The Best Hacks to Collect All The Badges in Pokémon Masters

How to get badges in Pokemon Masters
Pokémon Masters

Pokemon Masters is the new game app for Android developed by DeNA and was released in 2019. It allows players to battle various Pokémon Trainers from the core series games. This game is set on the artificial island of Pasio. So far the game has 11 chapters in the main storyline and an interlude. There’s a tournament of 3-on-3 battles being held on Pasio called the Pokémon Masters League. The main goal is to become its Champion.

To enter the Pokémon Masters League, players must collect at least five Badges by defeating the PML Leaders located in Pasio. When recruiting a sync pair, the player can unlock a sync pair story.

The five badges in Pokemon Masters
Pokémon Masters

A sync pair is a pair consisting of one Pokémon Trainer and one Pokémon in Pokémon Masters. Each sync pair has one of three roles: strike sync pairs, which are focused on attacking; support sync pairs, which are focused on defending, healing HP, and increasing stats of the whole team; and tech sync pairs, which are focused on different tactics, such as inflicting status alterations. Sync pairs can be recruited by playing the main story, or through scouting.

The top tournament on the human-made island of Pasio is supposed to feature the best of the best and isn’t going to let you enter just because you wish. You’ll need to prove your worth by collecting five PML Badges, which are handed out by experienced trainers spread across different parts of the island. They aren’t going to hand them over unless you impress them first, and because this is a Pokémon game, that means a battle or five.

All of the PML Badges can be found by completing different chapters of the Main Story mode, here is the hack to collect all the badges in Pokémon Masters with ease.

The best hack to collect all the badges in Pokémon Masters

Here are the best ways to collect all the five badges in Pokemon Masters.

1. Collect the Tranquility Badge

Tranquility Badge in Pokemon Masters
Pokémon Masters

The first PML Badge awaits at the end of Chapter 4, From Bud to Blossom, where you’ll need to defeat a trainer named Erika and her Vileplume. To beat her, you’ll want to use a team with at least one strong Fire-type Sync Pair, backed up by an Electric-type. Erika and Vileplume are especially vulnerable to the Burn status effect, which can be applied by the following Moves: Ember, Fire Blast, Fire Punch, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower and Will-O-Wisp.

2. Collect the Freedom Badge

Freedom Badge
Freedom Badge

The Freedom Badge is distributed by a trainer named Skyla who forms a Sync Pair with a Swanna, who you’ll meet in Chapter 5, The High-Flying Girl. Along with her teammates, they dish out strong physical moves while buffing their own defence and your help. To form the best possible team to take them down, it’s best to have a Rock-type as the centrepiece and at least one Grass-type as well.

A good tactic against Skyla is to slow her Paralysis. Though no Rock-type attack can paralyze but the Grass-type move Stun Spore does, so a good tactic is to have a Sync Pair like Erika and Vileplume on your team. Use the Stun Spore to paralyze Skyla, then switch and use Rock-type attacks to do extra damage.

3. Collect the Patience Badge

Patience Badge
Pokemon Masters- Patience Badges

The trainer in charge of the Patience Badge is Norman, the father of another trainer you’ll meet during your adventures. He’s waiting in Chapter 7, Bravery is Half the Victory, and you’ll have to defeat him to have a shot at the badge. Also, you’ll have additional battles to fight even if you get by Norman and you can form the same kind of team for the entire chapter, one that features one or two Fighting-type Sync Pair reinforced by a Water-type duo. In the boss battles, you’ll want to beware of Paralysis and Burn status effects, as well as abilities that slow down your team.

4. Collect the Harmony Badge

Harmony Badge
Pokemon Masters- Harmony Badges

Pryce, also known as the Ice Trainer, can be found in Chapter 8, fittingly titled A Cold, Harsh Winter. He forms a Sync Pair with a Seel, and his drawback is that you must defeat him twice to earn enough of his respect to earn the Harmony Badge: For both battles, you’ll need a team headlined by Electric-type Pokémon, backed by a Rock-type for best results.

Pryce’s team uses the Hailstorm status effect to make attacks like Blizzard and Ice-type Sync Moves hit even harder. You’ll also find they like to freeze your Sync Pairs to leave them temporarily unable to act, and Pryce himself has a Sync Move that can damage your whole team. Be ready with heals, take out his wingmen first, and pay careful attention to any members of your team who might be frozen so you can get abilities ready for someone else.

5. Collect the Pride Badge

Pride Badge
Pokemon Masters- Pride Badges

After another break in Chapter 9, the final PML Badge is up for grabs in Chapter 10, A Matter of Pride. The trainer in charge of handing it out is Hapu, the Island Kahuna of Poni Island in the Alola region. Though you do have to battle Hapu, the Pride Badge is actually given out before facing off with her, in a boss battle against some of the toughest Team Break Sync Pairs you’ve faced to this point in the Main Story.

You’ll want at least one and preferably two Dragon-type Sync Pairs to defeat the final team, as well as a Grass-type. This Team Break squad doesn’t have any particular weaknesses other than its types, but it does have access to strong physical moves and abilities that boost its critical hit rates.

Finally remember don’t rush to get the badges as these are mere gameplay terms signifying that you’ve proven yourself worthy of entering the Pokémon Masters League, an important part of the game’s story.

When you complete the set of PML Badges you also get five more Sync Pairs to add to your roster, as you’re able to convince every trainer handing out a Badge to join you for the  Everyone is a three-star team, so they aren’t initially as powerful as you might expect, but they do help you round out your roster with a nice variety of types.

So all you need to do to earn all five PML Badges is to keep playing the Main Story mode and complete all the content through Chapter 10.

Thus remember that the Tranquility Badge is in Chapter 4 and can be earned by defeating Erika and her team, the Freedom Badge is in Chapter 5, and you’ll have to defeat Skyla and company to make it yours, the Patience Badge is in Chapter 7, where you’ll need to get past Norman and a surprise extra battle to claim it, the Harmony Badge is in Chapter 8, waiting for you to defeat Norman not once, but twice and the Pride Badge in Chapter 10, and Hapu will award it to you for defeating several strong units of Team Break members.

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These are a few hacks to collect all the badges in Pokemon Masters.