4 Best Construction Apps for Android Users

Everything is available nowadays on the internet and as a result, you can also find many construction apps as well. Some, may be drivers, looking for what roads to avoid. Builders may be looking for their construction plans and so on. Below are some of the best apps for construction available for Android.

1. ARuler


Free of cost ARuler is an AR measurement app. It comprises of a ruler, a distance meter, angle measurements, area, and perimeter measurements, volume, and some planning features as well. For an ergonomic experience give this app a chance to make the best construction plans for you. This app is available on Google Play.

2. Build.com


Build.com is a large online retailing site that specializes in retailing products. Basically, for the construction projects on a small scale, it has access to 16 total websites. This app also gives alerts for drops, optional assistant, and more. This app is free of cost and available on Google Play.

3. Construction Master Construction Apps

Price: $9.99-$29.99 each

Construction Master Construction Apps
Construction Master Construction Apps

One of the most expensive construction apps, Construction Master works pretty well. The cost in-store ranges to about $40. Many calculations are possible with this app. Functionality includes pipe length cuts, unit conversion, right angle, and rafter calculations as well. The upside to this is that it is cheaper than the actual hardware. The price ranges from $9.99-$29.99 each. This is also available on Google Play.

4. Google Maps

Google Maps

Believe it or not but Google Maps is one of the most subtle construction apps to work on. This app generally helps you to find nearby construction sites. You can plan accordingly. This is completely free and helps you in almost every way possible regarding construction. It is available on Android in Google Play.

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