Fido or Koodo Plans for Bring Your Own Phone

Fido Koodo Phone Plans

As a Canadian, you know that Koodo and Fido, the two telecom carriers, have almost similar plans in terms of prices. So which one is better? Let us find the differences and similarities between the two carriers to choose the best one.

  • Koodo and Fido both use different network technologies.
  • The two different technologies are GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), used by Fido, and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), used by Koodo. These standards are generally known as “2G” technologies and are only used for voice and text when 3G signals are poor. You should choose the kind of network for which your phone is designed.
  • Try looking up your phone model online to see if it’s compatible with GSM or CDMA. Few phones do both.
  • In comparison, every Fido and Koodo plan across every province is similar in one way or another. The only notable differences are in Quebec (QC), where Fido’s 5GB plan is hugely cheaper, and in Yukon (YT), where Fido does not offer any plans. Neither carrier sells plans online for folks in the Northwest Territories or Nunavut.
  • In comparison, one of these two carriers is cheaper than the other.
  • Koodo has a 100MB plan with 200 call minutes; Fido’s products start at 300MB.
  • Fido updates its plans fairly regularly, and you can check online according to the province where you live.
  • When bringing your phone to Canada, you must ensure it will even support service.

Fido or Koodo Plans

Fido or Koodo Plans
Fido Vs Koodo

Fido and Koodo are Canadian mobile carriers offering a range of phone plans and services. The choice between Fido and Koodo depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the coverage in your area. Here are some factors to consider when comparing Fido and Koodo:

  1. Network Coverage:
    • Check the network coverage of both carriers in your area. Both Fido and Koodo use major networks in Canada (Rogers for Fido and Telus for Koodo), but coverage might vary depending on your location.
  2. Plan Pricing and Features:
    • Compare the available plans from both carriers. Consider factors such as data allowances, talk and text features, and any additional perks or promotions they may offer. Look for plans that align with your usage patterns.
  3. Promotions and Discounts:
    • Keep an eye on any ongoing promotions or discounts that carriers may offer. These can include limited-time discounts, bonus data, or special device deals.
  4. Customer Service:
    • Research customer reviews and feedback regarding Fido and Koodo’s customer service. Consider the level of support they provide, especially in resolving issues or answering inquiries.
  5. Device Selection:
    • If you are interested in purchasing a new smartphone or bringing your own device, check both carriers’ device selections. Ensure that they support the device you want or offer a variety of options if you’re looking to upgrade.
  6. Prepaid vs. Postpaid:
    • Decide whether you prefer a prepaid or postpaid plan. Prepaid plans offer flexibility with no long-term commitments, while postpaid plans may include device financing options.
  7. International Roaming:
    • If you frequently travel internationally, check both carriers’ international roaming options. Look for plans that offer affordable roaming rates or packages.
  8. Family Plans:
    • If you have multiple lines or family members on the same plan, compare family plans to see if discounts or shared data options are available.
  9. Additional Features:
    • Consider any additional features the carriers offer, such as voicemail, call waiting, or data add-ons.
  10. Online Account Management:
    • Evaluate the user interface and features of the online account management systems for both carriers. A user-friendly interface can make monitoring usage, paying bills, and managing your account easier.

Ultimately, your choice between Fido and Koodo depends on your individual preferences and needs. To make an informed decision, take the time to compare plans, read reviews, and consider factors such as network coverage and customer service.

Phone Plans without Phone Subsidies or Tabs

Both Fido and Koodo offer a wide range of plans, which are bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) plans. These plans attract customers with larger plans than small ones.

Standard Plans

Across the provinces, Alberta (AB), British Columbia (BC), New Brunswick (NB), Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), Nova Scotia (NS), Ontario (ON), Prince Edward Island (PE), and Yukon (YT) all have identical plan pricing for Fido and Koodo—with the one exception being that Fido does not offer plans in YT. Let’s refer to these as the ‘Standard Plans’ for each carrier.

 1 GB Unlimited Mins2 GB Unlimited Mins3 GB Unlimited Mins5 GB Unlimited Mins
Fido (No Contract Plans$55$65$75$90
Koodo (No Contract Plans)$55$65$75$90

Identical prices with identical basic inclusions. The 300MB with 300 mins, 500MB with 500 mins and 750MB with 750 mins plans for both carriers paint the same picture.

Plans at Manitoba (MB) and Saskatchewan (SK)

Both carriers have the same pricing but differ when compared to the Standard Plans. Neither carrier offers a 1GB, 2GB, or 3GB plan in MB or SK. Instead, they jump straight from 750MB to 5GB. Also, the lower-tier plans cost the same as their ‘Standard Plan’ counterparts in the rest of Canada.

What you really want to look at is the 5GB plan. In both cases, it is a significantly better deal than you’ll get elsewhere in the country and way cheaper per MB than the smaller plans.

 300 MB
300 mins
500 mins
750 mins
Unlimited mins
Fido (No Contract Plans$35$40$45$48
Koodo (No Contract Plans)$35$40$45$48

The huge gap in monthly inclusions between the 750MB and 5GB plans is pretty odd. For only $3 more, you get more than 5x as much data from either carrier.

Plans for Quebec

QC is the only province in which Fido and Koodo differ in BYOP plan pricing. Like MB and SK plans, Quebec plans have a more limited scope. This time, there is no option for a 1GB plan from Koodo and no 3GB plan from Fido.

Unlimited mins
Unlimited mins
Unlimited mins
Unlimited mins
Fido (No Contract Plans$43$53NA$65
Koodo (No Contract Plans)NA$53$75$90

There is a massive $25 per month price difference in the 5GB category, placing the Fido plan well under Koodo’s. A traditional 2-year contract would come to a minimum of $600.

Of course, neither of these plans comes with a lock-in commitment, but it’s still a good measure of how much money you are talking about.

Smaller plans in Quebec

These feature the only two other price discrepancies between Fido and Koodo. Interestingly, they swap places regarding who comes out better, even if only by a tiny amount in each instance.

 300 MB
300 mins
500 mins
750 mins
Fido (No Contract Plans$35$40$38 
Koodo (No Contract Plans)$35$38$40 

On Fido’s website, the 500MB plan is listed as $2 more expensive per month than the 750MB. Before making a decision, it is better to check their websites for the latest plans and offers for all the provinces.