6 Best Premium Android Games of 2022

There’s something rejuvenating and refreshing about playing a mobile game without purchasing in-apps. To make your gaming experience better, we have compiled a list of top 6 premium android games that were popular in 2018!


Put on your gun boots and jump into the well in Downwell. This is a challenging retro-styled roguelike game which features a pretty steep learning curve teaching you how to defeat the enemies and understand which weapon upgrades work best for your play style.

You will have to fall and your enemies and shops come from the bottom-up, where you have to be very strategic in your freefall and if you happen to accidentally land on an enemy you will lose a heart. You will find different numbers of hearts at the start while repeated play thus changing the way end of level upgrades work, which slightly changes the pattern your sprite falls down the well.

Your objective is to survive as you fall deeper down the well. You do not have to purchase any in-app, save points, or continues, and when you die you need to start at the top of the well again.

Suzy Cube

Suzy Cube is the best 3D platform game you can play on Android that features amazing touchscreen controls that allow you to jump and complete 40 levels, each will challenging platforming and secret areas to unearth.

In this game, each world concludes with an identical boss battle with slight differences — but still, it has something new also. Without any in-app purchases, you can play this fascinating game as all the bonus can be triggered using stars found throughout each level. Suzy Cube is the best bet if you are dying for a great 3D platformer to play on your android smartphone.

Reigns: Her Majesty

If becoming a day’s kind have been your dream, you should definitely check out Reigns. This is a very elegant game with easy gameplay mechanics and amazing wit, where you have to run your kingdom seamlessly by interacting with citizens, advisors, witches and other characters residing in your kingdom.

Every decision you make impacts four resources that you manage: religion, citizens, the army and kingdom’s treasury. You need to strike a balance amongst these resources while running your kingdom smoothly. If any meter maxes out or comes to zero, your reign is done. But with this, you become the successor and you need to try to last longer in your reign than your predecessor.


In this game, you will enter a world beautifully set dystopia, where you have to play as a Josef who is a robot on a mission to save his girlfriend.

In this episode, you will have to solve a number of puzzles at every step in the game to advance to next part of the city, and you can even unearth easter egg backstory episodes when you roam about in some parts of the city.

As a robot, you tap articles to solve the puzzles, but to add more excitement to it you can only tap whatever’s in the robot Josef’s reach.

This game is devoid of language and dialogue. It is a pictographic thought bubble that helps you know what’s on Josef’s mind to drive your way through the game.

Mini Metro

This is a classic game full of joy to play. It is a puzzle game based on developing subway routes across a city where the background music is set to the movement of the subway cars.

Just review the trailer and you will have a good idea of the pattern of the game. It is an ideal game to play when you have some idle time while commuting. You do not have to purchase any in-app or ads to distract from the simple design and engaging gameplay.


You will enter a futuristic world where you will have to fight to play as the JYDGE with violent cyberpunk gangs who are a big problem. JYDGE is a cybernetic enforcement officer who uses his Gavel – big freaking gun to establish justice.

In every level, you will face different challenges and you need to face it progressing through the game reaching out the next level. The game rewards you for completing goals and unearthing enemy hideouts for loot that you are free to spend towards cybernetic upgrades.


Did you see there are so many great games out there with no in-app purchases? Hope this list of top 6 premium android games would help you select the most suitable game you will find for yourself or may check out all at least once!

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