How to Choose The Best Baccarat Betting System?

How to choose the best Baccarat Betting System?

So you are curious to know how to choose the best Baccarat betting system? Baccarat is considered one of the most controversial card games of all time. The game is very unpredictable. Due to its bulletproof mechanics, no strategies help to penetrate its surface.

This game is the best for those who don’t believe in strategies to win a game of gambling. They are entirely dependent on their lady luck. Hence for those people, this game might be their Everest. But, people sticking to their respective strategies do not support the mechanics of Baccarat. They do not like this game because of their complete failure of devising new strategies to win the hand of Baccarat.

There might be some aspects of the game that can still be used to the player’s advantage. But it does not change the fact that the game overall is beyond the control of strategic analysis.

How to select the best Baccarat Betting Systems?

How to select the best Baccarat Betting Systems
How to Choose the Best Baccarat Betting System?

The only thing that you can control is your bankroll when it comes to Baccarat, and hence you need to devise your strategy carefully as to which betting system would be the best to choose. Fibonacci and Paroli are two of the most preferable betting schemes reviewed by Baccarat players.

These schemes are then followed by Labouchere and Martingale. It is important to be wary of the Tie in Baccarat due to its highest house edge ever being 14.36%. So generally players go for the other two viable options in the game, Banker being the most preferred one. If you want to go for the Player you can, however, you will lose the additional 5% commission that you can get while playing on the Banker.

So we move forward to the Baccarat Betting systems that deal with the methodology behind wagering and bet levels.


Baccarat Betting systems
Baccarat Betting systems- How to Choose the Best Baccarat Betting System?

The most commonly used scheme, this scheme is the usual Fibonacci series where the next number is the sum of the previous two numbers. Also used in the even-odd games, the best way to play with the wager according to this series is to wager the process with a single unit and increase accordingly higher in the table with the Fibonacci sequence:

1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55…

The way to perfectly play with this sequence is by understanding the concept of Baccarat at first. Each selected unit is repeated if the player loses and increases on another losing bet until the player wins the hand. So at that point players should bet less by going back two numbers on the sequence.

Reasons to choose this Baccarat betting system

Because of its redundant damage to a player’s balance the other betting system, Fibonacci Baccarat Betting System is preferred.


Paroli- How to Choose the Best Baccarat Betting System?

The first method to introduce losing hands and then gradually increasing bets when the tables are turned, Paroli is the hybrid of flat and progressive betting systems. No more than 2% of the total that you are planning to win, the startup amount is decided by the player and it can be anything under the above number. As long as you keep losing, the amount of the wager remains unchanged. It gets doubled after the first win. Doubling of the bet remains flexible, although some may restrict the bet doubling hands to three hands. Others are brave enough in their betting of progressions and press the bets until they stop winning.

Reasons to choose Baccarat betting system- How to Choose the Best Baccarat Betting System?

Easy to learn and not having an abnormal budget, this system also creates the chance of draining your balance quickly.


Labouchere- How to Choose the Best Baccarat Betting System?

The makeup for all previously accumulated losses through a series of petite winnings, Labouchere can be considered as a negative progression through its gameplay. One major demerit of the system is it starts with a random sequence of numbers hence the player needs to note it duly.

1 2 3 4 5

The general idea of it is the best should be the sum of the first and the last number. As a result, the first wager should be 6 units. When you win the hand, go for the next combination of the first and the last number.

2 3 4

You can add a new number to the sequence if you lose the bet.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Why choose this Baccarat betting system?

Due to its flexible playing pattern, you can devise your betting pattern which makes Labouchere the viable betting system option.


Martingale- How to Choose the Best Baccarat Betting System?

Another hybrid of the flat and progressive betting system, Martingale is very similar to Paroli the only difference being the flat betting on the wins and doubling the bets on the losses. Hence, the balance remains positive when the player wins. The table limit is the only restricting factor that is preventing Martingale from being a perfect betting solution otherwise theoretically this system indicates that the player will always stay ahead.

Why choose this Baccarat betting system?

For a short-term time, the best option is Martingale.

Shift 5

Shift 5
Shift 5- How to Choose the Best Baccarat Betting System?

Some of the preliminary reviews show this system quite favourable however there is not much known about this system as much as the others from the list.

How to choose?

How to choose
How to choose- How to Choose the Best Baccarat Betting System

The circumstances are the ringmaster of the optimal betting strategy. Factors like your budget, the direction of the game and your comfort with the game are responsible for the picking of the best system. Due to the discrepancies between players in terms of their budget, not all players will be suitable for your strategy of a certain betting pattern.

Other factors include your set of beliefs i.e., your belief system regarding luck in such games. Some of the above systems are entirely resting on the argument that winning and losing streaks exist that may seem relevant to some and irrelevant to others. Money is outright the best option to decide the optimal baccarat betting system that you should wager on in the long run.

Fortune is only favourable in those systems that are based on the constant betting increase. These kinds of systems are favourable only in a single unfavourable hand. Hence some players will have to stick to flat betting strategies. If it does not suit your way of betting you can always wager on progressive betting based on your budget and time.


These are a few ways that can teach you how to choose the Best Baccarat betting system.