How to find Slotomania cheats for Android phone


Slotomania is the best game app for your Android phone to go for the social gaming experience. This popular slots app was launched in December 2010 by developer Playtika, which was in turn picked up by the Caesars Entertainment Corporation in 2011 and is now considered part of Caesars Interactive Entertainment. It now has more than 14 million users on Facebook alone, making it one of the most popular social casinos in the world. Here is the slotomania cheats you must know.

You will find that there is a variety of fun, engaging slots that are similar to those you would see at any online gambling site or in the video slots banks at land casinos with apps available for Android, it’s easy to jump into the action no matter how you prefer to do your gaming.

Playing with numbers, coins, rewards and jackpots


When you first playing at Slotomania, you get an endless stream of numbers. There are coins, rewards points, experience bars, piggy banks, jackpots – the list goes on and on. This can make the entire experience seem a bit overwhelming, but in reality, this is a fairly simple app to use, especially if you just want to jump in and play a few slots.

Get 20,000 Sign up bonus

When you first sign up for an account, you’ll be granted 20,000 coins which can be used to play your first unlocked slot machine: Farm Fortune. Then you’ll be able to play a lot more games going forward but the first and most basic thing you should realize is that you won’t be betting real money in this app: that’s what makes it a “social casino” rather than a fully-fledged gambling site. Instead, you’ll be spending your coins on the games that are available to you to win more coins.

While you’re playing these games, you’ll earn experience points that will quickly see you rise in levels. Unlocking new levels comes with a host of benefits for you, such as increased maximum bets on each line you play, increases in the size of your bonuses, and instant infusion of more coins to your balance, and more status points.

Slotomania app

Status points are part of the Playtika Rewards system, which moves you up tiers as you continue to play at Slotomania. As you move up through the loyalty program, you’ll get more free coins each day, earn additional status points faster, and see more coins during the “mega bonus” feature. As you move up through the diamond levels, you can even get personalized VIP support from an account manager, making you feel like a high-roller.

New slots to unlock and play

Slotomania app

With your increasing level means the unlocking of new slots for you to play. Enjoy Grand Phoenix with 4 Legendary Jackpots, Vegas Cash, Super Double Ruby Gold,  Xin Fu – Fortune, Despicable Wolf, 2 Dragons with 5 Epic Jackpots, and transferring Wilds, Magic Trixie,  Tinker Bell’s Fortune and many other slots of such kind.

For most of these games, unlocking is tied to your level. For instance, if you want to play the Elvis slot, you’ll need to reach Level 12 first. The King of Gold jackpot game becomes available at Level 20, while “Coins and Clovers” requires players to get up to level 335 before playing. There are nearly 100 different machines that can be unlocked in the main lobby through the leveling system, while another 40 are available through the Sloto Classics tab. This casino conduct regular tournaments in the Tournamania area; by playing the appropriate games. You will enter automatically, with the top players during the tournament period earning additional coin prizes.

Slotomania games

The popular slots to enjoy are:

  • Slotomania lucky slots – in this games it is all about luck. If you will get more lucky shots than missed ones then you will get an extra reward for your game.
  • Slotomania double casino– Here you can feel like in a real casino. You can buy drinks, snacks, or gifts for other players. It is a casino simulation created for you by slotomania owners.
  • Ceasar casino game – This is a VIP slotomania game created for most demanding casino players online. You can have the most luxurious games – all this is free. The only thing you have to get is a VIP invitation from another player online. Feel free to ask your friends – you never know who is playing slots right now!
  • DoubleDown Slotomania Game– This game is invented for players who like the risk. If you do not play – you do not win. This principle is very old and still in use by casino players. You have to spin the machine and once you will win – you can double your reward by x2/x4/x6 or even x10. As you can see you can get rich in no time – it is all about your luck and skills!
  • House of slotomania– This game was invented for kids. You can’t win there real money but instead, you can get funny gifts to post on your Facebook wall or get gifts for your slotomania profile.

You need coins to play

Slotomania app

When you first start playing at Slotomania, it may seem impossible that you’ll ever need more coins – especially if you hit an early winning streak. Between the bonuses and gifts that rapidly refill your account, it can feel like the party will never end. You get additional free coins also every  three hours, further protecting you from ruin.

When you play with virtual coins the device has money detectors that check if the money is real or not. The rules are simple – if you will get three of the same images you win. Each pair of 3 images are worth differently. Currently, the Slotomania machines are the most popular casino games which bring 70% profit for the casino.

But as you move up in levels, it becomes necessary to bet more and more coins to continue moving up at the same pace. That means more danger to your account balance, and at some points, going broke can take just a few max bet spins.

What you need to do if you need more coins?

You have the option to purchase additional coins for real money. For instance, you might spend $2 to get 11,250 coins while $50 will buy you 405,000. These purchases also allow you to quickly earn more status points, get more gifts, and collect more special bonuses than free players will see.

You need coins to unlock other benefits, levels, and upgrades. If you wish to increase your possibilities of winning, then you should get Slotomania cheats. Furthermore, you possibly can make the most out of a game with these cheats.

Slotomania app

To be able to gain access to effective Slotomania cheats, you have to download a Slotomania hack tool. Many sites offer this cheat engine. Nevertheless, you should make certain that you are obtaining it from a trustworthy site. Check the comments to know the satisfaction level of other past users. A team of expert programmers who also like internet slot games is the creators of Slotomania hack. This is an item of their concerns towards some other players; they want to provide gaming experiences that are too good to forget.

Essentially, the Slotomania cheat allows players to incorporate unlimited numbers of coins in their account. This goes to show that playing Stomania until you drop is possible. The good thing about Slotomania hacks is that it enables you to obtain all the resources required for the game for free. Moreover, Slotomania cheats have anti-ban protection functions so that security will never be compromised. It works with all web browsers, and it has no virus that’s the reason why you can guarantee that it will not destroy your unit.

Slotomania app

Downloading the Slotomania cheat engine is the only thing gamers must do. You do not have to worry regarding revisions since it has an automatic update feature. If the software that you have is an older version, get the slotomania hacks 2019 or generators as offered by the Zynga forum. This newest version has some additional features. It doesn’t need a password to your account to ensure that no key logger can keep track of your movements. It can make countless coins, its 100% virus protected, and its cheat tool could be easily used. When you go for the latest version, above mentioned are the features you will find.

Download from Google Play

You can also download it on the android Google play store  slotomania cheats from slotomania cheats. Based on what device you’re using, cheat engine websites usually give a separate download URL. What you need to do then is to stick on the given steps. With this, you can have the whole downloading procedure successfully finished. You also get video clips, which you can view so you can have a greater understanding of how to enhance the cheat engine. Also, this is safe to use with 256 SSL protocol to connect to the data source.

Also if you do not wish to take risks with the slotmania cheats. Better to play the game regularly and log in every day. It will ensure your maximize your freebies. Aside from that, there is no way to game the app. You need to unlock the best Slotomania games either by playing a lot or by paying for them.

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