Android Pay is safe and secure as all your sensitive data remains hidden from the recipient that is the casino. This is due to tokenization. Instead of transferring sensitive data, Android Pay creates a token that verifies the payment and sends it in place of your card details. So, no casino will ever find out where your payment essentially came from, and even if anything goes wrong, a hacker will only see the fake token.

By using Android Pay you won’t have to bring your bank cards with you or remember any login details, either. Once you have your bank cards on your phone, switching between them will only take a single tap on your cell phone screen.

Android pay is fast like any other e-wallet such as Neteller or Skrill. In some cases, it’s even faster as you don’t even have to log in anywhere. Your mobile device is your Android Pay account, so topping up your bankroll for those slots for Android couldn’t be any more convenient.

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Disadvantages of using Android Pay- Deposit with Android Pay

Disadvantages of using Android Pay
Disadvantages of using Android Pay- Deposit with Android Pay

The only disadvantage of using Android Pay is that it is not found at all online Canadian-friendly casinos.

Also, you need to have Android Kit Kat as well as the latest OS to get the Android Pay App which means it is not supported on all Android phones, especially the older versions.

Finally, remember that when you use Android Pay you to need to also safeguard and take care of your Android cell phone. Always take extra precautions to safeguard your financial information on your smartphone and immediately report any unauthorized charges when you come across them manually or get notified. The mobile payment wallet by the tech giant has many layers of security to help make your casino experience secure and safe. However, you have to always bear in mind that no payment system is completely secure and the safety of your linked credit cards or passwords on Android is in your own hands.

Google Pay does not set any minimum or maximum limits for making deposits. However, each casino will have its terms and conditions (T&Cs) relating to a minimum or a maximum payment.

Withdrawing Funds via Android Pay- Deposit with Android Pay

Withdrawing Funds via Android Pay
Withdrawing Funds via Android Pay- Deposit with Android Pay

Using Android Pay you can also withdraw your funds. For this, you will need to add another banking method. For the time being, this payment system Google Pay can only be used for making deposits.

Before you start playing, always read through the T&Cs and payment policies of the casino you are willing to play at, so you can know what to expect.

Android Pay Safety- Deposit with Android Pay

Making a casino deposit with Google Pay (or Apple Pay) is quite a safe method of online payment for many reasons.

Android Pay secures your financial and personal information and stores it safely encrypted on its servers to prevent the possibility of identity theft

It takes no fees for payments—however, a casino may add its charges. Stay alert and check the T&Cs or banking information section before you pay.

There are many ways of staying safe when making online payments. A handful of financial technology companies and apps offer you virtual credit cards that you can get rid of right once you make the payment.

Android Pay & Mobile Casinos- Deposit with Android Pay

Google Pay is a payment method specifically made for Android devices and apps available in the Google Play Store, like mobile casino applications. Grab your tablet or smartphone and take your casino-playing experience with you on the go!

Android Pay Casino Bonuses- Deposit with Android Pay

Casino sites will often give you bonuses, in the form of free spins or adding extra funds that you can bet with. These bonuses are used for rewarding players or for encouraging them to play. With Android Pay, you can claim any gaming bonus instantly, as the payment goes through almost immediately.


Whenever you are making online payments, be cautious to ensure that you do not lose your funds, or allow third parties to get access to your personal and financial information. Using payment methods such as Android Pay or Apple Pay dramatically boosts your chances of staying safe in the online world.