5 Best LG Phones to have in 2021

Although the Android phones of LG are not that popular as Samsung, it continues to release quality phones every year. The lineup of LG has become a little muddy due to the fast iteration and release of interim models between major launches, but it keep bringing interesting options in terms of prices. Here are the top 5 LG phones that you must check out if you plan to opt for LG phones in 2019!

  1. LG G8 – The Best

This is the latest and most advanced phone of this company LG G8. Although it isn’t much different from the models V40, the G8 is equipped with the latest new OLED display and an intriguing touch-less Air Motion gesture controls. In addition, it also offers a new display membrane speaker promising better sound effect for calls and all other audio. You also get the standard solid build quality and high-quality wired headphone experiences in this LG’s recent phones.

$850 at B&H

  1. LG V40 – Selling Great

This model of LG is also a great choice especially if you’re looking at it for its full $950 retail price. With the new model started to become available on stores, the price of the V40 has dropped. If you are lucky enough to find it under $800 it is a great buy compared to the G8. You will not miss Air Motion and can get a wider screen to use.

$950 at Amazon

  1. LG Stylo 4 – Budget Friendly

If you are really going to pinch the pennies, the Stylo 4 could be the best fit suiting your budget. It will offer you an LG handset under $200. This phone boasts of a huge 6.2-inch Full HD display, a large 3300mAh battery, single 13-megapixel rear camera, along with USB-C charging, and an integrated stylus enabling you to doodle and draw to your heart’s content.

$210 at Amazon

  1. LG G7 – Money Saver

It largely matches with the V40 features but in a smaller and more affordable package. In LG G7 you will find a 6.1-inch 3120×1440 display, a glass build for strong and better look, and dual 16-megapixel cameras. The available 3.5mm headphone jack is equipped with the highest-quality DACs available in a smartphone, along with a loudspeaker, which is one of the loudest you have ever heard.

$620 at Amazon

  1. LG V35 –Fusion of Old and New

Before releasing the powerful V40, LG released an interim phone LG V35. It is coupled with two rear cameras instead of three like the V40, with a big OLED screen, Snapdragon 845 processor, and it does not have a notch in its screen. The price of this phone fluctuates, but if you can have it under $600, it’s a great deal.

$650 at Amazon


If money is not an issue for you and you want to get the best LG phone that money can buy, G8 is the best for you. There is little difference between LG G8 and LG V40, hence if you want to get almost every feature at relatively fewer prices, be patient and keep an eye on the V40 for sales.

This is a truth that not everyone can spend over $800 on a phone; if your budget is lower, you can also go for LG G7 which is still a good choice that will provide you more or less similar experience for much less money now that it’s been replaced. In addition, the most pocket-friendly comes in the form of Stylo 4 that offers a great all-round experience just for $200.

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