How to Downgrade your Android phone to a Previous Version

Most of us want to have most updated version of phones, as when a new version of Android or any device is released we think of when we’ll get a chance to check it out and keep track of the changes. But there are some who do not feel this way.

More often than not, when you wish to return to an older version of Android it’s due to your discontentment with the updated version. When your updated version brings one of the bugs you are not able to tackle you seek going back to the earlier version. It is not that simple as it appears to be.

How to return to Earlier Version

Keep the Backup First

First you need to make out the phone type or brand like if you have a Nexus or Pixel phone or a different phone from a company that allows you to unlock your phone’s boot-loader and you have the access to a catalog of all the various versions of Android that apply to it, returning to older version becomes simpler. It is not impossible, either.

So, start with the backup everything you can to the cloud. Now download the software version you are looking to recoil to and any associated utilities you need to install.

Now read and understand before doing it. There could be several things you cannot take backup of unless you have root access, as the downgrade of the OS requires a full device format. Better to check the various backup and restore apps and make sure to have Google Photos set up to store your pics and videos before deleting anything.

The Hard Stuff Later

The fact is, companies normally don’t like to share an installable version of their OS making it tough to track down something. The best way is to visit online forums where other people with the same model may be discussing the same topic.

Usually, an OS update also updates the device’s bootloader. This means you need to go back to flash a prior version of the phone’s bootloader. Mostly bootloader can’t be rolled back through usual means so you’ll have to have some really tricky hacks to do it. You may find a lot of people explaining how they ruined their phone when things turn nasty. So better before performing a task of five minutes, as it takes only five minutes u to flash your phone back to an older version, spend hours of reading doing it.

Custom ROMs

If you’re actually looking forward to recoiling to the older version and don’t bother about losing your warranty, a custom ROM is the best bet than actually downgrading, which is

third-party versions of Android that have been developed and modified by users like you. Companies like OnePlus and Sony also help their community outreach here.

In custom ROM means a version of Android including all critical updates and new features still supporting a feature that was pulled down in the official version from the manufacturing company. You’ll need to lose your warranty you may have and it might be difficult to install a custom ROM as installing an older version of official software. In case you have a known and popular model, you’ll find a custom ROM in places like XDA Developers, a website known for the good kind of phone hacking.


Although coiling back to an older version is not that popular but often due to some obvious reasons, you might want to do it! Better to take all requisite precautions before venturing into this option.

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