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6 Why Play Slotomania free slots

Slot enthusiasts in Canada may be happy that they can choose from one of the hundreds of online casinos to play their favorite slots. The problem with this is that playing at the online casinos often requires risking money. That is not something that everyone wants to do. Another option that allows people to play slots anywhere they want without worrying about whether it is legal or not is the game Slotomania App – Free Slots. As the name suggests, this is a free game as of 2017. The slots that are offered are of high quality and are fun to play. The biggest danger of this game is becoming addicted to it because it is fun and without risk.

Slotomania App is a casino where any player can enjoy slots games for free with their mobile or tablets or on their PCs. In the form of the app, these free games are brought to you by Playtika. This game app can be downloaded all free from app stores and have more than 15 million fans to its credits. With its highly animated Las Vegas-style casino games which are colorfully cartoonish and Slotomania slots on Facebook, it’s no wonder how favorite this app is.  In total there are 200 and over themed free casino games, tons of Slotomania Free Coins, slot games online with huge casino bonuses, and a totally fun online gaming experience.

The Games

Slotomania app

For slot enthusiasts it does not matter how much they have to pay to play, if the games are not any good, they are not worth their time. Fortunately, that is not a problem with Slotomania. It has plenty of slot machines that offer everything players are looking for. Slotomania works similarly fashion to other free slot machines.

When a player first enters the game they have the choice of one slot machine. That machine is called Farm Fortune. This is a 5 reel slot machine that has a farm theme. As a player plays the game they accumulate experience points in addition to free coins. The more experience points they can ear, the higher a level they can achieve. As a player goes up in levels, more machines are unlocked for them to play to beat the odds and have more free spins and bonus. There are a wide variety of games that have different themes and different ways to play. In all, 250 levels can be reached in Slotomania.

In addition to the slot machines, players can also enjoy the min-games that are offered. The mini-games are fashioned like the arcade games people are accustomed to. When the mini-games are played, a player has the chance to earn more coins that can be used on the slot machines of Slotomania. The mini-games not only offer a unique challenge to the payer, but they also offer rewards for the player.

How to Play

Slotomania app to play over 150 slots

To play the Slotomania App – Free Slots, a player will first need to download the game to their computer device. The game can be played on PCs and cell phone devices. The download is free and only takes a few minutes. Once a player has downloaded the game they are ready to start to play even with their Facebook friends.

To start having fun at, create an account and password
by registering with your email address or connecting your account through Facebook.

You can download the free Slotomania casino app from app stores to play with your mobile or PC

Rules to Play

To start playing, just click SPIN! The reels will begin to spin and then stop one by one to reveal if there’s a win! Wins are paid for matching, consecutive symbols that appear on paylines going from left to right across the reels, as described in the pay table.

The rules of the game are simple, first, you choose a Slots game that you want to play, the first available you can play is Farm Fortune, the rest are locked, and for accomplishing certain feats in the game such as leveling up, you get to unlock more games.

If you get three bonus symbols in a row matching a line in this game, you get to play a special mini-game depending on the  slot machine game that you are playing on. For example, if you play the Farm Fortune game and get three bonus symbols in a row, you get to play the Beat the Mole game where you can earn bonus coins by choosing the right vegetables without moles on them. Bonus games are very fun and rewarding mini-games you can play if you’re fortunate enough to get three bonus symbols in a row.

You get an initial bank of coins that you can use to play with. Also get more coins in several ways. They can earn coins when playing the slot machines. You can also earn more coins when playing the mini-games. Earn regularly coins whenever you check into the game and collects them. It is also possible to purchase additional coins if you want to.

Dozens of Titles to Unlock

Unlocking of new slots is the most important part of increasing in level. Primarily, there is only one game, to begin with, but after some time you need to unlock newer games and additional titles will be there for you to play. When it comes to unlocking these games, these are with your level. For example, you need to unlock Elvis Slot Level 12. Same way Level 20 is for The King of Gold you need to unlock. And lastly for players to play “Coins and Clovers”, you need to unlock Level 335.

In the main lobby through the leveling system, you will find 100 different machines which you can unlock. There are an additional 40 others that you can unlock through the Sloto Classics Tab. Regular tournaments are available in the Tournamania area as well and if you play the specified games you can enter the tournament with the top players and earn additional coin prizes. There is an interesting list of games put together by Playtika. This includes some of the classics that you can find at real money sites or in brick-and-mortar casinos. Some of these games include Top Dog Show, Temple Rush, Legend of the Elements, and Billion Dollar Run that entices players to come back for these classics.

Microtransactions Offer Perks

Microtransactions Offer Perks
Microtransactions Offer Perks

When you start playing Slotomania, if you hit an early on winning streak it may seem impossible for you to earn more coins in the late game. Due to the unending gifts and bonuses, your account would get filled rapidly and it may seem like a never-ending party. To protect you from further ruin, you get additional coins every three hours.

To continue moving at the same pace, it becomes necessary to bet more and more coins when you move up in levels. This can be dicey because it means more danger to your account balance and one max bet spin can give you a run for your money.

How to Earn More Coins

So what should you do when you need more coins? The microtransaction system allows the player to purchase additional coins for real money anytime he/she feels like losing. For example, you can spend $2 to credit 11,250 coins or $50 to buy 405,000 coins. You get more  status, point, gifts, and special bonuses if you purchase these transactions. It is an advantage that more free players can ever see.

To make the app even easier, you get Boosters as well. These boosters have level booms that increase your experience. Mega Bonanzas can double the prize values of the rewards that you earn through Mega and Golden bonus wheels. You can use money to unlock expensive slot machines such as the Enchanted Oz game. There is also another feature called the “Piggy Bank” that fills as you play. And you can also  break for a small price which is a bargain to the other prices in the store.

You can also earn some additional real-world rewards through these transactions. Also earn points at the Total Rewards by spending real money over here. Total Rewards is a loyalty program that is run by Caesars at their many land-based properties. It might be unsure at that point whether you will become a VIP at Caesars Palace or not but a few extra dollars can be earned through this process from time to time.

Slotomania Cheats and Tips

Slotomania Cheats and Tips
Slotomania Cheats and Tips

A myth that needs busting is that Slotomania does not have any cheats. The only way to get rich in this game is to log in daily and play to maximize your freebies other than that, there is no other way around to get rich in this casino. You can unlock all the best Slotomania games either paying for them or playing them.

A Great Way to Spend Time

A Great Way to Spend Time
A Great Way to Spend Time

Slotomania gives you the balance between joy and revenue i.e., giving you ecstasy while playing free-to-play games and also encourages players to buy a few dollars and bonuses and perks with it as well. You can spend hours of playtime in this casino if you can spend your coins smartly without spending a real dime of money in here. However, this is also very true that you are very likely to run into many tempting situations that will pressurize you to put a few dollars into your account.

No matter how you play, it is a given that you will find a lot of joy playing here. The games provided by Slotomania here are very similar to those who offer a range of themes and styles. Many bonuses are present here that aren’t that hard to get and keep the vibe of the game alive and interesting when it comes to the real prize or a jackpot. This casino is available for those who want to pass the time by logging in once or twice a day and also for those who want to collect millions of coins to win exciting prizes.

How to win real money on Slotomania?

How to win real money on Slotomania
How to win real money on Slotomania

Fully loaded with different slot games waiting for you to unlock, Slotomania offers the players a 10,000 free to play coin bonus who are just starting the game. Interactive bonuses are with each game so that you are always rich in it. There is no real money betting option in this app. This is what makes Slotomania a “social casino” rather than a gambling site. To win more and more coins, you require to spend pre-existing coins. This game is fun and joy for the players accessing it daily.

For slot enthusiasts that do not want to risk their money at an online casino in Canada, Slotomania – Free Slots is a great option. It is worth taking the time to try.

If you have any questions or doubts of this game or when the app is down you can contact customer support for help by emailing them at

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