5 Best Android Go Phones Under $100 to Buy

There are many cost-effective Android smartphones, and there are some Android Go phones as well.  Android Go devices the cheapest of all and created to work on a special version of Android specifically targeting lower-end specifications. Android Go handsets can work as a great backup phone, and the best of these are listed below, which you should buy in 2019.

1. Nokia 1

Most Durable and Sturdy

This is one of the few Android Go phones that is officially available for sale in the US. This Nokia 1 offers a 5-inch display with 8GB storage with a capacity to expand up to 128GB along with a microSD card. This phone has a strong polycarbonate body feels great with full 4G LTE support, FM radio, and a headphone jack also. This is available at Amazon just for $59.

2. Huawei Y5

Smaller Bezels

The specialty of Huawei Y5 compared to many other smartphones on this list is that it has the smallest bezels that covers its 5.45-inch HD display making it the best for streaming video and playing games. Some other amazing feature includes an 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera with a selfie flash, and 16GB of storage. This phone is also available in three colors to choose from! Available for $98 at Amazon, Huawei Y5 is a nice phone with so many features.

3. Samsung Galaxy J2 Core

Packed with Every Feature

If you are a big fan of Samsung phone but the Galaxy J4 Core is a too expensive one, check out the J2 Core. With a compact 5-inch display and for one-handed use it is a great possession to own. Available in three attractive colors, it features an 8MP rear camera, quad-core processor, 5MP front camera, and expandable storage up to a 256GB. This phone is available at Amazon for $90.

4. Xiaomi Redmi Go

Sharper Screen Resolution

Coming from the family of Xiaomi, Redmi Go is one of the finest picks as it is durable, cheap and feature loaded. It is yet another compact phone with a 5-inch display with much sharper screen resolution than the Galaxy J2 Core’s. Packed with the Snapdragon 425 processor, expandable storage up to 128GB, it has a strong 3,000 mAh battery. You can buy this phone at Amazon for just $90.

5. Alcatel 1X

Latest Features

Alcatel 1X is also a great Android Go choice with a 5.3-inch display. Its display is nice and compact, and the most amazing this about this phone is that it has the modern 18:9 aspect ratio. You will get a full LTE support for US carriers, 5MP front and 8MP rear cameras, and, also a fingerprint sensor! Other features include expandable storage up to 32GB and a 2,460 mAh battery life. Buy this phone for just $87 at Amazon.


Although each phone, above listed, has its own specialty when it comes to selecting the best of all – we would recommend the Nokia 1 to have. It does not have the stylish look and appealing body or display but it can offer all basic features that anyone would use the mobile for. It comes with a sturdy and appealing compact design also.

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