How to use Google Photo’s new ‘deep blue’ feature?

Google deep blue feature

Google photos  app started as a simple storage and sharing service for photos and videos but recently it has introduced a new feature which is very lively and brightens your day.

This major Google Photos update hit the Play Store few month back and has a feature called “Deep Blue” which, according to developers, enhances the aesthetics of sky and water depicted in images.

You need to open your Google Photos app and navigate to a picture you’d like to enhance. Try to find one which features either sky or water as Deep Blue delivers some sketchy results when applied to other blue elements.

Google deep blue feature

Once you’ve picked an image which you feel could benefit from a bit more vibrant shades of blue, open it and tap on the pen icon featured in the center of the bottom toolbar.

This action will open an additional menu with various sliders for adjusting the light, color, and something Google refers to as “pop” of your images but is basically just clarity.

Now, click on the expand icon next to the Color slider and scroll all the way to the bottom. You should now see the Deep Blue slider depicted in the image above.

Once you’ve played with it for a bit, you’ll see that this feature is essentially a tool for regulating the vibrancy of all shades of blue depicted in your images. As such, it has limited uses, but it’s still a convenient way for highlighting a sky or water surface in your images without messing up their other elements.

However, note that using Deep Blue with other blue objects produces results which are less than stellar, so it’s recommended you stick to enhancing the wonders of mother nature until Google comes up with a better solution for selective vibrancy adjustments.

The Deep Blue feature is just a small portion of what the latest version of the Google Photos app brings to the table, so make sure to check it out and enjoy one-tap dynamic filters and other convenient options included in the update.