What is the Canadian Charity Earth Rangers app for Android?

earth rangers app
Earth rangers app

Canadian-based environmental charity Earth Rangers, a kid-focused charity that offers opportunities to learn about Canadian wildlife and help the environment, has now launched an app. The free app is available on both iOS and Android. The Earth Rangers Foundation built the app to provide kids and their parents with a safe place to learn and talk about nature in Canada, as well as find out ways to help the environment.

The app is packed with more than two dozen impactful ‘missions,’ which include shoreline clean-ups, battery recycling, creating butterfly gardens and more ways that kids and parents can contribute to bettering the environment. The foundation says that the app can enable a space where kids and parents can “vocalize emotions about the state of the planet.

Charity Earth Rangers app

 Charity Earth Rangers app
About earth rangers app

The Earth Rangers App is where kids go to save animals! It’s free to join and you’ll have access to real-world Missions like building backyard habitats, making forest-friendly crafts and protecting marine animals from pollution. Plus, with Animal Adoptions, you’ll also learn about and be able to support conservation projects for a ton of species like majestic polar bears and adorable red foxes. Also, you can find tons of fun animal content on Wild Wire Blog, like top ten lists, quizzes and more.

You get to create your own avatar, get points for each activity you do, earn badges, level up to unlock special rewards, and journey through Canada’s coolest habitats on your quest to become the ultimate Earth Ranger!

Features of Earth Rangers App

About earth rangers app
About earth rangers app
  • Over 20 fun missions that make a real and positive impact on the environment like planting trees, battery recycling drives, conserving energy and creating butterfly gardens
    • Animal Adoptions that allow you to support real, on-the-ground conservation projects across Canada
    • Virtual badges, leaderboards, and rewards for almost everything you do in the app
    • Endless entertainment and inspiration through hours of educational videos and thousands of fascinating articles about animals and the environment
    • Easy access to the award-winning Earth Rangers podcast
    • Points-based levelling system that allows you to journey through different habitats, unlocking cool animal facts along the way
    • Customizable avatars that allow you to create your own virtual identity
    • Free membership card and welcome package sent by mail when you complete your membership sign-up

Note that by signing up to become an Earth Ranger, children, with support from their families, make a commitment to engage in actions that directly contribute to the protection of wildlife. Members move through levels by completing tangible activities, participating in real-life conservation projects and engaging with educational content. But more than that, the program provides a sense of belonging, optimism, and proof that when we all work together, we can make a difference.

Click here to download this free app now that requires Android 4.4 and up device.


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