Best Hacks to Get Free Coins and Rewards in Classic Slots

Classic slots app
Classic slots app- Classic slots free coins

What Are Classic Slot Machines?- Classic slots free coins

classic_slot_machine- Classic slots free coins

Classic slots free coins are one of the most intricate slots to deal with. It is a slot machine with any game that uses mechanical reels or any online slot game designed to look like mechanical slots. Such games are usually straightforward pay tables with no bonuses or extras.

How do Classic Slots Work?

How do Classic Slots Work
How do Classic Slots Work- Classic slots free coins

These games are also video slot machines using a random number generator to decide which reels and symbols to display on the screen. It helps the newer classic slots games to offer higher payouts than the old ones. Which usually used reels that turned inside the machine.

The earlier machines that used actual reels could only have a limited number of combinations. As the reels would only hold a certain number of symbols. Many players who played the old classic slot machines wanted the same gameplay look and feel but with a chance to win higher top prizes.

This is where a random number generator program and a video slot platform were started by the casinos. This was the game that these players wanted to play that reminded them of the old machines but were able to offer the higher paying top combinations.

Some of these machines are still in use right now. Although it is hard to find machines that use actual reels, still you can find video-based classic slots games even today.

Classic Slots Strategy- Classic slots free coins

Classic Slots Strategy to play
Classic Slots Strategy to play- Classic slots free coins

If you are an avid player of slots for a song you’ve probably figured out that there aren’t many strategies involved while playing. You usually put your money in and spin the reels.

Often you might get lucky to win, but most days you end up losing money. It is because the casino has a built-in benefit. Slot machines are programmed to entertain you, but they’re also supposed to charge you money in exchange for this entertainment.

Better to consider a few things to make your playing experience better and possibly make it last longer.

  • Play for the lowest coin amount that is available.
  • If the machine doesn’t offer a lower coin amount you can find a different machine that does.
  • Set limits for each playing session.
  • These can be as simple as to ensure you assign a budget for your entertainment for the week or month by the number of slots sessions you enjoy or set a standard loss limit. You should stop playing if you lose $100, or $50 or whatever you feel comfortable with.
  • Play these games for free.

Many players spend most of their time playing classic slot machines for free. Although they do not have any rush to hit a big payout, they also don’t lose money while playing either. Better when you want to play slots for free, opt to go online. Land-based casinos won’t let you play their machines without putting money into them first.

Classic Slot App- Classic slots free coins

Casino Slots is the new game app available right now at app stores to download free on your Android cell phones. This social game app is developed by Slots Limited and fully launched a few days back. Within a week of its launch players just love this casino. A rating of 4.9 at app stores shows the growing popularity of this free game app.

Slot games to play

Classic slot free coins
Classic slots free coins

Casino slots welcome you with lots of classic and new slots all straight from the casino floors in downtown Las Vegas. There are more than 100 slot machines to play with, mega Jackpots, non-stop Bonuses, unique Features, special seasonal Events and more.

Some of the well-known slot machines that you can play are Priceless Diamonds, Fire 777, Ice Time, Super combo, Amazing Treasure, Burning Hearts, Labor Day, Sliding 777, St Patrick’s Day, Brewfest, Jackpot Respin, Lucky Bucks, Wild Red Hot Red, Gold Rush Jackpot, Money Bag Millions, Blackjack Legends, Big Bucks, Legends of the Orient, Golden Wheel Fever, Turbo Streak, Royal Dice, Electric Jolt, Flaming 777s, Priceless Heart, Super Diamond jackpot, Buffalo Wild, Mega Wheel Super Fruits and many more! More new slots are added from time to time, the latest being Blackjack Legend, Dice Stars, Wild Bonanza and Piggy Bank.

Features of Classic Slots App

Classic slot features
Classic slot features- Classic slots free coins
  • Welcome bonus of up to 100,000 free coins and get more bonuses every day
  • Wonderful graphics, design and sound with easy to play multiple slots features like Individual reel stop, Auto spin and classic slot lever.
  • High roller players VIP Wheel Jackpot to win more
  • You can connect with Facebook and send your friends free coins every day for more slots excitement!
  • Win jackpots in your favorite slot games with names on the leaderboards
  • Challenges and events for free chips and more free spins only in this casino slot games.
  • You can play slots without WIFI or internet. This means you can play even offline

How to get started with Classic Slots?- Classic slots free coins

Classic slot app features
Classic slot app features- Classic slots free coins
  • It’s very simple and easy to get started with Classic Slots.
  • If you own iOS iPhone or iPad then visit the app store and download this app all free on your device.
  • If you own Android smartphone then visit Google Play and download this app all free on any Android cell phone.
  • Click here to download for iOS Requires iOS 9.0 or later
  • Click here to download for Android Requires Android 4.1 and up
  • Once you get this app on your device you can start playing at once. No registration required.
  • You will get 100,000 free coins as welcome bonus to play free slot machines.
  • Join with your Facebook account if you wish and get more free coins.
  • You can use the chat feature within the game and chat with your FB friend while playing the game
  • First three slot machines are unlocked and the rest as you keep on playing and level up in the game more slot machines will be unlocked and available for play.
  • You play with free money in this fun casino and win free coins to play more.

How to get Free Coins and Rewards in Classic Slots

Free Coins and Rewards in Classic Slots
Classic slot app free coins- Classic slots free coins
  • As said above you are offered 100,000 free coins as welcome bonus
  • Get 500 free coins or credits as daily bonus
  • Get free daily spin & free bonuses every hour means you always have more coins to play slots
  • Join with Facebook and get free 10,000 credits. You can sync your progress and send and receive gifts too.
  • Like FB fanpage of Classic slots and get more free coins.
  • Meet the daily challenge and collect daily bonus.
  • Collect hourly bonus 3 times and you can send up to 3 gifts to friends meeting the daily challenge.
  • Use friend codes and get free 200 credits or coins all free from friends.
Classic slot free coins hack
Classic slot app free coins- Classic slots free coins
  • There is bonus for invitee where you enter friend code and get 5000 free bonus. Don’t know friend code then ask from your friends and enter the code.
  • If you register your email you get a reward of 1000 X coins and 1X hammer.
  • Get star cards during events and finish a set to win a big reward then complete the album for a gigantic prize. Every card has a symbol from one of the classic slot machine that you play. The higher the amount of starts the rarer the card. The ! icon down below your game screen will show you the cards you have collected and you can then send this star to a friend or ask your FB friend to send you one. If you collect the entire album of cards you win awesome 45,000,000 free coins.
  • If you stamp your cards of one entire set you win 500,000 coins all free.
  • Grab the deals on Facebook Fan Page and get more rewards.

Every event and festival-like Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine fetches you more coins.

Finally, remember that this app has in-app purchases if you want to buy more coins. The price of coin packs starts from $1.39 and the highest is $139.99. Also note this is a free fun social game app where you do not require real money deposits to play. You play with free coins and win free coins to play more.


These are a few hacks to ger classic slots free coins and rewards in Classic slots on Android.