Hacks To Get Free Coins At Tycoon Casino [Canada]

Tycoon Android casino
Tycoon Android casino

So you are inquisitive about the hack to get free coins at Tycoon Casino? Developed by Triwin Games, Tycoon casino is actually a social casino app readily available for all gaming devices be it iPhone or Android or PC. This free casino was launched in 2018 and now has grown in popularity with a rating of 4.8  out of 5 at app stores, it’s just superb. Now coming back to my being able to find free coins while playing at Tycoon casino. You can find ways and means to find free coins at Tycoon casino within the gameplay or use the best cheat that works and solves your purpose to get free coins.

Games to play at Tycoon Casino

Tycoon Casino- So you are inquisitive about the hack to get free coins at Tycoon Casino?
Tycoon Casino

There are so many slot games to play Tycoon Casino and win huge prizes as well as progressive jackpots. There are over 30 slot machines with amazing casino bonuses and various free slot casino machines.

Fantastic Pearl, Eastern Riches, Frosted Fortune, Clover Treasure, 777 Vintage Motor, Vegas Holiday, Pharaoh’s Glory,  Epic Phoenix, Grand Theft Cat, Kingdom Treasure, Rising Shoes, Mariner Treasure, Tigers treasure, Lucky Chilli, Billionaire’s Riches, Hot Night Club, Happy Lion, Scarab Riches, Fairy of Sacred Lotus, Star Panda, Grand Mayan, Jungle Grand Master, Tiki Holiday, Zeus Rule, Mia’s Fortune, Volcano Riches, Strong Egg, Buffalo Battler, Win with Vintage Reward progressive jackpot game, 88 Grand and many others.

Getting started at Tycoon Casino

tycoon mobile casino app
tycoon mobile casino app

To get started at Tycoon Casino is very easy. First, you need to download the free casino app to play with your cell phone.

Click here to download Tycoon Casino all free for Android cell phone

Click here to download Tycoon Casino all free for iPhone

When you join the casino for the first time you can play as a guest or play with your Facebook account.

As this is a free casino game app you are given free coins to plays slots here.

You grab a welcome bonus as a new player and get 10,000,000 free coins to get started.

With awesome graphics and animations offer you the real casino atmosphere to play the best slot games loaded with different features, huge prizes, and bonuses, winning symbols like Scatter & expanding WILD to win Big wins and mega wins.

There are mostly jackpot slot machines and Mega slot machines to win free games. Also, spin and get specific wolves in special reels to multiply your prizes.

You can take part in slot tournaments and enjoy more ways to win.

How to Get Free Coins

Get Free Coins
Get Free Coins

Tycoon Casino provides Vegas jackpot slots that manufacture huge wins. The free slots are an amazing way to keep yourself engaged when you have leisure time, especially if you are an avid casino games fanatic. By enrolling in Tycoon Casino, you acquire the access to 100,000,000 free coins almost automatically in the form of a welcome bonus. This is a gargantuan amount of free coins along with an instant way to experience the slot games on offer.

You are rewarded with a store gift for every 12 minutes you experience on the app. If that isn’t enough, the app also offers a bonus wheel spin once every four hours. You can also collect stellar bonuses for gaming when you spin the wheel.

To begin playing the free games, all you need to do is install the app. You can find the app both on Google Play Store as well as Apple Store. Once the installation is finished, you are all set to begin the guide of how to play Tycoon Casino.

The app is available in landscape mode and you will have enough access to games, important rewards and much more. It might be an arduous journey to wrap your head around the multiple games as there are so many of them along with the rewards you want in the process. You are also offered multiple free coins, hence, you are always armed with instant money to begin with.

Hacks to get free coins at Tycoon Casino

hack to free coins
Tycoon Casino – how to get free coins
  • There are various ways within the gameplay that will offer you lots and lots of free coins.
  • At the start, there are the Welcome bonus coins as a new player 10,000,000 free coins
  • Joining with Facebook gets you more free coins
  • Next, get spin the wheel at every 4 hours and get  over 20,000,000 free coins
  • Play any slot machine and get free coins
  • Certain levels offer more free coins like at level 9 and get over 10000 free coins
Tycoon Casino bonus
Tycoon Casino bonus
  • Then complete daily goals for free coins
  • Level up in your VIP tier like Bronze, Silver and Gold to get more free coins
  • Watch ads in between the games and get 3000000 free coins
  • Watch a video to collect 2000000 free coins
  • Go to inbox and click on thanks for playing sent you 1000000 free coins to collect
  • Go to Bonus ready offer and click on the puzzle to get 3754000 free coins. You get this offer every 10 minutes. Click on ready bonus coins icon on your game homepage to get this bonus.
  • Go to store gift and without making any purchase you get 500000 free coins. Offers every 10 minutes. Click on ready bonus coins icon on your game homepage to get this bonus.
  • Invite your friends to play at Tycoon casino and get free coins
  • Complete different goals and daily events for bonus coins and more free spins
tycoon casino mega win
tycoon casino mega win

Take part in slots events to win extra prizes in special slot machines.

At Facebook Tycoon Casino there are lots of events that fetch you free coins:

Each day you are offered daily free coins

Grab weekend free coins

On festivals and celebrations or national holidays get free coins

Solve the quiz and contests to get free coins

Comment on games and like them on FB to get more free coins

Click here to get free coins using third party hacks and cheats

Finally, remember this casino game is only for fun to play and doesn’t involve real CAD to play slots. This means the slot machines at this app do not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. There are so many above-mentioned ways to get free coins at Tycoon casino and experts don’t advise any gamer to visit any online site looking for free coins and fell into a spam trap.

The best way to play any free game app is to use and utilize the ways and means to get free coins within the gameplay. But if still, you don’t have any patience to wait for more free coins to load into your casino account naturally, then you can think of buying more free coins. The in-app purchase within Tycoon casino offers various discounts to players to buy coins. The coin package starts from CA$6.99 and rises up to CA$139.99 for a large pack of coins.  If you find any difficulty in playing games or getting free coins you can contact the Tycoon casino customer support here.

Can You Win Real Money on Tycoon Casino?

While Tycoon Casino offers much fun and enjoyment to players, it does not provide any real money or even rewards. The purpose of Tycoon Casino is to function on goals as well as daily events to collect bonus coins as well as free spins. The games are quite legitimate, so you will experience as if you are playing valid casino games, however there isn’t any reward waiting to be claimed by you. Tycoon casino does not deliver real money and the money it does provide is just for fun and games.


This is everything there is to know about the hack to get free coins at Tycoon Casino.